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George Harrison
George Harrison - Front cover George Harrison - Rear Cover
George Harrison - Front Cover George Harrison - Rear Cover
George Harrison - Inner Sleeve Front George Harrison - Inner Sleeve Rear
George Harrison - Inner Sleeve Front George Harrison - Inner Sleeve Rear

Label Dark Horse
Catalogue No. K 56562
K4 56562 (cassette)
Release date 16th February 1979
Total time 39:17
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :17th March 1979
Highest Position :39
Weeks in Chart :5
Detail : George Harrison's tenth album release.
Credited to George Harrison
Produced by George Harrison and Russ Titelman
Personnel :
George - Lead Vocals, guitars, backing vocals, bass on "Faster"
Andy Newmark - Drums
Willie Weeks - Bass
Neil Larsen - Keyboards, mini Moog
Ray Cooper - Percussion
Stevie Winwood - Polymoog, Harmonium, Mini moog and backing vocals
Emil Richards - Marimba
Gayle Levant - Harp
Eric Clapton - Guitar intro on "Love Comes To Everyone"
Gary Wright - Oberheim on "If You Believe"
Del Newman - Strings and horn arrangements.
Peter Lawson - Hair
Louise de Ville Morel - Tea
Paul Lanzante - Apprentice millionaire.

George's first new album for over two years.
In this time he took a break from the business, and travelled the world following the Grand Prix and Motor cycling circuits.
And in 1977 on 9th June George consented to a decree nisi to Patti.

The tracks for this release were recorded at F.P.S.H.O.T., although the strings were added at AIR studios in London.

The album design and the cover photographs are by Mike Salisbury.
The inner sleeve photograph of George with Jackie Stewart at the British Grand Prix was taken by Jeff Bloxham.
The inner sleeve also includes all the lyrics.
The label is the now familiar "Dark Horse" label.
In the run-out groove is etched "STRAWBERRY".

Note : I also have a white label advance promotional pressing of this album that was given to me in January 1979.
It is a different pressing, as one can clearly see just by looking at the banding of the tracks.

Side 1

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Love Comes To Everyone Harrison The music was written in 1977, with the lyrics added in February 1978 when George was in Hawaii.
Second single from the album, see Love Comes To Everyone
Not Guilty Harrison Originally recorded by The Beatles during the White Album sessions. 3:28
Here Comes The Moon Harrison A wry follow-up to "Here Comes The Sun", written in Hawaii and inspired by the Hawaiian sky at the end of the day. 4:39
Soft-hearted Hana Harrison Dedicated to Bob Longhi.
This song was started in L.A., with the lyrics completed in February 1978.
The song was partly recorded in a pub in Henley-on-Thames, George's local ... The Row Barge.
Blow Away Harrison Composed on New Years day 1978 in Hawaii.
First single from the album, see Blow Away

Side 2

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Faster Harrison Inspired by Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda and dedicated to the entire Formula One circus.
Special thanks to Jody Scheckter.
In memory of Ronnie Peterson.
The song was written on 20th November 1977.
The racing heard at the start of the song was recorded at the British Grand Prix of 1978 on July 16th.
Third single from the album, see Faster
Dark Sweet Lady Harrison Written in Hawaii for Olivia. 3:22
Your Love Is Forever Harrison Written for Olivia. 3:43
Soft Touch Harrison Written in the Virgin Islands about son Dhani. 3:57
If You Believe Harrison-Wright Co-written on New Years day 1978 in Hawaii, and completed in Hawaii. 2:50

Released Versions

First pressings (1979)
    K 56562 - With printed inner sleeve is worth about £10.

1st March 2004 - Re-issued on Remastered C.D. in The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 Boxset (GHBOX 1) and separately with catalogue number 594 0872.
This has a running time of 43:37 as it adds one bonus track of :
Track Composer Time
Here Comes The Moon Harrison 3:36
The bonus track is a demo of track 3 above written in February 1978 in Hawaii.
The C.D. comes with a 12-page booklet containing artwork and lyrics expanded from the original release,
with some new photographs, descriptive liner notes and full lyrics.
The descriptions for most of the songs were excerpted from George’s “I Me Mine” book.
Re-mastering is not mentioned in this booklet, but was probably by Simon Heyworth and John Etchells at Super Audio Mastering, Devon.
Dark Horse Years - George Harrison

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