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Label Rattlesnake
Catalogue No. RS 241
Country Of Origin   ?
Release Date 2010
Total Time 41:45
Comments: The 2009 remixes made specifically for the computer game "Rockband".
Sgt. Pepper's Rockband Mixes contains the whole Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band LP extracted from the video game.
Released at the same time as the remastered catalogue by EMI, the sound quality of these tracks is outstanding.
And like the others from the video game contains some studio chat before each of the songs.

Other manufacturers of this boot such as MisterClaudel have been known to add bonus material such as a short, twenty minute radio spot hosted by Gary Crowley on the BBC discussing the Beatle remasters.
It would be a nice bonus to have because without it this disc comes in quite short.
However, this is a nice disc to have as the sound quality is superb and it’s very enjoyable hearing the studio banter before the tracks.

The artwork is again very simple, it does come with an 8-page booklet which just contains seven photographs.

The C.D.

Note: All timings below are the full track including count-in or studio extracts.

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/
With A Little Help From My Friends
The segue into “With A Little Help From My Friends” is identical to the released version.
and in fact the timing is identical too.
2 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds The version is the same as on the LP but comes to a stop instead of fading out. 3:36
3 Getting Better As the orginal 2:44
4 Fixing A Hole Studio chat can be heard before the song starts.
Paul says,
“See all the shapes around the studio. And all those bubbles. Think plastic, baby.”
"Right try it" plus some extra harpsichord notes.
Count-in: 1-2
5 She's Leaving Home This track has a bit of tuning before the track.
Paul counts-in: 1-2-3, 2-2-3.
6 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite Before the song John laughs, asks for iced water and tells Paul to “smack ‘em.”
Plus there are some tuning type noises.
7 Within You Without You Nothing I noticed as different or extra 5:04
8 When I'm Sixty-Four Tuning noises, then Paul counts-in, 1-2-3-4 2:51
9 Lovely Rita Some studio noise, then John says:
"Bit louder for the beginning then. That would be nice George."
"Can you hear me ?"
Drum track can be heard much clearer on this mix.
10 Good Morning, Good Morning No fade and has the original ending of the take.
At end someone says, "Hey everybody, that'll do"
11 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) There is no segue from this track into the next as on the original album. 1:23
12 A Day In The Life John, "Ok", some tuning noises and piano, "2-3-4"
Then a clean start as it does not mix from previous track.

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