George Harrison - Full Discography
(in Date Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

1/11/68LPAppleSAPCOR 1Wonderwall Music
9/05/69LPAppleZAPPLE 02Electronic Sound
30/11/70LPAppleSTCH 639All Things Must Pass
15/01/717"AppleR 5884My Sweet Lord
30/07/717"AppleR 5912Bangla-desh
10/01/72LPAppleSTCX 3385Concert For Bangla Desh
25/05/737"AppleR 5988Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
22/06/73LPApplePAS 10006Living in the Material World
6/12/747"AppleR 6002Ding Dong
20/12/74LPApplePAS 10008Dark Horse
28/02/757"AppleR 6001Dark Horse
12/09/757"AppleR 6007You
3/10/75LPApplePAS 10009Extra Texture - Read All About It
6/02/767"AppleR 6012This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)
10/767"Dark Horse* none !Acetate of a Promotion Record for 33 1/3
19/11/76LPDark HorseK 56319Thirty Three & 1/3
19/11/767"Dark HorseK 16856This Song
20/11/76LPParlophonePAS 10011Best of George Harrison
11/02/777"Dark HorseK 16896True Love
31/05/777"Dark HorseK 16967It's What You Value
16/02/79LPDark HorseK 56562George Harrison
16/02/797"Dark HorseK 17327Blow Away
20/04/797"Dark HorseK 17284Love Comes to Everyone
30/07/797"Dark HorseK 17423 PFaster
27/11/80LPMusic For PleasureMFP 50510Dark Horse
15/05/817"Dark HorseK 17807All Those Years Ago
5/06/81LPDark HorseK 56870Somewhere In England
31/07/817"Dark HorseK 17837Teardrops
25/11/81LPMusic For PleasureMFP 50510Best of George Harrison
8/11/82LPDark Horse923734-1Gone Troppo
8/11/827"Dark Horse929864-7Wake Up My Love
18/05/87CDAppleCDS 7 46688 2All Things Must Pass
18/05/87CDParlophoneCDPAS 10011Best of George Harrison
12/10/877"Dark HorseW 8178Got My Mind Set On You
12/10/8712"Dark HorseW 8178 TGot My Mind Set On You
2/11/87LPDark HorseWX 123Cloud Nine
2/11/87CDDark Horse9 25643-2Cloud Nine
25/01/887"Dark HorseW 8131When We Was Fab
25/01/8812"Dark HorseW 8131 TWhen We Was Fab
1/02/887"Dark HorseW 8131When We Was Fab (Box Set Edition)
13/06/887"Dark HorseW 7913This Is Love
13/06/8812"Dark HorseW 7913 TThis Is Love
17/10/887"Wilbury RecordsW 7732WHandle With Care
24/10/88LPWilbury RecordsWX 224Travelling Wilburys
24/10/88CDWilbury Records9 25796-2Travelling Wilburys
20/02/897"Wilbury RecordsW 7637End Of The Line
23/10/89LPDark HorseWX 312The Best of Dark Horse: 1976-1989
23/10/89CDDark Horse9 25726-2The Best of Dark Horse: 1976-1989
27/11/897"Dark HorseW 2696Cheer Down
27/11/8912"Dark HorseW 2696 TCheer Down
18/06/907"Wilbury RecordsW 9773Nobody's Child
29/10/90LPWilbury RecordsWX 384Traveling Wilburys Volume 3
29/10/90CDWilbury Records7599 26324-2Traveling Wilburys Volume 3
5/11/907"Wilbury RecordsW 9523She's My Baby
11/03/91CDDiscussionYOURE 016George and Ringo - 1980's Interviews
25/03/917"Wilbury RecordsW 0018WWilbury Twist
19/08/91CDEpic468835-2Concert For Bangla Desh
27/01/92CDAppleCDPAS 10006Living in the Material World
27/01/92CDAppleCDPAS 10008Dark Horse
27/01/92CDAppleCDPAS 10009Extra Texture - Read All About It
29/06/92CDAppleCDSAPCOR 1Wonderwall Music
13/07/92CDDark Horse7599 26964 2Live In Japan
1/06/96LPUFOGEORGE 1George Harrison Interview
12/96CDAppleCDZAPPLE 02Electronic Sound
22/01/01CDGN Records530 4742All Things Must Pass (Remastered)
14/01/02CDParlophoneCDR 6571My Sweet Lord
28/01/02CDEpic468835-2Concert For Bangla Desh (Remastered)
18/11/02CDDark Horse/Parlophone543 2462Brainwashed
12/05/037"ParlophoneR 6601Any Road
17/11/03CDW.S.M.8122 74546 2Concert For George
1/03/04CDDark Horse/ParlophoneGHBOX 1The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 (Boxset)
1/03/04CDDark Horse/Parlophone594 0862Thirty Three & 1/3
1/03/04CDDark Horse/Parlophone594 0872George Harrison
1/03/04CDDark Horse/Parlophone594 0882Somewhere In England
1/03/04CDDark Horse/Parlophone594 0892Gone Troppo
1/03/04CDDark Horse/Parlophone594 0902Cloud Nine
1/03/04CDDark Horse/Parlophone594 6652Live In Japan
25/09/06SETParlophone366 9002Living in the Material World
11/06/07SETWilbury RecordsR2 167804Traveling Wilburys Collection
2/06/08CDRhino8122799180Travelling Wilburys
2/06/08CDRhino8122799179Traveling Wilburys Volume 3
15/06/09CDDark Horse/Parlophone965 0192Let It Roll
18/10/103xCD/1xDVDDark Horse279 7921Collaborations - Ravi Shankar & George
1/05/12CDUniversal279 9042Early Takes - Volume 1
22/09/147xCD/1xDVDApple379 1387The Apple Years 1968-75
24/02/1716 L.P.'sApple570 9027The Vinyl Collection

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