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Alternate Abbey Road - CD Cover
Alternate Abbey Road - Front Cover

See The Alternate "1" to see an example of the rear covers, the inner "Pear" picture and the C.D. label. All the C.D.'s in the series have the same layout.

Label Pear
Catalogue No. PDP 012
Matrix No. PDP 012
Country Of Origin   ?
Release Date 2003
Total Time 73:10
Comments: The sleeve says: No Anthology Tracks.

Another in the series of Alternate albums, where a collection is put together based on the timing of the original released album.
This particular C.D. collects together a lot of fine outtakes from the "Abbey Road" era, including studio alternate takes and live performances.
It also pulls together some of the official stereo or mono mixes that were less commonly found.

Yes, I know we already have these pieces, but, nicely presented and nicely collected together makes it worth having them again.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Come Together August 1972 - "One To One" rehearsal 3:44
2 Something Take 37 5:26
3 Maxwell's Silver Hammer Take 21 - Piano notes at the start, different vocals, no synth and guitar overdubs 3:35
4 Oh! Darling Early version - different vocal 3:18
5 Octopus's Garden Take 32 - no sound effects, different vocal 2:43
6 I Want You (She's So Heavy) Experimental take - lead vocal by Paul (22/02/69) 4:30
7 Here Comes The Sun Live - 18th November 1976, George with Paul Simon live on the Saturday Night Live show 3:08
8 Because Isolated vocal for the first minute of the song, made for the 1983 Abbey Road Video show 2:11
9 You Never Give Me Your Money Alternate take with instrumental jam at the end 5:41
10 Sun King Alternate take, starts with organ note, no sound effects 2:28
11 Mean Mr. Mustard Alternate take, different ending 1:07
12 Her Majesty Original 0:20
13 Polythene Pam Alternate take, different beginning 1:19
14 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Alternate take 1:50
15 Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight Alternate take, different vocals, no chorus, no strings, more piano 3:06
16 The End Alternate take from the Anthology video 0:33
17 Something Acetate - as used for Anthology in an earlier stage, this lasts a few seconds longer 3:20
18 Oh! Darling Alternate take 2:10
19 Because Alternate take 2:14
20 The Huge Melody (Part 1) Original Abbey Road mix 10:56
21 A Huge Melody (Part 2) Original Abbey Road mix 5:03
22 Her Majesty Alternate take, with final guitar chord 0:23
23 Abbey Road Medley Medley of Abbey Road tracks 1:58
24 The End of The Beatles Instrumental of "Because" with comments by all four Beatles 1:21

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