Acetate Collection Vol. 3

The Beatles
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Label Unicorn
Catalogue No. UC 145
Release Date 2012
Total Time 68:59
(from the sleeve)
The Beatles Acetate Collection Vol. 3 collects together various rarities from the bandís career.
Like with their other releases, Unicorn Records didnít alter or remaster the tapes, but present them in their primal state.
All of them are in excellent condition and with great sound quality.
Some are more scratchy than others, but overall all are very good.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Kansas City EMI acetate
Auctioned at Christie's in 1993 and purchased by Apple
5th September 1962 audio dub of the Granada recording (narration can be heard in the background)
2 Some Other Guy EMI acetate
A Brian Epstein acetate recorded at the cavern 5th September 1962
3 Bad To Me Dick James acetate
Recorded in May 1963
Auctioned by Alistair Taylor at Sotheby's on 22nd December 1981
Allegedly recorded for copyright purposes, not to demo the song to Billy J.
4 One And One Is Two Dick James acetate
Auctioned by Alistair Taylor at Sotheby's on 22nd December 1981
This was recorded at Hotel George V, Paris January 1964 as a demo for Billy J. who rejected the song
5 Keep Your Hands Off My Baby Phillips acetate
Recorded from "Saturday Club" of 26th January 1963
6 Some Other Guy Phillips acetate
Recorded from "Saturday Club" of 26th January 1963
7 Beautiful Dreamer Phillips acetate
Recorded from "Saturday Club" of 26th January 1963
8 You Canít Do That EMI one-sided acetate
Recently sold on an auction website for $2,025 with provenance by Perry Cox
An early take quite different from the released version
9 And Your Bird Can Sing Dick James acetate
Auctioned by Alistair Taylor at Sotheby's on 22nd December 1981
Similar to the released version, but subtle differences can be heard
10 Not Guilty Apple Custom Recording acetate of Take 102 RM2 3:55
11 Hey Jude American Pocket Disc
These were 4" Flexi discs designed to play on miniature turntables, hence a shorter edit
This is the shortest cut of this song that was officially produced
12 The Beatles Box World Records flexidisc issued in November 1980 to promote the 8 L.P. boxset, The Beatles Box
Excerpts from: Dozens of tunes, with narration by Simon Bates (I think)
13 Sound Of The Stars Disc & Music Echo flexidisc issued in 1966
Here we have two parts, each just over 5 minutes as the disc is flipped over.
While at Bob Whitaker's studio on 25th March 1966 doing the Butcher Sleeve pictures, The Beatles posed
for a second, more conventional photo session for Nigel Dickson, working for The Beatles Book fan magazine.
They also recorded this interview with Radio Caroline DJ Tom Lodge which was released as a flexi-disc called Sound Of The Stars and
given away free in a promotion by Disc And Music Echo, part-owned by Brian Epstein !
This includes, Cilla Black, The Bachelors, Cliff & The Shadows, Judith Durham (The Seekers), Cathy McGowan with The Hollies,
Dusty Springfield, Spencer Davies, Walker Brothers, Pete Townsend, Sandie Shaw, Adam Faith and The Beatles
14 The Beatles Live! Flexi
Mark Lewisohn's book "The Beatles Live" issued in 1986 featured a free flexi.
The Beatles first interview from 27th October 1962.
They conducted this interview prior to their fourth and final appearance at Hulme Hall in Birkinhead for Radio Clatterbridge.
Interviewed by Monty Lister, with additional questions from a 16 year old Malcolm Threadgill and Peter Smethurst.
This is the earliest surviving spoken word interview and includes local chat and is very interesting.
15 The Beatles Singles 1962-1970 World Records flexidisc issued in 1977 to promote the Singles Collection
Excerpts from hits with a narration.
16 Ballad Of John And Yoko Apple acetate
An early stereo mix in an un-patched state.
17 Another Day 8" Mono Acetate 3:38
18 Sisters O Sisters 10" Main Room Acetate
A rough stereo mix of Yoko's song lacking the orchestral overdubs of the final version dated February 29th
19 Go Down Go 10" Metromedia Acetate
A funky acetate recorded by the Elephants Memory.
It was re-titled "Everglade Woman" and was an unreleased U.S. Apple Single P-1856
20 Thingumybob 7" EMI Acetate with hand-written label.
A rare acetate of the Black Dyke Mills Band produced by George Martin and Paul McCartney

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