The Secret Files

Paul McCartney
The Secret Files (DVD) - Front cover The Secret Files (DVD) - Rear Cover
The Secret Files (DVD) - Front Cover The Secret Files (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label Way Of Wizards
Catalogue No. WOW 107
Release date 2009
Total time 2 hours 1 minute 22 seconds
Detail : Two special film productions + Bonus extra features on one digipack DVD.
This disc opens with The Secret Website Show which was available as an added extra with the Back In The U.S. official DVD released in 2002.
Paul and the band run through some covers, Beatle and solo material and slips in the unreleased "India" which is superb.

The Second section is taken from a rehearsal in London Docklands for the Back To The World tour performance in 2003.
It includes an 21 minute interview sequence where Paul answers question placed by members of his website.

Also included are some Extras which include a 16 minute interview from 1984 that has never been repeated due to copyright issues.

As the majority of these presentations are "off web" they are quite blurry and grainy and fairly low quality pictures, but the sound is very good and is certainly adequate.
At over two hours running time, this DVD does have some musical items that make it an essesntial purchase.


Main Menu

There is a menu playlist which is split over two pages.
Each page is silent with the same still picture of Paul and runs on a loop of 15 seconds.

No. Track Time
The Secret Website Show
Monday 16th December 2002

(35 minutes and 3 seconds)
1 Program Start (WOW Ident) 0:23
2 Intro (MPL juggler animation) 0:21
3 You Never Give Me Your Money
"Secret Website" intro + a soundcheck
4 Waiting For Your Train 2:01
5 Honey Hush
"Secret Website" skit + a soundcheck
6 Foxey Lady
Brief refrain
7 Blackbird
Fast folky version, 90 secs instrumental + pacy vocal
8 Calico Skies 2:39
9 Honey Don't 2:37
10 Celebration
Instrumental with Paul on piano
11 Welcome
Introduces band members over interesting musical piece with individual solos
12 India
Excellent performance
13 Lady Madonna 2:43
14 Secret Gig Outro 1:32
Back To The World Rehearsals
London Docklands Arena - Wednesday 26th March 2003

(49 minutes 10 seconds)
Note: Each item ends with a 4 second ident for MSN
15 Back In The U.S.S.R. 2:54
16 Internet Interview 21:42
17 Hello Goodbye 3:56
18 Birthday 2:44
19 My Love 3:57
20 Let 'Em In 5:21
21 Let It Be 3:52
22 Let me Roll It 4:43
DVD Extras
23 Driving Rain (Remix)
Starts with Paul's "Special Features" intro
24 Lonely Road (Live - venue unknown) 3:11
25 Mother Nature's Son (Live - Dallas) 2:51
26 Back In The U.S.S.R. (U.S. Electronic Press kit 07/11/2002) 11:25
27 Interview with Johnny Carson on Tonight Show (23/10/1984)
In Studio 1, NBC Studios, 3000 W. Almeda Avenue, Burbank, sixteen years after appearing on the show with John,
Paul records an appearance on the long running NBC TV Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
(This is actually Paul's first appearance with Carson, as back on Tuesday May 14, 1968, Paul and John were
interviewed by the major league baseball player Joe Garagiola while Carson was temporarily unavailable for duty.)
Besides being interviewed about the Broad Street film, Paul picks up an acoustic guitar and performs
a mock-drunken version of a few lines from 'Yesterday' and 'You Are My Sunshine'.
Ends with MPL animated ident as seen earlier on this disc
(21 seconds)

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