Paul McCartney
Careerspan (DVD) - Front cover Careerspan (DVD) - Rear Cover
Careerspan (DVD) - Front Cover Careerspan (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label None Visible
Catalogue No. MAC7074
Release date 2005
Total time 1 hour 38 minutes 19 seconds
Comments : Clips, TV Shows and Live Appearances 1970 - 1974
Although the Menus show the title of this release as:
"Listen To What The Man Sings Volume 1 1970-1975"

The D.V.D.

Main Menu

This is on a loop of 1 minute 14 seconds and features the song Bip Bop as heard in chapter 3.

On the Main menu are Two choices:

Play All
Takes one immediately to the start of the production (see Chapter 1 below).

Track Selection
The chapters listed on the menu do not tie in with the chapter's below, nor with those on the box.
The links do take one to the correct song though, within the chapters below.
The chapters are split into 3 sub-menus, each of which loops around a different track:
1-3 loops for 69 seconds and plays Peggy Sue (as seen in chapter 21)
4-6 loops for 60 seconds and plays Venus & Mars Medley (as seen in chapter 20)
7-9 loops for 87 seconds and plays Bluebird (as seen in chapter 22)

No. Chapter Title Detail Time
1 Maybe I'm Amazed Promotional Video 1970
First shown on British T.V. on Sunday 19th April 1970 on London Weekend Television in its own 6:00-6:04pm slot.
Produced by the film director David Putnam, it features a montage of still photographs of Paul, Linda, and her daughter Heather.
This copy has "VH1" ident.
2 Three Legs/Heart Of The Country Promotional Video 1971
First shown on British T.V. on Top Of The Pops on 24th June 1971 this contains wild footage shot by Paul and Linda five months earlier on 2nd January 1971 at their Scottish farmhouse. It shows them riding horses, paddling in the sea and playing in the sand.
The raw 16mm colour film was edited by Ray Benson who last worked with Paul on Magical Mystery Tour.
3 McCartney's In Scotland Rare film-footage from 1970.
Includes paul singing Bip Bop and has Dutch sub-titles.
4 Uncle Albert Extract from TV Special, James Paul McCartney 2:15
5 Lucille
Give ireland Back To The Irish
Wings rehearsal from 2nd-7th February 1972.
During rehearsals at the ICA (Institute Of Contemporary Arts) on the Mall in London, Tyncho Films captured the sessions for a production Paul will suitably call The ICA Rehearsal. The Let It Be style production features performances of 'The Mess', 'Wild life', 'Bip Bop', 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky', 'Maybelline', 'Seaside Woman', 'My Love', 'Give Ireland Back To The Irish' and 'Lucille'. In between takes, the group is seen relaxing, puffing on cigarettes and drinking cans of Coke. To date, just 50 seconds of this film has been seen publicly, forming a short piece in the 1979 MPL documentary Wings Over The World.
6 The Mess From same source as previous chapter. 1:42
7 Mary Had A Little Lamb Promotional Video 1972 - Version 2
First shown on British T.V. on 29th June on Top Of The Pops, the second version features the group miming the song in a barnyard setting. Paul is seen playing the song on the piano while a hen perches on top of it. Linda is seen cuddling a lamb and then singing the song while playing bongos.
Has "Tele5" Ident.
8 Mary Had A Little Lamb Promotional Video 1972 - Version 3
The third version, affectionately called the "psychedelic version", features Wings performing the song in matching orange T-shirts and dungarees, with strikingly bright blue, yellow, black and red colours appearing in the background.
9 Mary Had A Little Lamb Promotional Video 1972 - Version 1
First shown on British T.V on Saturday 24th June on the Basil Brush Show, this was recorded 6th June and directed by Nicholas Ferguson. This first version was recorded at the Shepherds(!) Bush Theatre and features the band sitting at the bottom of a hill and is intercut with animated sequences to illustrate the song.
10 Hi Hi Hi/Wild Life Live from The Hague - 20th August 1972
(Wings were in Amsterdam on that night, The Hague was the night after.)
The performance has a film backdrop of African natives.
11 Hi Hi Hi (3:00)
C Moon (4:28)
My Love (4:07)
Promotional Videos 1972/1973
The first two promos were filmed on 28th November in the Southampton based studios of Southern ITV at Northam in Hampshire as they were both sides of the new single.
Directed by Steve Turner, these straightforward performance films feature the group miming on a low three-step stage. For 'C Moon', Paul plays the piano while sporting a pink sweatshirt emblazoned with the song's logo.
Hi Hi Hi gets it's first airing on LWT's Russell Harty Plus on Saturday 16th December.
All three have been lifted from VH1
12 Little Woman Love/C Moon (2:27)
My Love
March 1973 - From TV Special, (from James Paul McCartney) 6:47
13 Live And Let Die Promotional Video 1973 (from James Paul McCartney) 3:41
14 The Mess (4:02)
Maybe I'm Amazed (3:34)
Long Tall Sally (2:05)
From TV Special, James Paul McCartney 9:45
15 Helen Wheels Promotional Video 1973 - Version 1
Paul on a vareity of instruments, including drums, intercut with Wings driving in convertible.
16 Helen Wheels Promotional Video 1973 - Version 2
Same footage as above, but with psychedelic colouration added on the print.
(has VH1 ident)
17 Band On The Run L.P. Cover November 1973 - The making of the classic album cover.
Paul commissioned Gordon House and Storm Thorgerson, from the Hipgnosis design team, to shoot a promotional film for the album. With a total running time of 7' 35", it features behind the scenes footage of the preparations for the album cover, set to the tracks '1985' and 'Mrs. Vanderbilt', and a series of shots of seagulls in flight superimposed with images of Paul, Linda and Denny set to 'Bluebird'. The complete MPL film was never released at the time but a short clip from the film was often seen on the back-projection video screen during live performances of 'Band On The Run'.
(has VH1 Ident)
18 Band On The Run (5:12)
Jet (4:00)
Soilly (3:52)
Live at Abbey Road - From One Hand Clapping 13:08
19 Junior's Farm Promotional Video 1974
Recorded 15th August live at Abbey Road, this was from the One Hand Clapping session.
Bonus Tracks
20 Venus And Mars Film Advert for Venus And Mars L.P. - 1975
Features the band playing snooker (poorly !)
21 Peggy Sue From unreleased 1974 film "Backyard".
One segment from the One Hand Clapping sessions is later edited into another unreleased MPL film, this time entitled The Backyard. This 9-minute short film, features Paul alone with his acoustic guitar, seated on a stool in the gardens of Abbey Road studios where he performs a version of the unreleased track 'Blackpool' as well as four rock 'n' roll classics, 'Twenty Flight Rock' (which is interrupted at the end by the sound of a siren from an ambulance rushing past the studios), 'Peggy Sue', 'I'm Gonna Love You Too' and 'Sweet Little Sixteen'. The tracks 'Blackbird', 'Country Dreamer', 'Loving You', 'We're Gonna Move' and 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky' are also filmed, but fail to make the final edit. To date, only 75-seconds of 'Peggy Sue' has been seen in public, transmitted as part of the 1986 McCartney TV special, originally broadcast on BBC1 on 29th August 1986.
22 Bluebird Short acoustic rendition, 1975
Starts with Paul apologising to the People of Japan.

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