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The Beatles
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Catalogue No. OBS 204
Release date 1979
Comments: Originally released on Ruthless Rhymes in 1977.

Side 1

No Tracklisting Comments
1 Oh Darling Take 26.
2 Peace Of Mind NOT thought to be the Beatles, opinion is that it is Apple band, "Trash".
3 Blackbird Acoustic demo with Donovan, probably during sessions for Mary Hopkin's "Post Card" album around December 1968.
4 Things We Said Today Take 2
5 Help ! Take 12 allegedly recorded on hand held mike in the studio.
6 Every Little Thing Cover describes this as outtake with George singing ... unfortunately not.
7 Penny O'Dell Unreleased Nashville sessions track summer 1974. I've also seen this listed as "Holding On To A Dream" .... but ....

I have had correspondence from "Remasters Workshop", which states this:
"Penny O'Dell" is not Paul McCartney at all, nor is it from 1974. It is, however from Nashville.
On the original pressing you can hear the guy quite clearly say "Kenny O'Dell." A person with that name is a Nashville musician. There is a single by Kenny O'Dell that has a B-side called "Homecoming Queen."
It is that song that is included here on 20 x 4.
It's the B-side of "Lizzie And The Rain Man", Kapp 2178, issued 1972. It was recorded at the Soundshop, Nashville. Composed by Kenny O'Dell and Larry Henley, who was the singer on The Newbeats' "Bread And Butter" in 1964.


Side 2

No Tracklisting Comments
1 Imagine 13th June 1975 - John live on "A Salute To Sir Lew Grade"
2 Simple Life Ringo ad for Simple Life leisure suits on Japanese T.V. recorded December 1977 with Davy Jones on backing vocals.
3 Bye Bye Love George with Paul Simon in rehearsal for "Saturday Night Live" 19th November 1976.
4 My Carnival Wings live in a New Orleans studio 12th February 1975.
5 Heather Paul outtake during 1968 "While Album" sessions with Donovan.
6 Her Majesty Take 3.
7 When Everybody Comes To Town/
I'd Have You Anytime
George and Dylan recorded at Dylan's Woodstock home 1st May 1970.
8 Bluebird/Mama's Little Girl/
Michelle/Heart Of The Country
Outtakes from the acoustic taping of "James Paul McCartney" 15th March 1973.

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