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From Hamburg To Here - CD cover From Hamburg To Here - CD back
From Hamburg To Here - Front Cover From Hamburg To Here - Back Cover
Label Dressed To Kill
Catalogue No. METRO 425
Release Date 2000
Total Time 73:18
Comments: I actually bought this from a legitimate shop, so believed this to be a genuine release. Also it has the website of Dressed2Kill on it's cover, a site I had visited when I bought an earlier release (Bedism) which I also at the time thought genuine. But ... the website seems to have disappeared and this "Hamburg" C.D. is a very poor collection of material and the cover is deliberately misleading, with no author or publishing credits anywhere so this must be a bootleg and that is where I shall file it.
Unfortunately, it probably means "Bedism" is a boot too !

The tracks listed as Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers are all very recent, and tracks 1 and 4 are live, and certainly are nothing to do with the Beatles whatsoever. The first is labelled as "1996 version", and I would say that is when all the Sheridan tracks hail from. They are quite bluesy and very long.

The Denny Laine tracks do not seem to have a Wings member present either, and I`m not sure where they were recorded, but they do all have a similar sound to them.
Tracks 8, 12, and 14 have the sounds of an audience, so probably they are live.
Track 6 was originally recorded during the "Red Rose Speedway" sessions in March 1972.
Track 7, is very much a country sound from June 1974 in Nashville for "Japanese Tears".
Track 10, I believe was sung in March 1973 during "James Paul McCartney", but it was also performed in August 1974 for "One Hand Clapping".
Track 12 was recorded in December 1977 during "London Town" sessions.
Track 15 for "Speed of Sound" was from September 1975.

The only really interesting piece is the Kenny Everett Interview, but you've probably heard it before.
It was recorded on 6th June 1968 in the Abbey Road studios.
It was released commercially by Apple in Italy on Una Sensazionale Intervista Con The Beatles. Next it appeared on a U.S. LP release "The Golden Beatles" in July 1985, and then was finally issued in the U.K. on 30th January 1987 on the LP "The Beatles: Interviews II".
For those that haven't heard it here is a summary :
This version has a 50 second introduction, by whom I have no idea, followed by 12 minutes 48 seconds of the "interview".
The first 8 minutes 40 seconds is Kenny with just John, and Kenny trys desperately to get John to discuss their latest recordings (and fails). John does mention, making brown bags, Morrocan clothing, working on Ringo's song (they were actually recording "Don't Pass Me By"), the Apple business and desert Island discs. But these were all fleetingly and with no interest at all. Six brief snatches of song too, "Vague Idea", "Somebody Stole My Gal", "River Deep Mountain High", "Goodnight Sweetheart", "Kenny's Goodbye Jingle" and the most bootlegged part, "Cottonfields".
With 4 minutes 8 seconds remaining Paul can be heard briefly, and then John raves about Tiny Tim (the American singer), and then with just over 2 minutes left Ringo adds to the chaos.

A less insightful interview you will never hear.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Artiste Time
1 My Bonnie (1996 Version) Tony Sheridan & the Beat Brothers 1:53
2 Money Tony Sheridan & the Beat Brothers 6:12
3 Mess Around Tony Sheridan & the Beat Brothers 4:57
4 Skinny Minnie Tony Sheridan & the Beat Brothers 6:15
5 Johnny B. Goode Tony Sheridan & the Beat Brothers 3:30
6 I Would Only Smile Denny Laine with Paul & Linda McCartney 3:23
7 Send Me The Heart Denny Laine with Paul & Linda McCartney 3:42
8 Blackbird Denny Laine with Wings 2:30
9 Mull Of Kintyre Denny Laine with Wings 4:21
10 Go Now Denny Laine with Wings 3:24
11 Within Walls Denny Laine with Wings 4:26
12 Children Children Denny Laine with Wings 2:11
13 Band On The Run Denny Laine with Wings 5:24
14 Bluebird Denny Laine with Wings 4:03
15 The Note You Never Wrote Denny Laine with Wings 3:21
16 Kenny Everett Interview 6th June 1968 at EMI with John, Paul and Ringo. 13:38

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