Live Peace In Toronto

John Lennon
Live Peace In Toronto - Front cover Live Peace In Toronto - Rear Cover
Live Peace In Toronto - Front Cover Live Peace In Toronto - Rear Cover
Label Apple
Catalogue No. CORE 2001
Release date 12th December 1969
Total time 39:50
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart.
Detail : John's fourth solo album release, and first live recording, made 13th September 1969.
Credited to The Plastic Ono Band.

John and Yoko were invited to appear at the Toronto "Rock 'n' Roll Revival Concert",
so at very short notice, they got together a band and flew out to Toronto on 12th September 1969.
With the appearance due the following day, the first chance for rehearsal was at the rear of a Boeing 707 !
(anyone out there on that flight that experienced a free Lennon gig ??)
John's entourage included, Eric Clapton, Alan White, Klaus Voorman with a number of assistants.

The concert was in front of a crowd of 25,000 at the Varsity Stadium, and also included such rock 'n' roll luminaries as,
Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent and Bo Diddley.
John starts off by explaining to the audience that they are only going to play songs they know, as they haven't been together long,
and they kick off with some classic rock 'n' roll.
After "Yer Blues", Yoko introduces "Cold Turkey" as a new song, and it was then performed live for the very first time.
It was recorded as a single a couple of weeks later.
For the intro to "Give Peace A Chance" John warns the crowd that he can remember the chorus but not all the bits in-between !

Side two starts with "Don't Worry Kyoko", also being performed live for the first time.
The final track "John John", first appeared on the "The Wedding Album".
On this version, Yoko does her thing over the sounds of feedback generated by the guitars of John, Eric and Klaus
who eventually leave their guitars leaning against the speakers, therefore leaving the feedback sounds.
They move to the centre of the stage, light up a cigarette then walk off. Mal Evans walks on, and one by one turns off the amplifiers.

The album sleeve was once again designed by John Kosh, and first editions included a John and Yoko calendar for 1970.
The calendar had pictures, poems and songs.
The poems were taken from John and Yoko's printed works, and some are those that John had performed on the Beatles fan club Christmas disc of 1968.
On the sleeve is this single sleeve note :
"Being born in Scotland carries with it certain responsibilities" - Derek Taylor

If the three experimental albums had not appeared prior to this release, I`m sure it would have charted ...
but as it was, it became John's fourth release to fail to chart.

Side 1

Note : Timings include applause, and introductions etc.

Track Composer Time
Blue Suede Shoes
(includes an introduction and tuning)
Perkins 4:06
Money Bradford-Gordy 3:25
Dizzy Miss Lizzy Williams 3:12
Yer Blues Lennon-McCartney 4:08
Cold Turkey Lennon 3:30
Give Peace A Chance Lennon-McCartney 3:56

Side 2

Track Composer Time
Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking For A Hand In The Snow) Ono 4:53
John John (Let's Hope For Peace) Ono 12:38

Released Versions (Rarities)

First pressings (1969) - came with a stapled calendar.

The album is eventually deleted November 1988.


The C.D. was first planned to be issued in June 1989, but this was shelved.
It did appear in May 1995 on Apple with catalogue number CDP 7904282.

The cover front is the same as the vinyl, with the rear being pretty similar to the original too.
The C.D. cover does say that it was re-mixed from the original 8-track tapes by Rob Stevens at "Quad Recording" and
digitally remastered by George Martino (really ??) at Sterling Sound.
It does come with a 32 page booklet though, which includes the 13 month calendar.

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