The Beatles
1968 (DVD) - Front cover 1968 (DVD) - Rear Cover
1968 (DVD) - Front Cover 1968 (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label Rapple (A Pear Release)
Catalogue No. BFB 24
Release date 2007
Total time 1 hours 59 minutes 40 seconds
Comments : This DVD has also been issued as "1968 - A Mad Day Out".
This DVD runs just 20 seconds short of two hours, but .... is .... dreadful quality.
The visual quality is worse than a fifth-generation VHS copy.
In some places, such as pieces lifted from films or actual promos, the colour drops out almost completely and the picture breaks up.
The sound differs from piece to piece, going up and down in volume.
Almost every piece has been taken from another source, which in every case I've ever seen has been better quality.
I think it would be fair to see that this is the worst quality bootleg I have seen for many a long year.
Also, some of the clip titles look promising, but then are incredibly short .... or silent ... or both.


The D.V.D.

Main Menu

This is on a loop of just 14 seconds and features a piece of piano and bass.
Although not mentioned on the cover, the Menu actually says "1968 A Mad Day Out".

On the Main menu are two choices:

Play All
Takes one immediately to the start of the DVD which starts with the Apple ident.

Chapters Menu
The 45 chapters are split into about 8 sub-menus, each of which loops the same piece of music as the main menu.

The D.V.D.

