Love Is All Around

The Beatles
Love Is All Around (DVD) - Front cover
Love Is All Around (DVD) - Front Cover

Label Hobs, Apes & Jones
Catalogue No.   RVDVD-05
Release date January 2011
Total time 1 hour 8 minutes 47 seconds
Comments : This DVD is another labour of love by Beatles fans Hobs, Apes and Jones made available for free as a download.
(the same team responsible for the four DVD collection: Unsurpassed Promos)

This DVD is footage from three tour destinations of the Fab Four in the mid-60's: Holland, Australia and Germany.
Hobs, the producer's, set notes follow:

This material has been out before but here it is in greatly upgraded quality and its original PAL format.
The source is a tv special broadcast in 1989. This included not only pristine footage of them in Amsterdam and Blokker, but all six songs from their terrific tv appearance in Hillegom.
The Blokker concert footage was originally part of a cinema newsreel and thus filmed at 24 frames per second. When telecined for the PAL tv system it was typically sped up slightly to 25 fps. To compensate for this, I've applied a corresponding pitch correction to the audio.
The Hillegom footage was not shown complete in 1989. Rather, they showed each song as an individual clip linked by some conversation in Dutch. So I've had to fall back on an old bootleg version to plug the gaps. Fortunately this only involves the opening moments, a few introductions, and a few snippets of songs (the openings to Twist And Shout and Roll Over Beethoven). You'll notice the picture quality change during these moments - as they say, "Please do not adjust your set !"
I've also provided a remastered audio option for the Hillegom show, even though the original soundtrack features Paul and George audibly singing along with the records they are miming to. Take your pick.
The group also participated in an interview before their performance, which is widely available in wretched quality on a number of bootlegs (The Beatles Take Over Holland probably being the 'best'). With no upgrade available, I decided not to include it here.

The Beatles final Melbourne concert was videotaped by GTV-9 in 1964.
Sadly, Brian Epstein viewed the tape after the show and - to the lasting chagrin of future generations - denied them the use of four songs (I Saw Her Standing There, Till There Was You, Roll Over Beethoven and This Boy). The four songs were physically cut out of the videotape, forever consigning them to oblivion. Why Epstein made this decision is hard to understand, since this is arguably the best quality concert footage of them outside of the legendary February 11th 1964 Washington gig. A couple of small scraps of Till There Was You and Roll Over Beethoven escaped the razor blade, as well as about a third of I Saw Her Standing There... but not a trace of This Boy.
All was not lost though, because the two final Melbourne shows were also recorded to audio tape for some reason, using a near identical audio feed as the videotape (only George's guitar is slightly softer). Poor quality excerpts from both shows were booted in the early 70s, apparently taped off the radio. The complete evening show eventually popped up in 1989 when it appeared on Pyramid's Live In Melbourne and Paris (ten years later the complete afternoon show surfaced on Yellow Dog's Australian Tour 1964).
The incomplete concert video has circulated ever since there were VHS recorders, but it was only recently in 2004 that a master quality version became available. This happened when a special, officially sanctioned presentation was made for screening at Festival Hall on the 40th anniversary of the concert. It included the complete surviving Melbourne videotape (including support acts) and a rudimentary reconstruction of the missing portions.
A few years later, the master dvd of the presentation leaked onto a torrent site long enough for it to spread amongst the Beatle community. It was soon taken down, but Misterclaudel issued an NTSC version of the incomplete show for those who'd missed it - however their version did not include the reconstructions of the four missing songs.

In this new reconstruction I've gone back to the original PAL presentation and made a number of improvements.
Firstly, I've tweaked the picture slightly to reduce the video noise - most of this was removable simply by applying a grayscale filter, and the remainder through a small amount of temporal smoothing. I've also completely replaced the audio for the four 'missing' songs. In 2004 the audio for these tracks was taken from what was then the best boot cd available, probably Australian Tour 1964. Since then a much better copy has surfaced on Message To Australia, which I've EQ'd to match the video soundtrack characteristics as closely as possible.

The missing video I've replaced with contemporary newsreel footage fashioned into a mini-overview of their Australian tour.
This includes footage of them performing in Adelaide and Sydney Stadium. Some of this footage is amazing, including their windswept Sydney welcome and the unbelievable crowds that met them in Adelaide and Melbourne. I hope it provides an exciting backdrop to the equally exciting soundtrack of those four 'lost' songs.

