A Dose Of Rock 'n' Roll    b/w    Cryin'

Ringo Starr
A Dose Of Rock 'n' Roll - The Single
A Dose Of Rock 'n' Roll - The Single
Label Polydor
Catalogue No. 2001 694
Country of Origin England
Release Date 15th October 1976
U.K. Chart Detail : Did NOT chart.
Detail : Ringo's eighth solo single.

In January 1976, The Beatles contracts with E.M.I. finished, and Ringo signed with Atlantic Records in America, and in England with Polydor Records. This was his first Polydor single release.

Both sides were extracted from his recent album release "Rotogravure". The A-side was given to Ringo by the composer Carl Grossman and features Peter Frampton, Danny Kortchmar, Jesse Ed Davis, Klaus Voorman, Jim Keltner, and Mac Rebennack, with Melissa Manchester on backing vocals.

The single was not released in a picture sleeve, and had the standard Polydor label of the period.

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