The Decca Sessions - Seven 7" Singles.

... plus other "Deccagone" singles.

The Beatles
Deccagone1 - A-side Deccagone1 - B-side
Hello Little Girl Three Cool Cats
Deccagone2 - A-side Deccagone2 - B-side
September In The Rain Shiek Of Araby
Deccagone3 - A-side Deccagone3 - B-side
Love Of The Loved Memphis
Deccagone4 - A-side Deccagone4 - B-side
Like Dreamers Do Searchin'
Deccagone5 - A-side Deccagone5 - B-side
Money Sure To Fall
Deccagone6 - A-side Deccagone6 - B-side
'Till There Was You Crying, Waiting, Hoping
Deccagone7 - A-side Deccagone7 - B-side
Besame Mucho To Know Him Is To Love Him
Label DeccaGone
Catalogue No. PRO 1100/1101/1102/1103/1104/1105/1106 ... plus PRO 1108 and SOK 21 further below
Country of Origin England
Release Date 1976
Detail : On January 1st 1962, The Beatles recorded 15 tracks at the Decca studios for their first English record company audition. In 1976 a series of unofficial singles came out on wonderful coloured vinyl with some very nice picture sleeves. Above you can see the sleeves of all seven of them, making 14 tracks from the sessions ...
which leaves out one track, "Take Good Care Of My Baby".

Below is one scan showing the vinyl, plus a close-up of the typical label.

Further below are two extra releases in the "Deccagone" series, which are NOT part of the Decca sessions, but are still very nice parts of the Deccagone set to have !
The first includes :
From Me To You
She Loves You
Till There Was You
Twist And Shout.
... and is a bootleg E.P. of the "Royal Command Performance" of 4th November 1963 which includes John's legendary "rattle your jewellery" quote.

The second is called, "By Royal Command" ... and has the exact same tracks from the same performance !
It came in a very similar picture sleeve and was on clear vinyl.

Lastly below, is another single that was NOT on Deccagone ... but it came out at the same time, and was in the same style of pressing, so I have included it here. It was pressed as a special souvenir for those attending the 3rd annual convention of Beatles fans mystery tour 1976, and came in five different colour vinyls. So, look out for blue, yellow, green, read and clear vinyl versions.
"How Do You Do It" is on the a-side with "Revolution" on the b-side.

Deccagone - The Vinyl Deccagone - A Label
DeccaGone - Example of The Vinyl DeccaGone - Example of a Label
From Me Tou You etc.
From Me To You ... etc.
By Royal Command
By Royal Command
How Do You Do It
How Do You Do It

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