Live At The Star Club - Rock 'n' Twist Parade 1962

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Live At The Star Club - The C.D.
Live At The Star Club - The C.D.

Label Yellow Dog
Catalogue No.   YD 2008
Release Date 2013
Total Time 51:06
Comments: Live At The Star Club - Rock 'n' Twist Parade 1962

The Star Club sessions have been released many times in many forms: See, Live At The Star Club for an explanation and list of "official releases"

In 2008 Fuego entertainment suggested that they had turned up newer and better unreleased Beatles recordings from the Star Club.
Unfortunately, this turned out to be not quite true.

The tape included seven Beatle tracks. The rest is not the Beatles, but Kingsize Taylor and his band.
"Money," is a collaboration between the Beatles and Tony Sheridan. Unfortunately the sound is not very good.
Interesting and in-depth analysis on the reality of the contents of the newly found tape contributing to this c.d. can be found on this page: Star Club Analysis

Track 1: Road Runner - previously bootlegged on "Road Runner".
Track 2: Hippy Hippy Shake - released on the Live At The Star Club LP.
Track 3: A Taste of Honey - "Version III" previously unreleased, different to released version I on Live At The Star Club LP and bootlegged version II
             This is new ! .... and seems really the only interesting track from this "newly found" tape.
             The biggest clue is the line: "I dream of your *sweet* kiss and then" .... the other two versions have "I dream of your *first* kiss and then"
Track 4: Money - Version III, presumably Tony Sheridan lead vocal backed by Beatles, bootlegged on "Road Runner"
Track 5: Reminiscing - released on the Live At The Star Club LP.
Track 6: Ask Me Why - Version II, released on the Live At The Star Club LP.
Track 7: I Saw Her Standing There - (Fuego full clip 03:00) - Version III - different to the Live At The Star Club LP version - previously bootlegged on "Road Runner".
         clearer but misses 0:08 "Hello, Ich bin so schuechtern 1,2,3,4" announcement otherwise complete but drop out during instrumental solo.
         bootleg CD “Quarrymen At Home Revisited” has beep, with "Prosit neues" announcement.
         Paul says at end: "Danke schoen liebe Gaeste und Prosit neues ... let me hear you, let me hear you ...(Jahr)",
         judging from that announcement the recording is rather from 31 Dec 1962, in Germany you wouldn’t say “Prosit neues Jahr” one day before last day of the year.

Tracks 8-15 have presumably NO BEATLES INVOLVEMENT.
Tracks 8-14 are listed elsewhere as "Ted "King Size" Taylor & The Dominoes".
Tracks 8-11 are previously bootlegged on "Road Runner".
Tracks 12-15 are previously unreleased,
Track 15 is The Dominoes backing waitress Bettina Derlien.

This new issue from 2013 by Yellow Dog, from Japan, has put forward their own version of these Fuego tape sources
from an apparently unedited, raw source tape along with some bonus tracks from a 1970's sampler tape.
(Presumably the Alan Williams tape that the Beatles ex-Manager has been flaunting around.)

JPGR Comments :
A single CD so unfortunately it’s never going to be the "complete Star Club" performances.
The vocals are a little muffled, the instrumentation seems to have been recorded in a different room and then theres a slight hiss and a little distortion.

The second part of the disk is louder but a little more muffled as well and, as you might suspect, show a little distortion.
Track 19 – ‘Falling In Love Again’ – features the sound of what sounds like an email being received at 23 seconds in !

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Time
Tracks 1 to 15 - Raw tape source, unedited
1 Roadrunner 1:48
2 Hippy Hippy Shake 1:49
3 A Taste Of Honey 2:12
4 Money (That's What I Want) 3:40
5 Reminiscing 2:02
6 Ask Me Why 2:12
7 I Saw Her Standing There 2:54
Tracks 8 to 15 - No Beatle Involvement
8 Sparkling Brown Eyes 2:15
9 Lovesick Blues 2:42
10 First Taste Of Love 2:10
11 Dizzy Miss Lizzy 3:02
12 Do You Believe 2:03
13 Ooh Poo Pah Doo 2:47
14 Twist And Shout 2:41
15 Cannonball 2:16
Tracks 16 to 21 - From a 1970's sampler tape
16 I Saw Her Standing There 3:19
17 Kansas City 2:58
18 Shimmy Shimmy 2:41
19 Falling In Love Again 2:09
20 Roll Over Beethoven 2:41
21 Your Feets Too Big (fragment) 0:20

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