Live In New York City

John Lennon
  Live In New York City - Badge

Live In New York City - Front cover Live In New York City - Rear Cover
Live In New York City - Front Cover Live In New York City - Rear Cover
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. PCS 7301
TCPCS 7301 (cassette)
Release date 24th February 1986
Total time 42:18
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :8th March 1986
Highest Position :55
Weeks in Chart :3
Detail : The first official L.P. release of the live One to One concert 14 years earlier, on 30th August 1972.
Credited to John Lennon

John - Vocals, guitar and keyboards
Yoko - Keyboards
Wayne "Tex" Gabriel - Lead guitar
John Ward - Bass
Gary Van Scyoc - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums
Rick Frank - Drums
Adam Ippolito - Keyboards
Stan Bronstein - Saxophone

On 30th August 1972 John (and those listed above) performed two concerts in aid of The Willowbrook School for Children. There was an afternoon and evening performance with John's appearance lasting about one hour and ten minutes. On this live album, the last three tracks are from the evening show, the rest of the album is from the afternoon performance.
Interestingly, for this release, Yoko deliberately mixes out her vocals, and cuts out her own songs.

The opening track actually starts with John singing "Power To The People" for about 15 seconds before the guitars swing in to "New York City".

Both of these appearances were filmed.
The video of the concert was released at the same time and contained different edits of the songs, and included Yoko`s solo renditions. It was on PMI Home Video, catalogue number MVP 99 1115 2
The concert had been organized by Geraldo Rivera and also included Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack and Sha Na Na. John bought 60,000 dollars worth of tickets himself, which he gave away to the volunteer fund-raisers.
The event was a financial success, raising $1,500,000.

The cover photograph was by Bob Gruen

Side 1

Track Composer Time
New York City Lennon 3:39
It's So Hard Lennon 3:18
Woman Is The Nigger Of The World Lennon-Ono 5:30
Well, Well, Well Lennon 3:50
Instant Karma Lennon 3:40

Side 2

Track Composer Time
Mother Lennon 5:00
Come Together Lennon-McCartney 4:21
Imagine Lennon 3:17
Cold Turkey Lennon 5:29
Hound Dog Leiber-Stoller 3:10
Give Peace A Chance Lennon 0:59

Released Versions

First pressings (1986) - is worth about 15.
The album and cassette were deleted November 1988.


24th February 1986 the C.D. was first issued on catalogue number CDPCS 7301 with no bonus tracks.
The C.D. is also listed with the catalogue number CDP 7 46196 2.

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