Though there's been plenty of NTSC releases of the Munich footage, I thought it was about time a PAL version was made commonly available.
So here it is.
The complete concert appears to be lost, as only six songs have ever been broadcast. Sadly, although there is some newsreel and cine footage in existence, there is no complete audio recording from which to make a reconstruction.

The full download also includes a complete set of DVD artwork (covers, disc label's) and some support notes.
Plus some extra bonus video clips in flv format.

As "Hobnail" also states:
This is entirely a fan project and nobody makes any money out of it.
It isn't a business venture, it was done for the free amusement of myself and our friends, who probably own every official cd ever issued anyway.

Excellent attitude and JPGR's greateful thanks for the worthwhile effort and fantastic results.

The D.V.D.

No. Programme Date and Detail Time
The Beatles in Amsterdam

Chapters 1 & 2 : Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport - Canal Trip - Blokker Concert (4:36)
(Crystal clear quality footage)
1 05/06/1964 - Schiphol Airport
                       (Silent footage with "'Til There Was You" overdubbed)

Footage of the canal trip.
The Beatles made a highly publicised tour of the Amsterdam canals in one of the glass-topped tourist boats.
Some fans dived into the canal and the police used very rough tactics in getting them out.
All police leave was cancelled and 15,000 police were on duty for The Beatles' canal trip, watched by 50,000 fans.

2 06/06/1964 - Exhibition Hall, Blokker
                       (Crowd scene plus "I Saw Her Standing There" overdubbed)

Blokker is about 36 miles from Amsterdam.

5th June 1964 - The Beatles in Nederland

Chapters 1 - 11 : Broadcast TV Version (17:46)
Quite grainy - probably 405 lines - edited together from different sources (choice of original or remastered audio !)

After the usual press conference they went straight to Hillegom, 26 miles outside Amsterdam, to rehearse and record a television show for VARA TV at the Treslong cafe-restaurant.
They mimed to the numbers below but before they could complete the last number, they were engulfed by fans.
John, Paul and George ran for cover, leaving Jimmy Nicol playing along to the music.

1 Setting Up 0:38
2 She Loves You 2:30
3 All My Loving 2:11
4 Intro 0:21
5 Twist And Shout 2:38
6 Intro 0:20
7 Roll Over Beethoven 2:49
8 Intro 0:33
9 Long Tall Sally 2:08
10 Intro 0:49
11 Can't Buy Me Love 2:10
12 Closing Titles 0:39
17th June 1964 - The Beatles in Melbourne

Chapters 1 - 17 : Festival Hall, Melbourne. Channel Nine filmed the final concert for a TV show: The Beatles Sing For Shell. (31:27)
Newsreeel footage has been added where footage is missing.
1 I Saw Her Standing There (Montage)
Airport arrival in howling wind and rain
Drive to hotel
then some live footage
2 You Can't Do That 2:28
3 Intro 0:25
4 All My Loving 2:07
5 Intro 0:13
6 She Loves You 2:25
7 Intro 0:23
8 Til There Was You (Montage)
Adelaide arrival - some footage of Centennial Hall
9 Roll Over Beethoven (Montage) 2:20
10 Intro 0:46
11 Can't Buy Me Love 2:13
12 Intro 0:18
13 This Boy (Montage) 2:17
14 Twist And Shout 2:43
15 Intro 1:13
16 Long Tall Sally 2:23
17 Encore (Just a bow) + crowd leaving 3:39
24th June 1966 - The Beatles In Germany

Chapters 1-11 are from a concert at Circus-Krone-Bau, Munich (14:58).
Two sets, at 5.15 and 9.00pm, the second of which was filmed by ZDF.

(Visual is good quality, but the sound is quite poor).
1 Setting Up 0:56
2 Rock And Roll Music 1:39
3 Baby's In Black 2:23
4 Intro 0:14
5 I Feel Fine 2:16
6 Intro 0:18
7 Yesterday 2:13
8 Intro 0:22
9 Nowhere Man 2:12
10 Intro 0:32
11 I'm Down 1:53

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