Bootleg Single

Brung To Ewe By

Paul McCartney
Brung To Ewe By - Front Cover Brung To Ewe By - Front Cover
Brung To Ewe By - Front Cover Brung To Ewe By - Rear Cover
Label Tobe Milo
Catalogue No. MLP 4Q5/6
Country of Origin Pakistan
Release Date 1977
Detail : In May 1971 a promo L.P. was issued to radio stations to promote the L.P. "Ram". This promo was on Apple, had a catalogue number of SPRO 6210 and was called "Brung To Ewe By". This bootleg E.P. extracts the radio spots from this album and just for luck adds "Banjo Banjo".

Allegedly only 1000 copies pressed, and mine you may see above has, "No 017 of 1000" printed in the corner.

The front cover reads,
"Here are some introductions you might like to use before RAM album tracks.
We made them while we were doing RAM, and they're designed to play straight into an album track, or out of it for that matter.
Anyway, if you'd enjoy using them, we'd enjoy having you.
Ram On !
Paul & Linda McCartney."

The rear of this 33 1/3 r.p.m. 45 has comments by an employee of McCartney Productions, Inc. ...
"The enclosed disc contains fifteen different 30 second and 60 second introductions to RAM album tracks.
These spots were recorded in the studio by Paul & Linda during their work on RAM.
This disc is an exclusive limited pressing for radio stations only. We hope you will use and enjoy them.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact me c/o McCartney Productions.
Diane Brooks."

The 15 "introductions", to be honest, are a disappointment. When I received it I expected a bit of chat about the origin of each song, or at least a meaningful introduction into each album track. These I looked forward to using in my shows. Instead what is on here, is the sung lines "Now hear this, song of mine" on 14 of the 15 pieces, some in slightly different styles, and with other odd overdubs.
Side 1

  1. 30 Seconds - Paul saying "Get it together man" + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  2. 30 Seconds - Paul saying "On a fishing boat" + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  3. 30 Seconds - Paul saying "You Know What I mean" + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  4. 30 Seconds - Paul saying "Ram Ram .. Boogie" + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  5. 30 Seconds - Paul saying "Rama Rama ..." + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  6. 30 Seconds - Paul saying "We've got to get this album together man" + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  7. 30 Seconds - Snatch of "Uncle Albert" + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  8. 30 Seconds - Snatch of "Ram On" + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  9. 30 Seconds - Paul saying "Ram" with sounds of sheep + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  10. 30 Seconds - "Ram On" and sheep noises.
  11. 30 Seconds - Paul saying "On a fishing boat" + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
Side 2
  1. 30 Seconds - Paul saying "Ram Ram" + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  2. 60 Seconds - Linda: "What is this", Paul: "This is work woman" + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  3. 60 Seconds - Paul rambling in Scottish accent + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  4. 60 Seconds - Very short clips of tracks + "N.H.T.S.O.M."
  5. "Please Don't Bring My Banjo Back"

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