Strawberry Fields Forever

The Beatles
Strawberry Fields Forever - LP cover Strawberry Fields Forever - LP back
Strawberry Fields Forever - Front Cover Strawberry Fields Forever - Back Cover
Label  NEMS
Catalogue No. CLUE 9
Release date 1985
Comments: A classic bootleg when it first came out.

Side 1

No Tracklisting Comments
1 Strawberry Fields Forever Take 7
2 The Bus Magic Mellotron music from the film.
3 The Inner Light Take 6 RS1
4 Fool On The Hill Demo
5 All You Need Is Love Edit of Live "Our World" performance.
6 A Perfect Rendition Frost theme accompanied by The Beatles
7 Hey Jude Take 9 - Live on "Frost On Sunday"


Side 2

No Tracklisting Comments
1 I Am The Walrus Take 16
2 Thank You Guru Dai/Happy Birthday 15th March 1968 - The Beatles in India, the birthday is Mike Love's.
"Thank You Guru Dai" is also known as "Thank You Guru Dev", "Spiritual Regeneration" and "Indian Rope Trick"
3 Yer Blues 10/11th December 1968 - John talking with Mick and briefly ad-lib Yer Blues.
4 What's The New Mary Jane Take 4 with extra overdubs.
5 Peace Of Mind NOT thought to be the Beatles, opinion is that it is Apple band, "Trash".
6 It's All Too Much Take 4 - Film short version
7 Barber Of Seville Classical music with mad vocals by The Beatles.

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