Legend Of A Leg End
The Dark Horse Anthology Vol.2

George Harrison
Legend Of A Leg End Vol.2 - CD cover Legend Of A Leg End Vol.2 - CD back
Legend Of A Leg End Vol.2 - Front Cover Legend Of A Leg End Vol.2 - Back Cover
Label Red Devil
Catalogue No. RD002-3/4
Country Of Origin Korea
Release date 2000
Total time C.D. 1 - 77:55
C.D. 2 - 75:45
Details One of a pair of superb double C.D.'s chronicling George's life in music (see also Vol. 1).
I also love the cover portraits of George, especially the sublime symbolism of this final volume.

C.D. 1

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 It Don't Come Easy 18/02/70 - Group demo 3:25
2 Concert For Bangla Desh Interview and rehearsal 1:40
3 Bangla Desh 01/08/71 concert original soundtrack 4:27
4 Deep Blue Outtake 3:45
5 You Backing track 3:47
6 Give Me Love Rough mix 3:36
7 Sue Me Sue You Blues Demo 3:00
8 Miss O'Dell Alternate take 2:28
9 Dark Horse Band demo 4:27
10 I Don't Care Anymore Alternate take 2:39
11 Ding Dong, Ding Dong Demo 3:43
12 Hari's On Tour (Express) 13/12/74 - Live in Largo, Maryland. Issued with "Songs For George" book 15/02/88 4:44
13 For You Blue 13/12/74 - Live in Largo, Maryland. Issued with "Songs For George" book 15/02/88 4:09
14 The Pirate Song 26/12/75 - "Rutland Weekend Television" with Eric Idle 2:17
15 Go Your Own Way 15/11/76 - Recorded in his California home for a WEA sales conference of 17/11/76 1:02
16 Here Comes The Sun 18/11/76 - "Saturday Night Live" with Paul Simon 3:47
17 Homeward Bound 18/11/76 - "Saturday Night Live" with Paul Simon 2:45
18 Mo Dating from early 1977, a track written for the new Warner Bros record company president Mo Austin. It was played at Mo's 50th birthday party. This track was eventually issued (albeit on a very rare promo) in December 1994 on a 6 C.D. collection called "Mo's Songs". 4:50
19 Sat Singing Remix version 4:25
20 Flying Hour Remix version 4:32
21 Life Itself Outtake 4:21
22 Tears Of The World Remix version 3:43

C.D. 2

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Dream Away Soundtrack from the original movie "Time Bandits", this is the closing theme. 5:51
2 I Don't Want To Do It November 1984 - George recorded this Bob Dylan song, which later appeared in the film "Porky's Revenge". 2:50
3 Abandoned Love Initially written and recorded by Bob Dylan in mid 1975 for his Desire LP, but it didn't make the final cut. George recorded his on version at the end of 1984. 4:09
4 Shanghai Surprise Soundtrack from the original movie, with Vicki Brown. 5:09
5 While My Guitar Gently Weeps 06/06/87 - Live from the Prince's Trust concert 5:10
6 Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame 20/01/88 - Interview 1:19
7 I Saw Her Standing There 20/01/88 - George and Ringo in an informal jam, live at Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. 3:12
8 Rockline Medley #1:
    Drive My Car
    Here Comes The Sun
    The Bells of Rhymney
    Mr. Tambourine Man
    Take Me As I Am
    Here Comes The Sun
10/02/88 - George, joined by Jeff Lynne made a live U.S. radio broadcast from KLOS-FM radio studio in Los Angeles. George had not intended to play live at all, but with a few beers before the show and the promise of keeping the Gretsch guitar that he is lent, he gives a live performance. 3:32
9 Rockline Medley #2:
    That's All Right Mama
    Let It be Me
    Every Grain Of Sand
10 Maxine May 1990 - Travelling Wilbury's Vol.3 outtake 3:40
11 Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 03/03/91 - A George Forby convention, saw George take the stage at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool and featured George on Ukulele, Joe Brown and Herbie Flowers (guitars), Ray Cooper (percussion) and Jools Holland (piano). Eventually broadcast 06/06/92 on Mr. Roadrunner T.V. on Channel 4. 2:39
12 If Not For You 16/10/92 - Live at Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary concert in Madison Square Garden, New York. 4:05
13 Ride Rajbun Taken from The Bunbury Tails T.V. series an episode entitled "Rajbun Story", a lesser known project completed in April 1988 in which George is joined by Ravi Shankar and his son Dhani. An album was released on 5th October 1992. 4:58
14 Here Comes Emerson 31/10/96 - George made a dedication to his chum Emerson Fittipaldi from the lawn of his Friar Park home for inclusion on the Brazilian T.V. programme "Gente Que Brilha". 1:46
15 All Things Must Pass Recorded 14/05/97 in New York to promote Ravi Shankar's new album "Chants Of India". It was broadcast 24/07/97 on the VH-1 show "George & Ravi - Yin & Yang". 2:12
16 Prabhujee Recorded 14/05/97 in New York to promote Ravi Shankar's new album "Chants Of India". It was broadcast 24/07/97 on the VH-1 show "George & Ravi - Yin & Yang". This piece included Ravi's wife Sukanya. 1:50
17 Your True Love Carl Perkins died on 19th January 1998 following a long battle with cancer. Four days later George performed this number at Perkin's memorial service at the urging of Wynonna Judd. Armed with Ricky Skagg's acoustic guitar, George paid tribute to his old friend, backed by Garth Brooks, Johnny Rivers and other music glitterati. This took place at the R.E. Womack Memorial Chapel, Lambuth University in Jackson, Tennessee on 23rd January 1998. 2:27
18 Medley:
    What Is Life
    Awaiting On You All
    My Sweet Lord 2000
    All Things Must Pass
    What Is Life
Electronic Press Kit issued in January 2001, with George reminiscing about his life of 40 years in the business with Jools Holland. 6:24
19 Horse To The Water From Jools Holland's big band rhythm and blues. 4:57
20 The End Reverse The 12" of "When We Was Fab" has a reversed ending. 1:21
21 Something Paul McCartney live in Oakland 1st April 2002. 2:29

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