Paul McCartney
Lightspeed (DVD) - Front cover Lightspeed (DVD) - Rear Cover
Lightspeed (DVD) - Front Cover Lightspeed (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label Picture Perfect
Catalogue No. PPDVD 19/20
Release date 2006
Total time Disc 1 - 2 hours 9 minutes 7 seconds
Disc 2 - 2 hours 4 minutes 50 seconds
Detail : 3 classic film productions + Bonus special features on two DVDs.
Over FOUR hours of music and visuals.


Main Menu

While at the Main Menu, there is a loop of 3 minutes 10 seconds featuring "Live And Let Die".

On the Main menu are Two choices:

James Paul McCartney Menu
17 Chapters listed whilst "Heart Of The Country" plays. This loops for 47 seconds.

One Hand Clapping Menu
18 Chapters listed whilst "One Hand Clapping" plays. This loops for 1 minute 28 seconds.


ATV Television Studios, Elstree, Studio D, Eldon Avenue, Borehamwood.
Recorded: Monday 19th February - Sunday 1st April 1973
Broadcast: Thursday 10th May 1973 on ITV at 9 p.m. (Shown on ABC-TV in America on Monday 16th April 1973)

The television special "James Paul McCartney" is the first occasion that a major pop or rock 'n' roll star starred in a prime-time television show aimed for both UK and USA TV audiences.
The show is broken down into eleven different segments:

Note that during filming for this special, on Thursday March 15 1973 at the ATV studios in Borehamwood, Paul performed an unreleased acoustic medley of 'Bluebird'/'Mama's Little Girl'/'Michelle'/'Heart Of The Country' which does not appear in the finished version of the special. A similar medley, but this time without 'Mama's Little Girl', is included in the show.

No. Track Start
This feature starts with an ATV VTR clapperboard with clock that says Part 1.
This is followed by the ATV station ident.

(23 seconds)
1 Program Start - Big Barn Bed 0:23
2 Blackbird/Bluebird/Michelle/Heart Of The Country 4:44
3 Mary Had A Little Lamb 8:33
4 Little Woman Love/C Moon 12:08
5 My Love 14:43
6 Uncle Albert (note: no Admiral Halsey) 18:59
There is a break here with an ATV VTR clapperboard with clock that says Part 2.
(13 seconds)
7 Pub Sequence 21:29
8 Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance 27:40
9 Live And Let Die 32:00
There is a break here with an ATV VTR clapperboard with clock that says Part 3.
(11 seconds)
10 A Beatles Medley 35:27
11 The Mess 38:22
12 Maybe I'm Amazed 42:28
13 Long Tall Sally 46:05
14 Yesterday 48:10
Feature ends with the ITC ident.
Total time to this point is 51:16
James Paul McCartney - Bonus Tracks
15 Blackbird/Bluebird/Michelle/Heart Of The Country (2006) 51:21
16 Hi Hi Hi 55:12
Total time to this point is 58:26


EMI Studio 2, 3 Abbey Road, London.
Recorded Wednesday 14th - Monday 19th August 1974 at Abbey Road Studios.

Working with the director David Litchfield, Wings recorded songs for a proposed live studio album and an MPL documentary, entitled "One Hand Clapping". The 50-minute programme included live studio performances and to conclude the show, a solo piano performance by Paul of 'Baby Face'.
'I'll Give You A Ring', remained unreleased until June 1982 when it appeared on the B-side of 'Take It Away', but of most significance is the unreleased performance of 'Suicide'.
Let It Be style behind the scenes footage of the group at work and at play is also included, such as Geoff Britton performing a drum solo and practising karate, as well as Paul and Jimmy jamming a version of 'Billy, Don't Be A Hero'.
Joining Wings at the sessions are the orchestral arranger/conductor Del Newman, and the Liverpool saxophone player Howie Casey, a veteran of the Liverpool music scene who first teamed up with Paul when he played in Hamburg with The Beatles in the early Sixties. Following this session, Paul invited Howie to join the group on a more permanent basis and he later appeared on the Wings 1975/1976 and 1979 concert tours.
The One Hand Clapping film remains unreleased, save for a brief snippet of 'Jet' which was broadcast on Capital Radio in London during Christmas of 1976.

