Thirty Three and 1/3

George Harrison
Thirty Three and 1/3 - Front cover Thirty Three and 1/3 - Rear Cover
Thirty Three and 1/3 - Front Cover Thirty Three and 1/3 - Rear Cover
Thirty Three and 1/3 - Inside Gatefold
Thirty Three and 1/3 - Inside Gatefold
Thirty Three and 1/3 - Inner Sleeve Front Thirty Three and 1/3 - Inner Sleeve Rear
Thirty Three and 1/3 - Inner Sleeve Front Thirty Three and 1/3 - Inner Sleeve Rear

Label Dark Horse
Catalogue No. K 56319
K4 56319 (cassette)
Release date 19th November 1976
Total time 39:01
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :18th December 1976
Highest Position :35
Weeks in Chart :4
Detail : George Harrison's eighth album release, and first for his own label "Dark Horse".
Credited to George Harrison
Produced by George Harrison
Personnel :
George - Lead vocals, guitars, synthesisers and percussion
Willie Weeks - Bass
Alvin Taylor - Drums
Gary Wright - Keyboards
Richard Tee - Piano, organ and Fender Rhodes
Billy Preston - Piano, organ and synthesiser (on "Beautiful Girl", "This Song" and "See Yourself")
David Foster - Fender Rhodes and clavinet
Tom Scott - Saxophone, flute and lyricon
Emil Richards - Marimba

Recorded at F.P.S.H.O.T. from 24th May to 13th September 1976.

On 26th January 1976 The Beatles nine year contract with E.M.I. expired.
On 27th January George wasted no time on signing to a new label ... his own ... Dark Horse Records.
At this time Dark Horse are distributed by A&M records, and when George set up the deal in 1974
he signed a contract stating that the first solo album that George produces on Dark Horse will be
ready by 25th June 1976 (George's 33 1/3 birthday !) and A&M gave George an advance of One Million dollars.
But in the spring of 1976 George had a bad bout of Hepatitis and could not meet the due date for delivery.

In a bad month, on 7th September 1976 George is found guilty of "Subconcious plagiarism" for "My Sweet Lord", and
on the 28th A&M sued George for TEN million dollars for failing to deliver the album.
Basically, A&M had already decided that the deal that they had arranged with George was not such a good deal and they were simply looking for a way out.
It worked, settlement was reached and the contracts were terminated.
George quickly arranged an alternative distributor, Warner Brothers, and hence the catalogue number of a "K" with 5 digits which is standard WEA numbering.

The album design and photography were by Bob Cato, with hand lettering by Mike Manoogian.
The pictures inside the gatefold sleeve which were all taken in the Friar Park grounds, are all labelled, with the picture top left entitled "33 1/3 and his Dad".
The small 3 in the 1/3 part of the album title appears everywhere not as a 3 but as the "Om" symbol
(see Living in the Material World for a definition of the symbol).

Side 1

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Woman Don't You Cry For Me Harrison Written in December 1969 while George was on tour in Gothenburg, Sweden. 3:15
Dear One Harrison Written whilst George was holidaying in the Virgin Islands in 1976.
Dedicated to Premavatar Paramahansa Yogananda.
Beautiful Girl Harrison This song was started in 1969 when George was working on a Doris Troy album with Stephen Stills.
He wrote the first verse then, and completed the song in 1976.
This Song Harrison A sardonic comment on his recent legal tribulations.
See This Song single release.
The spoken segment in the middle of the song is by George's chum, Eric Idle.
See Yourself Harrison Dedicated to Premavatar Paramahansa Yogananda. 2:47

Side 2

Track Composer Recording Information Time
It's What You Value Harrison Written during George's 1974 tour of America. 5:06
True Love Cole Porter Originally from the 1956 film "High Society" in which it was sung by Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly. 2:43
Pure Smokey Harrison Written about Smokey Robinson. 3:50
Crackerbox Palace Harrison Crackerbox Palace is the name of a house in L.A. owned by Lord Buckley.
The song was written in 1975 actually for George Grief who George compared to Lord Buckley.
Learning How To Love You Harrison Dedicated to Herb Alpert, and originally written for him by George. 4:12

Released Versions

First pressings (1976)
    K 56319 - Gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve is worth about £10.
                          It is Deleted in 1980.

Second pressings (July 1988)
    The album was re-issued with the same details.

1st March 2004 - Re-issued on Remastered C.D. in The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 Boxset (GHBOX 1) and separately with catalogue number 594 0862.
This has a running time of 43:19 as it adds one bonus track of :
Track Composer Time
Tears Of The World Harrison 4:01
The bonus track was recorded April 1980 and is from the initial Somewhere In England sessions.
The C.D. comes with a 12-page booklet containing artwork and lyrics expanded from the original release,
with some new photographs, descriptive liner notes and full lyrics.
The descriptions for most of the songs were excerpted from George’s “I Me Mine” book.
Re-mastering was by Simon Heyworth and John Etchells at Super Audio Mastering, Devon.
Dark Horse Years - Thirty Three and 1/3

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