Palais & Plazas/Telecasts ‘65

The Beatles
Palais & Plazas (DVD) - Front cover Palais & Plazas (DVD) - Rear Cover
Palais & Plazas/Telecasts ‘65 (DVD) - Front Cover Palais & Plazas/Telecasts ‘65 (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label Picture Perfect
Catalogue No.   PPDVD17-18
Release date June 2006
Total time Disc 1 - 1 hour 50 minutes 2 seconds
Disc 2 - 1 hour 52 minutes 5 seconds
Comments : This double DVD set contains well over three and a half amazing hours of footage from the 1965 Summer European Tour with stops in France, Italy and Spain. A complete concert from Spain highlights this disc.
Here’s a summary of what can be found on this collection ...
                                 Disc One: Palais and Plazas
The Beatles Meet Paris:
      Departure for France - Heathrow Airport: Raw footage from archival tape.
      Scenes at the George V Hotel, Paris
The Beatles Meet Paris - Broadcast Film Version:
      Unseen since its 1965 broadcast, this is the Paris Concert as it originally aired on French TV.
      This version does not have the tape damage/jitters that plague the videotape version.
The Beatles Meet Paris - Original Video Tape:
      The classic Paris concert in direct video.
      Picture Perfect have done a new transfer, re-mastered the sound and present the concert in its original track order.
      Only the videotape version contains “I Feel Fine” as it was not seen in the original broadcast.
The Beatles in Italy:
      Train Arrival and Concert - Milan, Italy: Rare newsreels and colour concert footage highlight the Milan stop.
      Genoa, Italy: Colour concert montage.
      Rome, Italy: 8mm films with sound.
The Beatles Plaza De Toros:
      Spanish Newsreel Footage - "Yes It Is" - Previously unseen footage from archival sources.
      Los Beatles En Espana (original newsreel) - Making its premiere from the master tape.
      Madrid / Barcelona Concert: Making its world debut is this complete 30-minute concert.
      compiled from newsreel footage from both Madrid and Barcelona.
      Several years in the making, this archival footage was silent and out of sequence.
      Nearly 100 video edits and locating audio from the tour were required to restore this to its present form.

                                 Disc Two: Telecasts ‘65 – The European TV appearances
NME Poll Winners Concert:
      A new transfer from the master tape makes this the best-looking version to date. Contains five live songs.
Paul Returns for MBE Announcement: Previously unseen footage of Paul and Jane Asher returning from holiday.
MBE Interviews: The Beatles give their reactions to the M.B.E. announcement (versions 1-3).
Tonight: New transfer of John’s BBC TV appearance. John promotes his new book “ A Spaniard In The Works”
Ivor Novello Awards: Previously unseen footage of Paul accepting awards. John failed to attend the presentations.
The Beatles at TVC Studios: Complete color footage of the Beatles visiting the cartoon studios. Previously unseen in its entirety.
HELP! Premiere: Original newsreel.
Blackpool Night Out: New transfer and re-mastered audio are the highlights here. No Time-Code. Contains six live songs.
Ringo Becomes a Father: Original ITN report.
Ringo’s All Right, Zak: Original Pathe newsreel.
Ringo Act Naturally: Unused footage from Pathe News.
The Beatles at the Palace: Three original newsreels (versions 1-3).
MBE Press Conference: This segment contains previously unseen press conference footage (versions 1-2).
The Music of Lennon and McCartney:
      We end the collection with a real treasure.
      For the first time ever, this special is taken from the original station master tape.
      All previous versions of this Granada TV special have been taken from a later re-broadcast.
      This version contains the original production slates, has incredible sound quality, and looks better than ever !
      .... plus there is an extra outtake right at the end (chapter 49).

D.V.D. One

No. Programme Date and Detail Time
The Beatles Meet Paris

Chapters 1 & 2 : Departure from London and first scenes in Paris
1 20/06/1965 - Heathrow Airport
                       (Silent footage with "Ticket To Ride" overdubbed)
20/06/1965 - George V Hotel, Paris 0:24
The Beatles Meet Paris

Chapters 2 - 13 : Broadcast Film Version (29:21)
2 Crowd scenes and band outside 0:16
3 Twist And Shout 1:18
4 She's A Woman 3:02
5 Ticket To Ride 3:31
6 Can't Buy Me Love 2:46
7 I'm A Loser 2:57
8 I Wanna Be Your Man 2:31
9 A Hard Day's Night 2:52
10 Baby's In Black 2:35
11 Rock 'n' Roll Music 2:05
12 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby 3:10
13 Long Tall Sally 3:02
The Beatles Meet Paris