The bonus feature from This Is Your Life was recorded Wednesday 13th November 1974 at Abbey Road and shown that night on Thames Television.
The ruse to trap John Conteh was that Paul and Linda invited him to the studio to have a celebratory snap shot taken after winning the World light-heavyweight boxing title at Wembley on October 1.
This clip starts with VTR intro and "Thames" station ident.
Before Conteh comes in Paul & Wings are running through "Juniors Farm".
After Eamon Andrews surprises John Conteh, this clip cuts to later in the show ....
Paul and Linda are then seen in the show by link from Abbey Road.

No. Track Start
1 One Hand Clapping 0:00
2 Jet 1:00
3 Soily 5:10
4 C Moon/Little Woman Love 11:11
5 Maybe I'm Amazed 17:20
6 My Love 23:01
7 Bluebird 26:12
8 Suicide 28:59
9 Let's Love/"Sitting At The Piano" 30:30
10 "All Of You" 31:53
11 I'll Give You A Ring 34:00
12 Band On The Run 37:28
13 Live And Let Die 43:25
14 Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five 46:39
15 Baby Face 51:22
Total time to this point is 53:17
One Hand Clapping - Bonus Tracks
16 Junior's Farm (Remastered stereo promo - "Take 16") 53:22
17 Live And Let Die (2006 multi-track video remix) 57:51
18 "This Is Your Life" (see notes above) 61:04
Total time to this point is 65:16


Main Menu

While at the Main Menu, there is a loop of 2 minutes 3 seconds featuring "You Gave Me The Answer".

On the Main menu is the choice to play "Wings Fly South" or go to the Chapters:

Chapters Menu
29 Chapters listed (as below) whilst "Rock Show" (fade-out) plays. This loops for 1 minute 7 seconds.


Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia
Thursday 13th November 1975

Wings first arrived at Melbourne's Myers Music Bowl for an afternoon rehearsal where Paul and Linda's arrival is covered by Channel 9 news. Due to the incredible demand for tickets in Australia, this evening's concert at the Bowl in Melbourne is taped for an Australian TV special. Paul dedicates the show to "all the people who couldn't get in to see us".
For the transmission, an edited version of the show is broadcast which includes the following songs:
'Venus And Mars', 'Rock Show', 'Jet', 'Let Me Roll It', 'Maybe I'm Amazed', 'I've Just Seen A Face', 'Blackbird', 'Yesterday', 'Listen To What The Man Said', 'Call Me Back Again', 'Letting Go', 'Band On The Run' and 'Hi Hi Hi' (for the encore).
Having found out two days before that he cannot enter Japan and that part of the tour will be cancelled, Paul requests a copy of the entire concert film to be sent to Japan to compensate disappointed fans which will be shown on Japan's NHKTV channel. Coincidentally(?) the entire show seen on this DVD has Japanese sub-titles throughout.

The sound quality of this production is fantastic.

No. Track Start
1 Tuning Up 0:00
2 Venus And Mars/Rock Show 0:50
3 Jet 6:20
4 Let Me Roll It 10:34
5 Spirits Of Ancient Egypt 14:26
6 Little Woman Love/C Moon 19:14
7 Maybe I'm Amazed 24:19
8 Lady Madonna 29:52
9 The Long And Winding Road 33:10
10 Live And Let Die 37:53
11 Picasso's Last Words (Drink To Me) 42:17
12 Richard Cory 44:07
13 Bluebird 47:23
14 I've Just Seen A Face 52:13
15 Blackbird 54:57
16 Yesterday 58:03
17 You Gave Me The Answer 60:47
18 Magneto and Titanium Man 62:57
19 Go Now 66:44
20 Call Me Back Again 70:57
21 My Love 76:08
22 Listen To What The Man Said 81:09
23 Letting Go 87:05
24 Medicine Jar 93:07
25 Junior's Farm 97:58
26 Band On The Run 103:00
27 Hi Hi Hi 109:16
28 Soily 113:21
Total time to this point is 1 hour 58 minutes 27 seconds
Wings Fly South - Bonus Track
29 "Melbourne Soundcheck" 118:29
Total time to this point is 2 hours 1 minute 40 seconds

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