Live In Japan

George Harrison
Live In Japan - CD cover Live In Japan - CD back
Live In Japan - Front Cover Live In Japan - Back Cover

Label Dark Horse
Catalogue No. 7599 26964 2
Release date 13th July 1992
Total time Disc 1 - 42:23
Disc 2 - 44:43
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : George Harrison's seventeenth album release, and second live album.
Credited to George Harrison
Personnel :
George - Lead vocals, guitars
Eric Clapton - Guitar, backing vocals
Andy Fairweather-Low - Guitar, backing vocals
Greg Phillinganes - Keyboards, backing vocals
Chuck Leavell - Keyboards, backing vocals
Nathan East - Bass, backing vocals
Steve Ferrone - Drums
Ray Cooper - Percussion
Tessa Niles, Katie Kissoon - Backing vocals.

Recorded live in Japan in December 1991 in the cities of Osaka and Tokyo, this tour was billed as:
               "Rock Legends: George Harrison live with Eric Clapton and his band".
The tour ran from 1st to 17th December 1991, and didn`t only include George's songs below, it also featured songs of Eric's which were not included on this release.
This was George's first live tour for 17 years, and first visit to Japan since coming with the Beatles in 1966, and consequently he was very very nervous and almost backed out a number of times.
When asked why he was touring again George replied,
"I had to do something after giving up smoking !"
The tour allegedly took almost 10 million pounds.

C.D. - Disc 1

No Track Composer Time
1 I Want To Tell You Harrison 04:34
2 Old Brown Shoe Harrison 03:54
3 Taxman Harrison 04:18
4 Give Me Love
(Give Me Peace On Earth)
Harrison 03:37
5 If I Needed Someone Harrison 03:48
6 Something Harrison 05:19
7 What Is Life Harrison 04:46
8 Dark Horse Harrison 04:16
9 Piggies Harrison 03:00
10 Got My Mind Set On You Clark 04:35

C.D. - Disc 2

No Track Composer Time
1 Cloud Nine Harrison 04:13
2 Here Comes The Sun Harrison 03:30
3 My Sweet Lord Harrison 05:40
4 All Those Years Ago Harrison 04:26
5 Cheer Down Harrison-Petty 03:58
6 Devil's Radio Harrison 04:26
7 Isn't It A Pity Harrison 06:24
8 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Harrison 07:20
9 Roll Over Beethoven Berry 04:35

Re-Mastered Re-Issue

1st March 2004 - Issued as a remastered double S.A.C.D. 5.1 Surround Sound set in The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 Boxset (GHBOX 1) and separately with catalogue number 594 6652 (also SACDV 2230).
No Bonus tracks.
The C.D. comes with a 12-page booklet containing artwork and lyrics expanded from the original release, with some new photographs, descriptive liner notes and full lyrics. The descriptions for most of the songs were excerpted from George’s “I Me Mine” book.
5.1 mix was by John Etchells and Damon Iddins at The Astoria, London 2003.
SACD Mastering by Doug Sax.
SACD Co-ordination by Phil Taylor
SACD Authoring by Gus Skinas
SACD Executive Producer: Rick Veda.
Dark Horse Years - Live In Japan
Dark Horse Years - Live In Japan Dark Horse Years - Live In Japan

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