Chapters 14 - 26 : Original Video Tape (32:31)
14 Intro to Concert 0:22
15 Twist And Shout 1:18
16 She's A Woman 3:17
17 I'm A Loser 2:45
18 Can't Buy Me Love 2:30
19 Baby's In Black 2:43
20 I Wanna Be Your Man 2:31
21 A Hard Day's Night 2:34
22 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby 2:35
23 Rock 'n' Roll Music 2:13
24 I Feel Fine 2:27
25 Ticket To Ride 4:01
26 Long Tall Sally 3:00
The Beatles In Italy

Chapters 27-30 are in Italy (10:12)

(27-29 all had Italian subtitles saying Milan.
  Box says 25/06/1965 - Palazzo dello Sport, Genoa is somewhere on here, but not obvious where !)
27 24/06/1965 - Cadorna, Milan
                       (Train arrival - Silent footage with "Ticket To Ride" overdubbed)
28 24/06/1965 - Velodromo, Vigorelli, Milan
                       (Colour concert footage - silent, with "She's A Woman" overdubbed - but no lead vocal)
29 24/06/1965 - Velodromo, Vigorelli, Milan
                       (Silent, with "She's A Woman" overdubbed - but no lead vocal)
30 27/06/1965 - Teatro Adriano, Rome
Twist And Shout/She's A Woman/I'm A loser/Baby's In Black/
A Hard Day's Night/Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby/I Feel Fine/
Ticket To Ride/Long Tall Sally/Twist And Shout/
Can't Buy Me Love/Baby's In Black/I Wanna Be Your Man

Each track is only seconds and the film is very poor quality, looks like handheld standard 8

The Beatles Plaza De Toros

Chapters 31-45 are in Spain (36:04)
31 01/07/1965 - Aeropuerto Madrid-Barajas + Hotel Phoenix, Madrid
(Silent newsreel footage with "Yes It Is" overdubbed)
32 01/07/1965 - Aeropuerto Madrid-Barajas + Hotel Phoenix, Madrid
(Original newsreel footage with original Spanish soundtrack)
The Beatles Madrid/Barcelona Concerts

02/07/1965 - Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Madrid and 03/07/1965 - Plaza de Toros, Monumental, Barcelona
Chapters 33-45 are the excellent compiled concert as described in the comments at the top of this page.
It is not clear which bits are from Madrid and which are from Barcelona.
33 Backstage intro, then tuning up on stage 1:20
34 Twist And Shout 1:25
35 She's A Woman 2:58
36 I'm A Loser 2:29
37 Can't Buy Me Love 2:06
38 Baby's In Black 2:24
39 I Wanna Be Your Man 2:36
40 A Hard Day's Night 2:35
41 Everybody's Trying To be My Baby 2:35
42 Rock 'n' Roll Music 2:01
43 I Feel Fine 2:19
44 Ticket To Ride 3:20
45 Long Tall Sally 2:12

D.V.D. Two

No. Programme Date and Detail Time
NME Poll Winners Concert - 11/04/1965 - Empire Pool, Wembley

Chapters 1-7 are the concert and award presentations in excellent quality (18:38)
1 Keith Fordyce introduction + Tuning up on stage 1:55
2 I Feel Fine 2:39
3 She's A Woman 3:08
4 Baby's In Black 2:38
5 Ticket To Ride 3:44
6 Long Tall Sally 2:14
7 Award Presentations (includes The Rolling Stones) 2:20
Paul Fly's In For MBE Announcement
11/06/1965 - Heathrow Airport
Paul and Jane flew back from their holiday a day early at Brian Epstein's request in order to be in Britain
when it was announced that The Beatles had been awarded the Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

This is silent footage with "Ticket To Ride" overdubbed

MBE Interviews (versions 1-3)

Chapters 9-11 are interviews for different networks made 12/06/1965 at Twickenham Film Studios, Middlesex.
9 MBE Interviews (version 1)
U.S. Newsreel followed by interview
10 MBE Interviews (version 2)
Interview for I.T.V.
11 MBE Interviews (version 3) 0:49

18/06/1965 - BBC's Lime Grove Studios, London
John appeared on the BBC's Tonight programme where he was interviewed by Kenneth Allsop
He read two extracts from his latest book, 'The Wumberlog' and 'We Must Not Forget The General Erection'
(This clip is timecoded original BBC rushes)
Ivor Novello Awards

13/07/1965 - Savoy Hotel, London
Paul accepted five Ivor Novello Awards, presented by David Frost, on behalf of John and himself at a luncheon at the Savoy.
John refused to attend. He had been upset by the press comments about their receiving the MBE and did not want to put
himself on show again. Paul was 40 minutes late because he had forgotten about the engagement.
On receiving the award he quipped, "Thanks. I hope nobody sends theirs back now."
(Unfortunately though this clip is silent footage overdubbed with "That Means A Lot")
The Beatles at TVC Studios

