The Alternate Yellow Submarine

The Beatles
Alternate Yellow Submarine - CD Cover
Alternate Yellow Submarine - Front Cover

See The Alternate "1" to see an example of the rear covers, the inner "Pear" picture and the C.D. label. All the C.D.'s in the series have the same layout.

Label Pear
Catalogue No. PDP 011
Matrix No. PDP 011
Country Of Origin   ?
Release Date 2003
Total Time 72:22
Comments: The sleeve says: No Anthology Tracks.

Another in the series of Alternate albums, where a collection is put together based on the timing of the original released album.
This particular C.D. collects together a lot of fine outtakes from the "Yellow Submarine" era, including studio alternate takes and home demos.
It also pulls together some of the official stereo or mono mixes that were less commonly found.

Yes, I know we already have these pieces, but, nicely presented and nicely collected together makes it worth having them again.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Yellow Submarine U.K. mono mix 2:37
2 Hey Bulldog Take 10 Stereo Remix - Film version, different vocal more bulldogs 3:23
3 Eleanor Rigby U.K. mono mix 2:04
4 Love You To U.K. mono mix 3:05
5 All Together Now U.K. mono mix 2:07
6 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Film version - first verse sung by Boob 3:26
7 Think For Yourself U.K. mono mix 2:15
8 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  U.K. mono mix 1:53
9 With A Little Help From My Friends U.K. mono mix 2:43
10 Baby, You're A Rich Man Mono mix 3:03
11 Only A Northern Song True mono mix 3:22
12 All You Need Is Love Alternate stereo mix 4:15
13 When I'm Sixty-Four Alternate stereo mix, running at correct speed 2:47
14 Nowhere Man Original stereo mix - vocals on one channel 2:41
15 It's All Too Much Take 4 - Full length stereo mix 8:14
16 Hey Bulldog True mono mix 3:03
17 All You Need Is Love Alternate mono mix with longer fade 3:58
18 When I'm Sixty-Four Mono mix 2:38
19 Nowhere Man U.K. mono mix 2:40
20 It's All Too Much True mono mix 8:09
21 Hey Bulldog John's home demo - "She Can Talk To Me" 1:23
22 Hey Bulldog John's home demo - "She Can Talk To Me" 1:53

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