Mind Games    b/w    Meat City

John Lennon
Mind Games - Front Cover
Mind Games - Front Cover
Label Apple
Catalogue No. R 5994
Country of Origin England
Release Date 16th November 1973
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :24th November 1973
Highest Position :26
Weeks in Chart :9 Weeks
Detail : John's sixth solo single.
A few changes with the advent of this single, firstly the name of the Plastic Ono Band was dropped as from this release, Phil Spector did not produce, and this time, there was no Yoko track on the B-side. In fact, John's name is the only name to be found anywhere on the single.

"Mind Games" was released on the same day as the album from which it was taken, which obviously affected sales, and the record was John's first not to reach the Top Twenty. It was John's only single of 1973.

For this release we also return to the standard Apple label design.

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