Acetate Collection Vol. 1

The Beatles
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Label Unicorn
Catalogue No. UC 146/147
Release Date 2011
Total Time Disc 1 - 76:20
Disc 2 - 79:17
(from the sleeve)
Acetate Collection is the first in a series produced by Unicorn Records.
This first edition is a double C.D. bringing together a collection of Acetates from 1961-1969
According to the label lots of work have gone into making these tracks sound as best as possible,
being remastered, de-clicked, pitch and phase & levels corrected from best possible sources.
The label also provide comprehensive liner notes discussing each track, copied against each track below.

C.D. One

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Ain't She Sweet MGM/Verve acetate of 24th June 1961 recording 2:08
2 Kansas City Dick James acetate
An acetate made from a recording of “Kansas City” performed at the Cavern Club on 5th September 1962,
this first appeared on the Anthology series but is included here with voice over completely removed.
3 And I Love Her Take 21 RM2
Film production acetate with Paul's single-tracked vocal
4 If I Fell Take 15 RM1
Film production acetate - Same as UK mono mix
5 A Hard Day’s Night Take 9 RM10
Film production acetate - Same as UK mono mix
6 She’s A Woman EMI disc acetate Take 6
1 sided disc cut 12th October 1984 - Same as released take.
7 She’s A Woman EMI disc acetate Take 7
1 sided disc cut 12th October 1984 - False start into take 7
8 Another Girl Take 1
Film production acetate - includes Paul's count-in
9 The Night Before Take 2
Film production acetate - Drums mixed back and less echo
10 I Need You Take 5
Film production acetate - vocals mixed forward with less echo
11 Ticket To Ride Take 2
Film production acetate - Second vocal track mixed back
12 Yes It Is Take 14
Film production acetate - Vocals brought up in the mix
13 You Like Me Too Much Take 8
Film production acetate - Vocal mixed forward with no echo
14 You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away Take 9
Film production acetate - with count-in
15 You’re Going To Lose That Girl Take 3
Film production acetate - rough mono mix with count-in
16 Help ! Take 12 RM4
Film production acetate - rough mono mix with tambourine during the chorus (not on official release)
17 12 Bar Original EMI disc Take 2 RM1
An EMI disc cut on 13th December 1965 which was auctioned in 1988 for £1300 and found its way onto many bootleg releases.
Here we have the cleanest source available.
18 Paperback Writer Capitol acetate
An 8? stereo Capitol acetate of take 2, the same as the released take.
19 Strawberry Fields Forever EMI acetate Take 7 RM3
The third of three mono remixes for “Strawberry Fields Forever” Take 7 chosen for acetate cutting on 29th November 1966
20 A Day In The Life Take 6 RM1
The 6th take of “A Day In The Life” was chosen for acetate cutting from the first mono mix
This is the infamous ‘Oh, shit’ version (Paul - 2:49), with no orchestra and Mal Evans bar counting clearly evident.
21 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Take 10 RM1
When this acetate first appeared we heard how the end of the song originally was played without
“With A Little Help From My Friends” segued in.
This is a unique mix without any brass overdubs.
22 Magical Mystery Tour EMI acetate of Take 9 RM7 2:46
23 Your Mother Should Know Rough mix of Take 8 2:30
24 The Fool On The Hill Take 1 2:46
25 Blue Jay Way EMI disc Alternate Mix
A bizarre stereo mix with the timing all awry which has been widely thought to be a fake.
26 I Am The Walrus Take 17 RM4 4:32

C.D. Two

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Across The Universe EMI disc acetate cut 8th February 1968 of Take 8
"Y'alright Ritchie ?"
2 Intervista EMI one-sided 10" acetate of a Kenny Everett interview with John, Paul and
Ringo in Studio 2 recorded 6th June 1968 and aired Sunday 9th June 1968.
John, sings a "Goodbye Jingle".
Then the much booted, "Cottonfields".
Paul joins in after 9 minutes as they sing "Goodbye Ken".
Discuss Tiny Tim
George joins in after 11 minutes and then Ringo
3 Kenny Everett Workshop Apple two-sided 8" acetate containing various jingles used in Kenny's Beatle broadcasts
Plenty of zaney adverts for ... Tea !
After 4:20 Kenny mentions his "Wireless Workshop"
Then we get back to adverts for the Tea Council.
4 Everybody’s Got Something To Hide
Except For Me And My Monkey
Take 12 RM5 - John's vocal brought forward 2:32
5 Yer Blues Takes 16/17 RM3 and Edit Piece 1
Includes a count-in from Ringo
6 Back In The U.S.S.R. Take 6 RM1 - Different Jet noise placements 2:59
7 Revolution 9 Apple acetate Take 1 RS1 cut on 21st June 1968 7:47
8 Helter Skelter Take 21 RM1
Starts with guitar feedback, shouted "distant" count-in can be heard
A minute shorter than the stereo version, no fade down and up, and no "Blisters"
9 Birthday Take 22 RM1
John at start, "This is Ken Macintosh and the Roving Remixers, Take Farty-One
10 I’m So Tired Take 14 RM1
Slow count-in from John, "1 ..... 2......3 ....."
George can be heard commenting on something at the end
11 What's The New Mary Jane "Cutting Room Inc." acetate - RS4 6:35
12 What's The New Mary Jane "Cutting Room Inc." acetate - RS5 7:03
13 What's The New Mary Jane "Cutting Room Inc." acetate - Edit version
Just crashes in, starting 2 and half minutes from the end
14 What's The New Mary Jane Single edit mixed for commercial release (appeared on Anthology) 3:07
15 Long And Winding Road Apple acetate of released take but uncompressed with higher dynamics 3:34
16 Let It Be Apple acetate of released take but uncompressed with higher dynamics 3:47

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