Get Together

The Beatles
Get Together
Get Together
Label Tobe Milo
Catalogue No. PRO 4Q1
Country of Origin U.S.A.
Release Date 1976
Detail : This 7" recording should really be classified as an E.P.
The label is a white Apple label, stating "Manufactured in Bethlehem", and published by "Beatles For Sale" and "Ticket To Ryde Ltd."
Side 1 is listed as containing ;
  • Kenny Everett interviews The Beatles, featuring the song "Cottonfields".
  • George Harrison & Bob Dylan - When Everybody Comes To Town
  • George Harrison & Bob Dylan - I'd Have You Anytime

    Side 2 ;

  • Beatles & Rolling Stones - Loving Sacred Loving
  • Beatles & Rolling Stones - Shades Of Orange
  • Unreleased Apple single, produced by John with Ringo on Drums, and Mick Jagger on vocals - Too Many Cooks

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