Past and Present

The Beatles
Past and Present (DVD) - Front cover Past and Present (DVD) - Rear Cover
Past and Present (DVD) - Front Cover Past and Present (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label None Visible
Catalogue No. None Visible
Release date 2008
Total time 4 hours 2 minutes 5 seconds
Comments : Clips, TV Shows and Live Appearances 1963 - 1966
This DVD features some rare and enjoyable clips from the early days of The Beatles.
It also features a lot of promos and musical clips readily available on other DVD's.

I didn't really notice one stand-out section for me that said this is an essential purchase ...
unless of course you don't have these films already !

Past and Present (DVD)

The D.V.D.

Main Menu

This main menu has a loop of 29 seconds and features background Paperback Writer footage.

On the Main menu are Three choices:

Play All
Takes one immediately to the start of the production (see Chapter 1 below).

Link to Part 1 (The Past)
This lists chapters 1-18 of the "Past" section or a link back to Main Menu 1
This plays the same 29 seconds of background footage with sound as above.

Link to Part 2 (The Present)
This lists chapters 1-39 of the "Present" (and Extras) section or a link back to the Main Menu
This plays the same 29 seconds of background footage with sound as above.

No. Chapter Title Detail Time
The Past    (1:17:30)
1 ITV News - London Palladium 13th October 1963
Dressing room interview
2 She Loves You 30th October 1963
"Drop In" from Swedish TV (alternate source)
Note that the full fantastic original sequence of over 12 minutes
can be seen on The DVD Early Years
3 She Loves You 4th November 1963
Royal Variety Performance - Remastered, no time code
4 CBS News - Beatland 16th November 1963
Re-broadcast in 2001
At the Winter Gardens, Bournemouth three rival American television networks - NBC, CBS and ABC - were permitted to film the hysterical audience and part of the show. This footage features a particularly condescending (downright rude) Alexander Kendrick.
5 I Want To Hold Your Hand 2nd December 1963
Remastered from Morecambe and Wise TV show
6 Twist And Shout 16th January 1964
ITV News live at Olympia Theatre, Paris
Silent footage overdubbed with a live version of Twist And Shout
7 Jimmy Nicol Rehearsal 3rd June 1964
At Abbey Road
Ringo collapsed during a morning photo session for Saturday Evening Post in Barnes and was taken to University College Hospital suffering from acute tonsillitis and pharyngitis, requiring complete rest and quiet.
With The Beatles due to leave on a world tour the next morning, a substitute drummer was urgently required. George Martin suggested Jimmy Nicol, who suddenly found himself as a temporary member of the most famous group on Earth. The Beatles cancelled a recording session and spent the time at Abbey Road rehearsing with Jimmy Nicol instead.
This short footage clearly shows a very nervous Mr. Nicol
8 She Loves You 17th June 1964
Live at Festival Hall, Melbourne (new source)
9 Hollywood Bowl Star Newsreels 23rd August 1964
AMC rebroadcast opening press conference
Cinnamon Cinder press conference
Concert report
10 Live at Red Rocks, Denver 26th August 1964
Twist And Shout/You Can't Do That/All My Loving/Things We Said Today/Roll Over Beethoven
Each song performance is edited short.
11 She Loves You 27th August 1964
Live at Cincinnati Gardens
Camera is way back in the crowd so the sound is very poor (individual screams are louder than the music), plus they are just a blur in the distance.
12+ Live at Convention Hall, Philadelphia 2nd September 1964
  1. Scenes of a press conference, but the soundtrack is a radio interview (9:00)
13,000 people filled the Convention Hall of which some footage follows:

