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Label  Fake Apple (FACC)
Catalogue No. Disco 2
Country of origin Holland
Release date 1982
Total time Side 1 - 23:30
Side 2 - 25:13
Comments: Another "Let It Be" outtake album, with some great pieces !
Mostly from the sessions of the 9th January 1969

Click here for an explanation of DDSI numbers (The numbers below are all from the 2007 edition)

Side 1

No Tracklisting DDSI No. Notes Time
1 Old Hillbilly Way 9.87 Actually, "Tennessee" an old Carl Perkins song. 1:59
2 House Of The Rising Sun   9.89 As they prepare for a rehearsal of "I Me Mine", John launches into this classic instead. 2:32
3 Commonwealth Song
 (Enoch Powell)
+ 9.91
Two political statements from Paul, firstly "Commonwealth", then 22 seconds of "Enoch Powell" 3:55
4 Get Off/White Power 9.92 This and the track listed separately as (5) are one long blues jam.
This is a definite forerunner of "Dig It" where many names are randomly called by John and Paul.
(Sulpy's books list all the names called, with a description of each) (Roll 189)
5 Winston, Richard, John
6 Jacket Yack 9.96 Not "Yakety Yak" as you might expect from the mis-named title, but instead it's "Honey Hush" ! 2:08
   7 For You Blue 9.97
+ 9.98
2 attempts at George's song. 2:51
   8 Let It Be 9.124 The version where paul mentions the "Record Mirror" 2:33

Side 2

No Tracklisting DDSI No. Notes Time
1 Get Back 10.35 A rollicking enjoyable run-through 1:59
2 Don't Let Me Down   22.44 A complete rehearsal 3:04
3 On Our Way Home 9.37 Of course, it's "Two Of Us" (Roll 92 Slate 176) 2:01
4 Baba Blacksheep 9.38 A two line "performance" from John. 0:20
5 Encore 9.39 This "encore" is ... "Don't Let Me Down" 3:04
6 Suzy Parker 9.40 In 1971 this was made copyright as "Suzy Parker",
and looking closely at the "Let It Be" movie, it does seem that "Parker" is what is being sung.
Plus "Suzy Parker" was a fashion model at the time.
7 Oh Yeah 9.41 "I've Got A Feeling" (Oh Yeah !) 3:47
8 No Pakistani's 9.65 A "Get Back" version with more political statement by Paul.
And am I alone in detecting chords AND groaning that could definately be "Cold Turkey" !! ...
listen to it again, I am sure you will agree !

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