A Toot and a Snore in '74

John, Paul and Friends
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Label  Mistral
Catalogue No. MM 9225
Country of origin Luxemburg
Release date 1992
Total time 29:20
Comments: The historic 1974 "last" get-together ... historically significant but, awful.
A struggle to get through once, does not bear listening to twice.
Think of the worst "Let It Be" outtake you can, then you`ll be getting close to this !

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 A Toot and a Snore Some instrumentation, John offers Stevie a snort 00:25
2 Bluesy Jam Session John singing, band meandering 02:29
3 Studio Talk John trying to think of a song everyone knows 17:00
4 Lucille Paul and John's only real attempt at a harmony 05:57
5 Nightmares More random attempts at a tune ... ANY tune 02:36
6 Stand By Me Some loose riffs, and about half a verse 02:15
7 Stand By Me More troubled attempts to get a song going 02:09
8 Stand By Me Even more of the song 06:02
9 Cupid/Take This Hammer Stevie Wonder singing 03:10

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