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Printing Year 2001 - First Edition
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Paul McCartney - Blackbird Singing.

   Poems And Lyrics 1965 - 1999

In his introduction to Paul McCartney's work, Adrian Mitchell advises :
"Clean out your head. Wash out the name and the fame. Read these clear words and listen to them - decide for yourself. Paul is not in the line of academic poets or modernist poets.
He is a popular poet."

To many readers some of this book will be instantly recognisable as the songs that have formed the backdrop to every generation since the 1960's. Their lyrics have been learned, almost subliminally, by heart : "Eleanor Rigby", "Band On The Run", "She's Leaving Home", "Penny Lane" ... But among the familiar are poems that have never before been seen. Sharing the preoccupations of the songs and including moving elegies to Paul's wife, Linda, they give us unique access to the inner life of one of the most influential figures in popular culture of the last fifty years. They demonstrate, against an acknowledgement of the essential solitariness of existence, an irrepressible belief in the power of words and music to make things better.

Jacket design is by Pentagram.
Jacket Illustration is by Paul.
Jacket Photograph is by Mary McCartney.

Review :

A great songwriter, as Paul most certainly is, he also IS a great poet.
This 164 page collection of Paul's poetry, is well presented, with the collection split into nine chapters. The chapters are :
  1. Playing At Home
  2. Yesterday
  3. Friends And Enemies
  4. The Business
  5. The World Tonight
  6. All The Lonely People
  7. Standing Stone
  8. Home To Love
  9. Nova
The book also comes with a handy index, which for song lyrics also includes the title of an album from whence they come.
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