The Alternate Past Masters Vol.2

The Beatles
Alternate Past Masters Vol.2 - CD Cover
Alternate Past Masters Vol.2 - Front Cover

See The Alternate "1" to see an example of the rear covers, the inner "Pear" picture and the C.D. label. All the C.D.'s in the series have the same layout.

Label Pear
Catalogue No. PDP 015
Matrix No. PDP 015
Country Of Origin   ?
Release Date 2003
Total Time 78:51
Comments: The sleeve says: No Anthology Tracks.

Another in the series of Alternate albums, where a collection is put together based on the timing of the original released album.
This particular C.D. collects together a lot of fine outtakes from the final Beatles era, including studio alternate takes, live performances and even some songs of the period as briefly appeared in the "Let It Be" sessions.
It also pulls together some of the official stereo or mono mixes that were less commonly found.

Yes, I know we already have these pieces, but, nicely presented and nicely collected together makes it worth having them again.

The C.D.

Note: For explanation of "G.B." numbers see G.B. and DDSI - An explanation

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Day Tripper U.S. stereo mix 2:48
2 We Can Work It Out U.S. stereo mix 2:14
3 Paperback Writer Alternate stereo mix 2:16
4 Rain Alternate stereo mix 2:51
5 Lady Madonna Take 3 2:12
6 The Inner Light Stereo version 2:33
7 Hey Jude Take 1 - Rehearsal take 6:17
8 Revolution Take 16 3:28
9 Get Back "Get Back" sessions (Apple Studios) 3:10
10 Don't Let Me Down 22.54 from Glyn Johns second "Get Back" compilation. 4:45
11 The Ballad of John and Yoko  Take 10 2:59
12 Old Brown Shoe 28.15 3:00
13 Across The Universe Take 7 RM2 - Glyn Johns final "Get Back" compilation. 3:29
14 Let It Be 31.38 - Glyn Johns final "Get Back" compilation. 3:54
15 You Know My Name
(Look Up The Number)
Take 30 - The complete version 6:11
16 Get Back 13.12 - from the "Get Back" sessions. 2:05
17 Across The Universe 7.64 - from the "Get Back" sessions. 2:55
18 Let It Be 31.26 - Take 20c from the "Get Back" sessions. 3:59
19 Day Tripper Live - 30th June 1966 at the Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo 3:29
20 Paperback Writer Live - 30th June 1966 at the Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo 2:29
21 Hey Jude 04/09/1968 - The T.V. promo film with audience. 7:09
22 Revolution 04/09/1968 - The T.V. promo film with audience. 3:26
Bonus Track - NOT Listed On The Cover
23 John and Paul Spoken Bits John: "I think that was rather grand, I'd take one home with me"
John: "Don't kid us Glyn, give it to us straight"
Paul: "What do you think Glyn"
John: "Lets track it, Whoah you bounder, you cheat"
John: "Get me off this place"

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