Convention Hall, Philadelphia - Concert Footage

  1. Twist And Shout (3:01)
  2. You Can't Do That (3:07)
  3. All My Loving (2:21)
  4. She Loves You - followed by crowd scenes and chanting (3:24)
17 If I Fell 3rd September 1964
Live at Indiana State Fair Coliseum
18 BBC News Report 29th October 1964
Interviews at ABC Cinema, Plymouth
19 Live at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto 17th August 1965
     Twist And Shout
     She's A Woman
     I Feel Fine
     Ticket To ride
     A Hard Day's Night
     I'm Down
This is a huge let down. Dreadful blurred faint image, almost impossible to see anything.
Each song listed above is a brief snippet.
20 Live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo 30th June & 1st July 1966
8mm colour film, again quite blurred and mixed footage.
Very brief music snatches. Dark suits for most, but light suits for last 12 seconds.
     She's A Woman
     Day Tripper
     I Feel Fine
     She's A Woman
21 Live at Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis 19th August 1966
As above mixed footage, scenes backstage they have on light suits, but snippets on stage are in dark suits.
Mostly it's crowd scenes, with just snatches of music.
     Rock And Roll Music
     Baby's In Black
     Long Tall Sally
22 The Unseen Beatles Commercial A T.V. ad for "Unseen Beatles" to be shown on Discovery Times channel.
The Present    (2:44:35)
1 Hey Jude With Apple Ident saying "Duration 7:01, Date 15th November 1996"
Bizarrely, this is the exact same take twice but the second take has the opening "Hey Jude" missing !
2 Revolution 2000
Includes 1-2-3-4 count in
3 Paperback Writer With Apple Ident saying "Duration 2:23, Date 24th October 2000"
This is the colour Chiswick take.
4 I Should Have known Better 14th October 1964
From "Scene At 6:30", with time code, filmed from control room.
5 Lady Madonna 1996
Excellent quailty version of the video.
6 Can't Buy Me Love 26th April 1964
Taken from the NME Poll Winners Concert
The Beatles topped the bill at the New Musical Express 1963-4 Annual Poll Winners' All-Star Concert held at Empire Pool, Wembley, in the afternoon.
Ten thousand fans saw them receive their awards from Roger Moore and perform 'She Loves You', 'You Can't Do That', 'Twist And Shout', 'Long Tall Sally' and 'Can't Buy Me Love'.
Here we just see the one track.
7 Don't Let Me Down With Apple Ident saying "Version 1 - Duration 3:15, Date 5th November 2003". 3:56
8 The Ballad Of John And Yoko With Apple Ident saying "Duration 3:04, Date 24th October 2000"
9 Rain 1995
The colour Chiswick version.
10 Old Brown Shoe With Apple Ident saying "Duration 3:22, Date 4th January 2007" 3:42
11 Hey Jude With Apple Ident saying Duration 7:05, Date 24th October 2000
This is Video Take 2 with a 1-2-3 count in.
12 Revolution This is the standard video as featured on The Smothers Brothers show filmed 4th October 1968. 3:40
13 Paperback Writer 1966
Colour studio version with Paul holding colour transparency at the start.
14 I Should Have Known Better 1964
From A Hard Day's Night - playing cards on the train.
15 Lady Madonna 1968
Poor quality version of the video
16 Can't Buy Me Love 20th March 1964
Ready Steady Go
At the London headquarters of Associated Rediffusion they appeared live on Ready, Steady, Go!
miming to 'It Won't Be Long', You Can't Do That' and 'Can't Buy Me Love'.
They were interviewed by Cathy McGowan and took part in sketches.
Here we just see the one track.
17 Don't Let Me Down 1969
Poor quality, studio scenes for 1:20, then roof scenes
18 The Ballad Of John And Yoko 1996
John speaks at the start, followed by the promo.
19 Rain 1966
Colour studio version (poor quality)
20 Old Brown Shoe 2007 (CGI)
Ident says "CGI/QUAD Split Version Not To Be Aired Until May 2007"
21 Hey Jude Rehearsal upgrade
This is an excellent quality exerpt from the whole sequence which follows.
It is from a BBC-4 upgrade re-broadcast of 2nd May 2006. Superb quality and a shame it's not the full sequence.
22 Hey Jude 30th July 1968
Hey Jude Rehearsal Sequence
The Beatles were filmed at work by James Archibald for a documentary film intended for cinematic exhibition called Music.
Unfortunately this original is poor quality with untouched audio.
Starts with the tele-type alphabetic listing of Beatles songs.
23 Revolution Interview 14th January 1969
This is known as the "Two Junkies" interview, where John has to take a break to be sick. He certainly does look pale and quite sickly.
24 Paperback Writer 19th May 1966
Black-and-White version Take 2 (Beatles in shirtsleeves)
25 Paperback Writer Black-and-White version Take 3 (in jackets) 2:30
26 Rain Black-and-White version Take 1 (in jackets) 3:13
27 Goodbye Lucky Stars 25th June 1966
This is the whole of the final show in quite poor quality with the timecode throughout.
The promotional film for 'Paperback Writer' was shown in the UK on the final edition of ABC TV's Thank Your Lucky Stars.
28 I Should Have Known Better 14th October 1964
29 Can't Buy Me Love 10th December 1992
McCartney solo in cajun style from "Up Close".
30 Lady Madonna 11th February 1968
Version 1
31 Lady Madonna For UNICEF
Paul doodles some Lady Madonna at the piano and makes a brief announcement for UNICEF's 40th anniversary.
32 Don't Let Me Down 2003 Japanese TV Spot
Mini-promo for the "Let It Be...Naked" album
33 Don't Let Me Down 1988 workprint 2:47
34 Don't Let Me Down Uncut "Anthology" Clip 3:29
35 The Ballad Of John And Yoko 22nd September 1969 - Promo on U.S. t.v. "Music Scene" with the word "Christ" edited out. 4:26
36 The Ballad Of John And Yoko 29th May 1969
"Message For The World"
37 Goodbye 1st March 1969
Colour Apple Promo and Donovan speaking
38 Goodbye 2nd January 2007
Paul and Mary Hopkin (black-and-white)
This is excellent. It's actually Paul's demo overdubbed over Mary Hopkin visual
39 Hey Jude LP Cover 22nd August 1969
The last photo session, silent footage which is mostly all stills.

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