No. Chapter Title Detail Time
1 George at London Airport and Bombay Silent footage (in b/w and colour):
7th January at Heathrow (very very short indeed)
9th January in Bombay (with Indian musicians)
2 Revolution Club, London Newsreel Footage (includes Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton).
25th January - John and George attended Ossie Clark's fashion show in London.
There is only a glimpse of them in this sequence.
3 Lady Madonna Promo Version 1 (The "Hey Bulldog" version)
Filmed 11th February and directed by Tony Bramwell.
(Completely washed out picture)
4 Lady Madonna Promo Version 2 (Edited from same Hey Bulldog footage filmed above) 2:20
5 Hey Bulldog Promo Version (footage again from session above) 3:19
6 Step Inside Love Cilla Black
28th January - Paul on acoustic guitar, Cilla singing - but not synched to the sound at all.
7 London Airport Brief snatch of silent footage
15th February - George, Patti, John and Cynthia flew from London Airport to India.
8 New Dehli Airport Silent footage ("Rage" ident on screen)
16th February - George, Patti, John and Cynthia arrived in Delhi at 8.15am, on the overnight flight. Mal met them at the airport with Mia Farrow, who had already decided that she was part of The Beatles' entourage. Mal had organised three cars for the 150-mile drive from Delhi to Rishikesh.
9 Rishikesh George and John in Rishikesh with Yogi talking on soundtrack 1:02
10 London Airport Silent footage:
19th February - Paul, Jane, Ringo and Maureen flew from London Airport to India.
11 New Dehli Airport Silent footage:
20th February - Paul, Jane, Ringo and Maureen arrived in Delhi, attracting much more press attention as the media were now alerted to what was going on. A film crew was on hand as they stepped from the plane after the exhausting 20-hour flight, jet-lagged from the five time zones.
12 New Dehli Mostly Silent footage
20th February
13 Newsreels February 1968 Silent Newsreel from Rishikesh (and early 60's newsreel) 3:10
14 Italian TV Footage RAI 1 TV Footage of the Rishikesh sing-a-long often heard on bootlegs.
From late February, it includes shots of the whole meditation group, plus Mia Farrow, Mike Love and Donovan.
When The Saints, You Are My Sunshine,
Jingle Bells, She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain,
Blowin' In The Wind, Hare Krishna.
15 Paul and Jane Interview 27th March at London Airport.
Bye Bye Blackbird
16 Rishikesh Silent footage:
April 1968
17 Larry Kane Interview 13th May 1968 from the St. Regis Hotel
In colour, but it's an edit of different copies.
18 Press Conferences 14th May - In the afternoon, John and Paul gave a press conference at the Americana Hotel on Central Park West. The Beatles taped an interview with Mitchell Krause for WNDT, the non-commercial Channel 13's programme Newsfront.
John: "We made a mistake. He's human like the rest of us."
19 Tonight Show 14th May - That evening they appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show where they were interviewed by Joe Garagiola as Johnny Carson was away.
As well as discussing their plans for Apple, John used the opportunity to denounce the Maharishi.
(Dreadful fifth-generation copy of a copy !)
20 London Airport 16th May - John, Paul and "Magic" Alex arrived in London on TWA's early flight.
Silent footage - John and Paul are clutching apples. They are red !
21 Cannes Airport 15th May - George, Patti, Ringo and Maureen flew to Cannes to attend the premiere of Wonderwall at the Cannes Film Festival.
This is an extremely short snatch of newsreel.
22 George and Ravi 10th June - In California, George and Ravi Shankar were filmed on coastal cliffs in Big Sur taking part in a "teach-in". 4:21
23 Apple Promo Films 1 & 2 Views of the Apple shop.
Mary Hopkin singing "Morning Of My Life" (in English and Welsh).
Magic Alex talking about technological innovations.
Paul playing Helter Skelter & Blackbird on acoustic guitar.
Dick James with the boys in a meeting.
24 In His Own Write 18th June - The National Theatre production of The John Lennon Play: In His Own Write, directed by Victor Spinetti, opened at the Old Vic, London.
Unfortunately this is just a quick flash at the paper programme !
25 L.A. Home Movies Paul's home movies (lifted from "Wingspan" ?)
They have a station ident of "abc" on them.
26 A Mod Odyssey Includes footage filmed at Twickenham 25th January 1968
First shown on NBC in the U.S. on 12th October 1968 (immediately after Help!)
Lifted from the official "Yellow Submarine" DVD of September 1999.
Amazingly, again in very poor quality !
27 Yellow Submarine Trailer Trailer for the movie. 3:36
28 Hey Bulldog Cartoon sequence lifted from the official "Yellow Submarine" DVD 3:09
29 Bowater House, London Silent Footage:
8th July - Paul, George and Ringo attended a press screening of Yellow Submarine at the Bowater House Cinema in Knightsbridge. This was the first time any of The Beatles had seen the animated movie.
Plus a brief interview segment.
30 Yellow Submarine Premiere Silent footage with Yellow Submarine overdub
17th July - The world premiere of the animated Yellow Submarine film was held at the London Pavilion in Piccadilly Circus. Fans as usual brought traffic to a standstill and blocked the Guests access.
Ringo and Maureen, John and Yoko and George and Patti were present - Paul attended alone.
31 A Mad Day Out 28th July - The Beatles spent almost the entire day in and around London on various promotional photographic assignments, as part of what came to be known as their 'Mad Day Out'. Photos were taken in Hyde Park, in London's Docklands, and in the garden of Paul's St. John's Wood home.
This is one of those shots that are just seconds (and it has an "abc" ident).
32 Hey Jude Rehearsal 30th July - The Beatles were filmed at work by James Archibald for a documentary film intended for cinematic exhibition called Music (Experiment In Television).|
It starts with a teletype of Beatles song titles being printed. Then includes work on Take 9 of Hey Jude
33 Apple Boutique Closure Silent footage plus newsreel.
31st July - Queues formed all night around the block of the Baker Street shop for a chance to grab free clothing from the Apple Boutique. The shop was completely stripped, with people taking away shop fittings and even the carpet.
34 Queens Theatre London 11th August - another very brief flash 0:06
35 Hey Jude 4th September - Twickenham Film Studios. Promotional film, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg 7:01
36 David Frost Theme #1 Faster paced than the following piece, with John singing "David Frost", then Frosty says "Welcome back to part 3". 0:54
37 David Frost Theme #2 Slower paced than above item, at end Frosty says: "A Perfect Rendition", which is how this piece is titled on some bootlegs.
Also they sing brief, "It's Now Or never".
38 Hey Jude 4th September - Twickenham Film Studios. Promotional film, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, with count-in beginning 7:02
39 Revolution 4th September - Twickenham Film Studios. Promotional film, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg 3:22
40 Hey Jude Smothers Brothers presentation (includes the count-in), shown on 6th October 7:13
41 Revolution Smothers Brothers count-in ...(shown on 13th October) 3:40
42 Marylebone Court Silent footage.
19th October - John and Yoko appeared at Marylebone Magistrates' Court.
43 All My Loving Exerpts from Tony Palmer's BBC Television documentary on pop music.
Paul and Ringo's contributions were filmed 23rd May in Abbey Road.
Broadcast 3rd November it includes Paul talking of classical music and mentioning Hitler, George's mum talking about all the fan mail, Ringo, George Martin, Derek Taylor talking of cripples & Maharishi Yogi.
44 Cavendish Home Movies November 1968 - More of Paul's home movies 0:22
45 Smothers Brothers 17th November - George's appearance on The Smothers Brothers' Comedy Hour was broadcast on the CBS network in the US. 2:40

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