Mind Games

John Lennon
Mind Games - Front cover Mind Games - Rear Cover
Mind Games - Front Cover Mind Games - Rear Cover
Mind Games - Front Inner Sleeve Mind Games - Rear Inner Sleeve
Mind Games - Front Inner Sleeve Mind Games - Rear Inner Sleeve

Label Apple
Catalogue No. PCS 7165
TCPCS 7165
Release date 16th November 1973
Total time 40:45
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :8th December 1973
Highest Position :13
Weeks in Chart :12
Detail : John's eighth "solo" album release, and first self-produced effort ... ONLY John's name appears on the cover and on the label.
Credited to John Lennon
The Plastic U.F. Ono Band :
John - Vocals.
John - Extra Sensory Percussion, guitar, clavinet. (credited as "Dr. Winston O'Boogie and Los Paranoias")
Yoko - Background chorus (credited as "Something Different")
Ken Ascher - Piano, organ, mellotron.
David Spinozza - Guitar.
Gordon Edwards - Bass.
Jim Keltner - Drums.
Michael Brecker - Saxophone.
Sneaky Pete Kleinow - Pedal steel guitar.
Rick Marotta - Drums ("Bring On The Lucie" and "Meat City")

Recording began 4th July 1973 at the New York Record Plant.
"Mind Games" was originally entitled "Make Love Not War" and at one time was cited as the follow-up to "Cold Turkey".
"Aisumasen" was originally entitled "Call My Name".
"Out Of The Blue" was inspired by Yoko.
"You Are Here" was inspired by Yoko, and was the title of John's "White Art" exhibition in the Robert Fraser gallery from 1st July 1968.
One track from the sessions, "Rock and Roll People" was unreleased until "Menlove Avenue" included it.

Disease by Dennis
Space by Yoko
The sleeve was designed by John.
The inner sleeve contains all the song lyrics and John and Yoko's "Declaration of Nutopia" (below)... Note the date ?
The record label is a standard Green Apple.

We announce the birth of a
conceptual country, NUTOPIA.

Citizenship of the country can be
obtained by declaration of your
awareness of NUTOPIA.

NUTOPIA has no land, no boundaries,
no passports, only people.

NUTOPIA has no laws other
than cosmic.

All people of NUTOPIA are
ambassadors of the country.

As two ambassadors of NUTOPIA, we
ask for diplomatic immunity and
recognition in the United Nations of
our country and it's people.

Yoko Ono Lennon

John Ono Lennon

Nutopian Embassy
One White Street
New York, New York 10013
April 1st 1973

"Madness is the first sign of dandruff" - Dr. Winston O'Boogie

"Only people can change the world" - y.o.

Side 1

Note : Timings on the rear of the sleeve are inaccurate.

Track Composer Time
Mind Games Lennon 4:11
Tight A$ Lennon 3:35
Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) Lennon 4:43
One Day (At A Time) Lennon 3:07
Bring On The Lucie
(Freda Peeple)
Lennon 4:12
Nutopian International Anthem
Silent track
Lennon-Ono 0:03

Side 2

Note : Timings on the rear of the sleeve are inaccurate.

Track Composer Time
Intuition Lennon 3:07
Out The Blue Lennon 3:20
Only People Lennon 3:20
I Know (I Know) Lennon 3:47
You Are Here Lennon 4:07
Meat City Lennon 2:48

Released Versions (Rarities)

First pressings (1973) - with printed inner sleeve, is worth about 10.
The album was deleted December 1978.

27th November 1980 - "Mind Games" is re-issued on E.M.I.'s budget label, Music For Pleasure on MFP 50509 (+ TCMFP 50509). The budget price is 1:99 !
The MFP re-issue was deleted 1987.


3rd August 1987 the C.D. was first issued on catalogue number CDP 7 46769 2 with no bonus tracks.
The C.D. is on Parlophone, with no mention of Apple.

The cover front is the same as the vinyl, with the rear being just a tracklist .
It does come with an 8 page booklet which contains nothing that was not already in the original version.

Mind Games - Front cover
Mind Games (2002 CD) - Page 4 of Booklet

21st October 2002 the C.D. is re-issued in a new re-mastered edition running to 48:02 as it has three bonus tracks.
The remixing was performed at Abbey Road in 2002 with a project co-ordinator of Allan Rouse.
On this release, "Mind Games" is on E.M.I. Records with a catalogue number of 542 4252 (International number 7243 5 42425 2 6)
It includes a 32-page booklet which has nine rare Lennon drawings (one shown above), three photographs and eight items of memorabilia.
The front cover is just like the album, and the rear is the same as the album rear but obviously with more text upon it, so I haven`t bothered showing them again.
The bonus tracks are :
Track Detail Time
Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) Home Version
This version IS on Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Nineteen
Bring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple Home Version 1:02
Meat City Home Version 2:36

4th October 2010, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of John's birth a campaign was launched with all John's original albums remastered.
They were each available singularly or as part of the eleven c.d. boxset: The Signature Box
This album was issued with no extra tracks on EMI with a catalogue number of 906 5032
It failed to chart.

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