Die Beatles in Hi-Hi-Hilfe ! (Help !)

The Beatles
Help! (DVD) - Front cover Help! (DVD) - Rear Cover
Help! (DVD) - Front Cover Help! (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label Subversive Rock
Catalogue No. HI-HI-65
Release date 2006
Total time 2 hours 25 minutes 31 seconds
Comments : A wonderful DVD digipack package of The Beatlesí classic 1965 film Help!
This transfer was great to have (until the 2007 official issue !) and features the option of watching the film with the original English audio (in stereo), or the German, French or Spanish versions which are in mono.
It also features 45 minutes of delightful bonus footage, including:
  • A 15 minute documentary on the making of Help!
  • 8 minutes of silent 8mm footage of the Beatles making the film
  • The original two-and a half minute colour theatrical trailer
  • The original Help! Promo
  • Radio promo spots for the film and more.

    This was THE definitive DVD edition of Help! .... (until the 2007 official issue !)

  • The D.V.D.

    Main Menu

    While at the Main Menu, there is a loop of 30 seconds featuring the song Help!

    On the Main menu are Four choices:

    Play Movie
    Takes one immediately to the start of the film (see Main Feature below).

    Chapters Menu
    The 17 chapters are split into 6 sub-menus, each of which loops around a different track:
     1-3  loops for 60 seconds and plays Another Girl
     4-6  loops for 60 seconds and plays You're Gonna Lose That Girl
     7-9  loops for 74 seconds and plays The Night Before
    10-12 loops for 65 seconds and plays You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
    13-15 loops for 75 seconds and plays I Need You
    16-17 loops for 62 seconds and plays Ticket To Ride

    Extras Menu
    Gives the Extras choices (See The Extras below) and loops for 67 seconds playing Act Naturally.

    Languages Menu
    Gives the four language options and loops for 62 seconds playing Ticket To Ride.

    The Main Feature - Help!

    The film plays for 1 hour 31 minutes and 35 seconds.
    It can be accessed by Chapter and on that menu is split into 17 Chapters.
    The following table details the chapters and gives the time into the film that each segment starts:

    No. Chapter Title Time
    1 Help! 0:00
    2 Lovely Lads 4:22
    3 Psst ... Hey Beatle 9:10
    4 You're Gonna Lose That Girl 12:53
    5 He's From The West 17:43
    6 The Specialists 22:46
    7 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away 27:44
    8 Later That Evening 32:49
    9 Ticket To Ride 37:37
    10 A Different Religion 46:29
    11 I Need You/The Night Before 48:11
    12 A Well Known Palace 58:23
    13 One More Attempt 64:34
    14 Another Girl 71:11
    15 The Best Laid Plans 83:08
    16 Help! Finale 86:25
    17 End Credits 89:09

    The Extras

    The following table details the Extras and gives the length of each:

    No. Chapter Title Time
    The Making Of Help!

    Filming Help! At Various Locations

    Silent footage.
    Radio Caroline Award

    Newsreel footage of Simon Dee presenting an award to The Beatles
    The Grammy Award Presentation

    Peter Sellers awards Grammy's to The Beatle
    Original Cinema Trailer

    Help! - The Original Promo for the Single

    The Making Of Help! (Director's Cut)

    Radio Promo

    This section is actually three radio promo's - One of 55 seconds, one of 25 seconds and one of 10 seconds.
    The ads are playing over some newsreel footage.
    Radio Promo 2

    This section is actually two radio promo's - One of 55 seconds and one of 25 seconds.
    The ads are playing over some newsreel footage.
    The Beatles Talk About Help!

    Beatles talk that can be heard over some stills.

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