Rock 'n' Roll Music

The Beatles
Rock 'n' Roll Music - Front cover Rock 'n' Roll Music - Rear cover
Rock 'n' Roll Music - Front Cover Rock 'n' Roll Music - Rear Cover
Rock 'n' Roll Music - Gatefold Interior
Rock 'n' Roll Music - Gatefold Interior

Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. PCSP 719
Release date 10th June 1976
Total time
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :26th June 1976
Highest Position :11
Weeks in Chart :15
Detail : Once The Beatles contract with E.M.I. expired on February 6th 1976, E.M.I. had the rights to release any of The Beatles previously released recordings. This double set was the first album release where E.M.I. exerted that total control.
The package of this release has the catalogue number PCSP 719, but the two albums are individually numbered as PCS 7191 and PCS 7192, which once again, fits in with the Parlophone numbering of the time.
The album was also released on cassette tape, Catalogue number - TC2 PCSP 719.

The estimated worldwide sales of this double L.P. are over 1 million.

As with the "Red" and "Blue" albums, the presentation of this package was once again diabolical. The artwork was awful, no "special" tracks, no lyrics, no coloured bags, nothing. In fact, John had actually written to E.M.I. offering a design, and was not at all impressed with E.M.I.'s refusal and the finished product. The art direction was by Roy Kohara, and the amateurish drawings were by Ignacio Gomez.

Unfortunately, nothing new on the album, every track had been previously released, although the four "Long Tall Sally" E.P. tracks and "I'm Down" were in stereo and on an album in the U.K. for the first time.
One point of interest ... for the first time an L.P. of The Beatles had an entire side NOT written by them. In fact, if you include the two tracks of the previous side, and the first of the next ... a most unusual TEN tracks in a row ALL non-Beatles written !

The final insult for The Beatles and this release, was that on 24th October 1980 it became the first release reduced to an E.M.I. cut-price label, "Music For Pleasure", where it was also split into two separate volumes - catalogue numbers, MFP 50506 and MFP 50507.

Side 1

Track Composer Original Source Time
Twist And Shout Medley-Russell Please Please Me. 2:33
I Saw Her Standing There Lennon-McCartney Please Please Me. 2:52
You Can't Do That Lennon-McCartney A Hard Day's Night. 2:33
I Wanna Be Your Man Lennon-McCartney With The Beatles. 1:56
I Call Your Name Lennon-McCartney Long Tall Sally E.P. 2:05
Boys Dixon-Farrell Please Please Me. 2:24
Long Tall Sally Johnson-Penniman-Blackwell Long Tall Sally E.P. 2:00

Side 2

Track Composer Original Source Time
Rock 'n' Roll Music Berry Beatles For Sale. 2:30
Slow Down Williams Long Tall Sally E.P. 2:54
Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Lieber-Stoller Beatles For Sale. 2:31
Money (That's What I Want) Bradford-Gordy Jnr. With The Beatles. 2:47
Bad Boy Williams A Collection Of Beatles Oldies. 2:17
Matchbox Perkins Long Tall Sally E.P. 1:55
Roll Over Beethoven Berry With The Beatles. 2:44

Side 3

Track Composer Original Source Time
Dizzy Miss Lizzy Williams Help !. 2:53
Anytime At All Lennon-McCartney A Hard Day's Night. 2:10
Drive My Car Lennon-McCartney Rubber Soul. 2:25
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby Perkins Beatles For Sale. 2:23
The Night Before Lennon-McCartney Help !. 2:32
I'm Down Lennon-McCartney Help ! the single. 2:30
Revolution Lennon-McCartney Hey Jude the single. 3:22

Side 4

Track Composer Original Source Time
Back In The U.S.S.R. Lennon-McCartney White Album. 2:45
Helter Skelter Lennon-McCartney White Album. 4:29
Taxman Harrison Revolver. 2:35
Got To Get You Into My Life Lennon-McCartney Revolver. 2:26
Hey Bulldog Lennon-McCartney Yellow Submarine the album. 3:09
Birthday Lennon-McCartney White Album. 2:42
Get Back Lennon-McCartney Let It Be the album. 3:06

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