Apple Records Album Releases

This list only includes those Apple albums released on Apple label codes.
It does not include releases made against Parlophone codes.

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Catalogue No. Artist Title Release Date
SAPCOR 1George HarrisonWonderwall Music 1/11/1968
SAPCOR 2John LennonUnfinished Music No. 1 (Two Virgins)29/11/1968
SAPCOR 3James TaylorJames Taylor 6/12/1968
SAPCOR 4Modern Jazz QuartetUnder The Jasmine Tree 6/12/1968
SAPCOR 5Mary HopkinPostcard21/02/1969
SAPCOR 6Jackie LomaxIs This What You Want14/03/1969
SAPCOR 7Delaney And BonnieThe Original Delaney And Bonniewithdrawn
SAPCOR 7 by Delaney And Bonnie (above) was intended for release on 30th May 1969,
but this release appeared instead on Elektra and this Apple issue was withdrawn.
SAPCOR 7TrashWhite Trashwithdrawn
SAPCOR 7 by Trash (above) was intended for release on 20th June 1969,
but this release was shelved in the U.K.
SAPCOR 8The IveysMaybe Tomorrowwithdrawn
SAPCOR 8 by The Iveys (above) was intended for release on 4th July 1969,
and although some copies have surfaced, officially this release was withdrawn.
SAPCOR 9Billy PrestonThat's The Way God Planned It22/08/1969
SAPCOR 10Modern Jazz QuartetSpace24/10/1969
SAPCOR 11John LennonThe Wedding Album 7/11/1969
SAPCOR 12BadfingerMagic Christian Music 9/01/1970
SAPCOR 13Doris TroyDoris Troy11/09/1970
SAPCOR 14Billy PrestonEncouraging Words11/09/1970
SAPCOR 15John TavernerThe Whale25/09/1970
SAPCOR 16BadfingerNo Dice27/11/1970
SAPCOR 17Yoko OnoPlastic Ono Band17/12/1970
SAPCOR 18Radha Krishna TempleRadha Krishna Temple28/05/1971
SAPCOR 19BadfingerStraight Up 4/02/1972
SAPCOR 20John TavernerCeltic Requiem 12/1971
SAPCOR 21Mary HopkinEarth Song - Ocean Song 1/10/1971
SAPCOR 22Elephant's MemoryElephant's Memory10/11/1972
SAPCOR 23Mary HopkinThose Were The Days24/11/1972
SAPCOR 24Various ArtistsPhil Spector's Christmas Album 8/12/1972
SAPCOR 25Lon & Derek Van Eaton  Brother 9/02/1973
SAPCOR 26Yoko OnoFeeling The Space23/11/1973
SAPCOR 27BadfingerAss 8/03/1974
ZAPPLE 01John LennonUnfinished Music No.2 (Life With The Lions)   9/05/1969
ZAPPLE 02George HarrisonElectronic Sounds 9/05/1969
ZAPPLE 03Richard BrautiganListening to ...23/05/1969
LYN 2154The BeatlesThe Beatles Complete Christmas Album18/12/1970
CORE 2001Plastic Ono BandLive Peace In Toronto 196912/12/1969
SAPTU 101/2Yoko OnoFly 3/12/1971
SAPDO 1001Yoko OnoApproximately Infinite Universe16/02/1973
SAPTU 1002Ravi ShankarIn Concert 197213/04/1973

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