Come Together (Beatles in the '90s)

The Beatles
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Label  Fab
Catalogue No. FAB 3
Country of origin Japan
Release date 1996
Total time 63:41

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 Free As A Bird Full length version with wings intro, clapping outtro and backward message reversed. 05:11
2 Real Love Beatles early mix 03:05
3 Real Love Beatles Video mix (includes English TV announcement !) 04:12
4 Strawberry Fields McCartney fragment from "Anthology" video 00:24
5 I Will McCartney, Harrison & Starr fragment from "Anthology" video 00:34
6 Derradune McCartney, Harrison & Starr. fragment from "Anthology" video 00:40
7 Free As A Bird Lennon piano demo - Take 1 03:28
8 Free As A Bird Lennon piano demo - Take 4 02:42
9 Real Love Lennon piano demo - Take 1 03:48
10 Real Love Lennon acoustic demo - Take 4 03:57
11 Real Love Lennon acoustic demo - Take 5 02:47
12 Real Love Lennon acoustic demo - Take 6 02:20
13 Real Love Lennon piano demo 03:09
14 Real Love From "Imagine" 01:30
15 It Don't Come Easy Harrison on Lead vocal of the Ringo track 03:26
16 For You Blue Outtake from film Let It Be, previously unreleased 01:40
17 The Long and Winding Road Outtake from film Let It Be, previously unreleased 03:33
18 Let It Be Outtake from film Let It Be, previously unreleased 04:00
19 Come Together Smokin' Mojo Filters, different mix, Paul on Backing VOX '95 03:34
20 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Royal Albert Hall 6/4/92, with George, Ringo & Gary Moore 08:07
21 Studio Mis-takes A collage of outtakes from "Anthology" video 01:25

CD Booklet Notes :
Well here we are again, another Beatles CD, and have we got a great one for you this time (as always). Starting off with the full length version of "Free As A Bird". This version is the same as the version on the video, which brings together the Dove flapping it's wings at the beginning, along with the clapping after George Formby's bit at the end. This is followed by the backwards message reversed (turned out nice again), thus concluding the complete "Free As A Bird".

Two versions of "Real Love" Up next, the first being a completely different Beatles mix not yet heard by the public at large (thus making this an exclusive), while the second version is the Beatles own video mix.

"Strawberry Fields Forever" is a slice of a demo taken from the Anthology series, where Paul demonstrates how the opening effect was acquired on one of the most innovative songs ever. While "l Will" and "Derradune" are the threesomes renditions of songs that they composed in India, while visiting the Maharishi in those halcyon days of Flower Power. "Derradune" is of particular interest as this is a song composed by George that was never recorded and, indeed never heard until the Anthology series.

Tracks 7-14 have been heard by some of the more ardent fans of John Lennon, but a lot of people may not have heard these tracks before. So, here for your delight are the original demo recordings of John's "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love". An American magazine called Beatlefan claimed that Yoko Ono had given Paul cassettes of three songs at a Rock n Roll hall of fame ceremony. The songs were "Grow Old With Me", "Real Love" and "Free As A Bird" (once intended for John's planned Broadway musical, "The Ballad Of John And Yoko"). All three songs were considered as an accompaniment to the projected Anthology series. However, in Ringo's words, "We did do three tracks, but we only finished two. The other one is only half finished". We start with the two versions of "Free As A Bird". The first, with John's spoken intro, "Free As A Boid", is believed to be take 1. John accompanies himself on the piano for this take, and the chord changes are really quite beautiful, and evidence suggests that either he forgot the words, or had not completed writing them yet. Although it is documented that three versions exist, our second version is take 3. This take is shorter, with slightly different words, and either John's memory was getting worse or he was considering word changes, as he was Doo Dooing more frequently.

For the second of John's demo's, "Real Love", we have six versions. These are takes 1,4,5 and 6, an unknown take, and the take that preceded the "Imagine" film and video. Take 1 is a piano demo, and if you listen carefully you can hear John stumbling a little with some of the piano parts. For take 4 John accompanies himself on an acoustic guitar, and whistles in the middle section. Take 5 is also an acoustic guitar but slightly slower than take 4. In take 6 the take is shorter, and John's vocals 19 are slightly subdued to highlight the excellent guitar playing, while the unknown take is back to accompaniment with the piano. In this take John is playing has improved considerably and the vocals are more definite. And the last take from the "lmagine" film and video is a more polished take altogether.

When asked how they felt about re-recording John's original demo's, Ringo was heard to say, "It's great. I mean, it's always hard for me to say, because I'm on it and so are the others, but it's a real cool, cool track." Paul added, "We fixed it up. We took the attitude that John had gone on holiday saying: - 'I finished all the tracks on my album except this one. I'm sorry that I can't make the last session but I leave it to you guys to finish it off. Do what you'd normally do. Don't get fussy, just do your normal thing. I trust you"'.

Next we have a version of "It Don't Come Easy" with George on lead vocals. Work on this song started on February 18th, 1970 at EMl's Abbey Road studios. Present at the sessions that day, besides George on guitar were Ringo, producer George Martin, bassist Klaus Voorman and Stephen Stills on piano. Eventually "It Don't Come Easy" was re-recorded in 1971, leaving this 1970 version unreleased.

"For You Blue","The Long And Winding Road" and "Let It Be" are songs previously unreleased from the film "Let It Be" These versions were featured in the Anthology series.

"Come Together" is a tribute to John, and a remake of his "Abbey Road" song recorded by the Smokin' Mojo Filters. The 'Filters are Paul Weller with Noel Gallagher and features Paul McCartney on backing vocals. The song was recorded for the "Help" project, although this is a different mix.

Considered a bonus track on this compilation of great songs is a live number from George, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall on the 6th of April 1992. He was joined on stage for an encore of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by Ringo and Gary Moore. And to finish off this great collection we have a collage of studio mis-takes, heard at the end of the Anthology series and undoubtedly never to be released.

So perhaps... another bonus ?

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