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Abbey Road Rockband - CD cover
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Label Rattlesnake
Catalogue No. RS 242
Country Of Origin   ?
Release Date 2010
Total Time 66:33
Comments: The 2009 remixes made specifically for the computer game "Rockband".
Abbey Road Rockband Mixes contains the whole Abbey Road LP extracted from the video game.
Released at the same time as the remastered catalogue by EMI, the sound quality of these tracks is outstanding.
And like the others from the video game contains some studio chat before each of the songs.

Again, not really sure if it's worth getting this disc as there is nothing radical about it.
But the sound quality is superb and itís always enjoyable hearing some studio banter before the tracks.

The artwork is again very simple, it does come with an 8-page booklet which just contains seven photographs.

The C.D.

Note: All timings below are the full track including count-in or studio extracts.

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Come Together Count-in added - Paul(?), "1-2, 1-2-3-4".
Ending has fade.
2 Something Count-in added - George, "1-2-3". 3:04
3 Maxwell's Silver Hammer Count-in added - Paul, "1-2-3-4". 3:26
4 Oh Darling ! Count-in added - Paul, "1-2". 3:27
5 Octopus's Garden Count-in added - Paul, "1-2-3-4". 2:50
6 I Want You (She's So Heavy) Count-in added - John, "1-2-3, 1-2-3". 7:46
7 Here Comes The Sun Initial strum, then count-in added - George, "2-3-4". 3:07
8 Because Count-in with claps added - Ringo, "1-2-3-4". 2:49
9 You Never Give Me Your Money No added count-in.
The ending of this doesn't fade as on the original album (digital edit of fake piece ?)
10 Medley:
    Sun King
    Mean Mr. Mustard
Count-in added - John, "1-2-3".
Sun King is clean beginning without the cricket sound effects
11 Medley:
    Polythene Pam
    She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
Polythene Pan includes an extract of rehearsal before the take begins.
John, "You did that last time", then count-in "1-2-3".
12 Medley:
    Golden Slumbers/
    Carry That Weight/
    The End
No noticeable difference from original 5:12
13 Her Majesty Before start Paul says (in a put on voice):
"Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen"
Then some acoustic notes, plus added John count-in. "1-2-3-4".
There is the whole opening chord, plus
The missing chord from the end of this has been re-instated.
Heard before on bootleg, but here in clean edit. (released version was 0:23)
14 The End Count-in added - Paul, "1-2-3". 2:06
15 The Long Medley (Complete) With slight pause and Her Majesty at the end. 16:27

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