29/07/1965 - TVC Studios, London
(Silent footage overdubbed with "Help!" take 1)
Help! Premiere

29/07/1965 - Pavilion Theatre, London
Ten thousand fans gathered in Piccadilly Circus outside the London Pavilion on a humid summer evening for the Royal premiere of Help!
The Beatles arrived in a black Rolls Royce and were presented to Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon.
Jane Asher wore a pure white Edwardian-style evening dress.
There was a party afterwards at the Orchid Room of the Dorchester Hotel.
(Silent footage overdubbed with radio adverts for the Help! movie)
Blackpool Night Out - 01/08/1965 - ABC Theatre, Blackpool

Chapters 16-22
The Beatles appeared on ABC TV's Blackpool Night Out along with Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson,
Mike and Bernie Winters, and Lionel Blair and his dancers. (17:35)
16 Introduction 0:50
17 I Feel Fine 2:33
18 I'm Down 2:25
19 Act Naturally 2:54
20 Ticket To Ride 2:45
21 Yesterday 2:53
22 Help !
(Plus full end titles of the production)
Ringo Becomes A Father

14/09/1965 - Queen Charlotte Hospital, London
13th September Maureen gave birth to Zak Starkey at Queen Charlotte's Hospital, Hammersmith, London.
This clip is an interview with Ringo
Ringo's All Right Zak

22/09/1965 - Queen Charlotte Hospital, London
This is newsreel footage
Ringo Act Naturally (unused film)

14/09/1965 - Queen Charlotte Hospital, London
This is silent newsreel footage overdubbed with "Act Naturally".
(13th September The single 'Yesterday'/'Act Naturally' was released in the US as Capitol 5498)
Beatles At The Palace (versions 1-3)

Chapters 26-28
26/10/1965 - Buckingham Palace, London
The Beatles were invested with their MBEs. The Beatles arrived at Buckingham Palace in John's Rolls Royce
in time for the 11am honours ceremony in the Great Throne Room. Wearing dark suits and ties, they stood in a row
while the Queen pinned the medals to the narrow lapels of their jackets.
The Beatles were awarded the MBE, the lowest of the five divisions of the order, for service to their country.
It ranks 120th of the 126 titles of precedence and is the most widely given honour.
Outside, 4,000 Beatles fans chanted "Yeah, yeah, yeah" and jostled with police who managed to hold them back,
but could not prevent them climbing the gates and lamp-posts outside the palace.
26 Beatles At The Palace (version 1)
Silent footage overdubbed with "I'm Looking Through You"
27 Beatles At The Palace (version 2)
28 Beatles At The Palace (version 3)
MBE Press Conferences (versions 1-2)

Chapters 29-30
26/10/1965 - Saville Theatre, London
Immediately after the investiture above, there was a press conference arranged in the downstairs bar of the
Saville Theatre for The Beatles to discuss their MBEs and give their reaction to the protests.
29 MBE Press Conferences (version 1) 2:28
30 MBE Press Conferences (version 2) 1:35
The Music Of Lennon & McCartney

Chapters 31-48
01/11/1965-02/11/1965 - Granada TV Centre, Manchester
The Beatles drove to Manchester to record The Music Of Lennon And McCartney, a special for Granada Television.
The group mimed to 'We Can Work It Out' and 'Day Tripper'. Other artists performed their own versions of Beatles songs.
31 Station Ident and countdown, title sequence
George Martin Orchestra play I Feel Fine.
32 A sequence of cover versions are heard as John and Paul discuss them. 1:36
33 Peter and Gordon - World Without Love 2:41
34 Lulu - I Saw Him Standing There 2:16
35 Alan Haven and Tony Crombie - A Hard Day's Night 3:35
36 Fritz Spiegl's Ensemble - A Hard Day's Night 2:02
37 The Beatles - Day Tripper
(ends with "End Of Part One" fade)
38 Marianne Faithful - Yesterday
Paul began 'Yesterday' and after 22 seconds the cameras cut away
to a pregnant Marianne Faithful performing her version.
39 Sequence of foreign versions play, while Paul and John discuss them. 0:59
40 Flamenco Dancers dance to She Loves You 3:45
41 Dick Rivers - Things We Said Today (in French) 2:51
42 Billy J. Kramer - Bad To Me 2:18
43 Cilla Black - It's For You
(ends with "End Of Part Two" fade)
44 Dancers dance to This Boy (instrumental) 2:26
45 Henry Mancini - If I Fell 3:08
46 Esther Phillips - And I Love Him 2:46
47 Peter Sellers - A Hard Day's Night 2:06
48 The Beatles - We Can Work It Out
(Ends with title sequence)
Peter Sellers - A Hard Day's Night (outtakes)

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