No.9 Dream    b/w    What You Got

John Lennon
No.9 Dream - Detail
No.9 Dream - Detail
Label Apple
Catalogue No. R 6003
Country of Origin England
Release Date 31st January 1975
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :8th February 1975
Highest Position :23
Weeks in Chart :8 Weeks
Detail : John's eighth solo single ... or was it his 9th ?? (what about "God Save Us" ?)
The second single to be lifted from the "Walls and Bridges" album, and once again having a poor performance in the U.K. chart, only remaining in the top 30 for two weeks.

John believed the number "9" had real significance in his life, and indeed one can believe him ...
He was born on the 9th of October (as was his second son, Sean).
He lived at 9 Newcastle Road in Liverpool.
One of his earliest songs was "One After 909".
His most avant-garde track was "Revolution 9", where "Number 9" is quoted repeatedly.
The Dakota was on 72nd Street ... the digits add up to 9.
And John once predicted that he would die on the 9th ....
He was shot on 72nd Street, and declared dead at 11:07 (again, digits add up to 9) in the Roosevelt Hospital on 9th Avenue. And the date ... altho, in New York it was the eighth, In his birthplace Liverpool (five hours ahead), it was the morning of ... the 9th.

This release had no picture cover, and stays with the standard Apple label design, BUT ...
There is a rarer DJ edited version of this single, which is valued at about 50.

This single was deleted 31st December 1986.

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