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The Beatles
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Release date 2019
Total time 45:21
Comments: Fabulous "must have" C.D. incorporating the full roof-top concert of 30th January 1969.
No extras - this is the definitive full version

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The C.D.

No Tracklisting DDSI No. Notes Time
1 Warm Up 30.1   The Beatles warm up with a chorus of Get Back, but before that ...
      "All cameras Take 1"
      Ringo, "Where's the best way out the way ?"
      "Over there with Maureen"
      Ringo, "Mal, they've nailed me down in the wrong place"
The sound of the Get Back warm-up is fairly distant, like this is from the road.
Then plenty of bass runs are heard (is Paul the only one really warming up ?)
2 Get Back (Take 1) 30.2   Count in at the start.
      At end Lennon says, "We've had a request from Martin and Luther"
      Director: "Glynn, anymore voice for the Fenders ?"
A ragged run through marked "Rehearsal" on the multi-track box
3 I Want You (She's So Heavy) 30.3   Just a few bars played by John
This is heard quite distant as this segment comes from the street.
      Interviewer, "Do you know this is their first public show"
4 Get Back (Take 2) 30.4   "This is all cameras, Take 3"
      At end John says, "We've had a request from Daisy, Maurice and Tommy"
A much tighter fine performance, although Paul changes a few lyrics
This take is seen in the Let It Be film
5 Don't Let Me Down (Take 1) 30.5   Fluffed lines version in 3rd verse
This take is seen in the Let It Be film
6 I've Got A Feeling (Take 1) 30.6   Another fine performance and their best of this one
      At end John says, "Peace on Earth"
      And, "Can you hear me, mother ?"
This take is seen in the Let It Be film and is used on the album
7 One After 909 30.7  
"All cameras, Take 4"
At end this Includes John's "Oh Danny boy ...."
      And at end John says, "What's the next one ? .. I have to get the words"
Then picked up from inside the Apple building:
      Girl, "Jimmy, have a sweet heart"
      Jimmy, "Don't mind if I do"
Then someone asks if the studio is sound-proofed
       "No, they're on the roof"
This take is seen in the Let It Be film and used for the album
8 Dig A Pony 30.11  "1-2-3 Hold It" (False start), at end, "Thank you Brothers"
      John, "My hands are getting too cold to play a chord now"
And from inside the building, we hear;
      Girl, "You can come in if you sit and wait in reception"
This take is seen in the Let It Be film and an edited version used for the album
9 God Save The Queen 30.12  Instrumental heard as tapes are being changed
      Plus from John, "On Ilkley Moor Baht'at"
10 I've Got A Feeling (Take 2) 30.13  Inferior in every way to the earlier run through.
      At end, John sings, "My pretty girl is like a melody"
11 Get Back (Take 3) 30.14  Not complete as Paul interupts and insists on Don't Let Me Down again
      Someone shouts, "Rock 'n' Roll !"
      Paul replies, "You too"
12 Don't Let Me Down (Take 2) 30.16  This time John messes up even earlier on the first line 3:21
13 Get Back (Take 4) 30.17  Paul, "Thanks Mo" .... John, "I'd like to thank you on behalf of the group ...."
This take is seen in the Let It Be film and appears on Anthology 3


The Beatles were going to make a documentary film of themselves producing a TV show and writing a bunch of new songs for their next album, which was to be a return to their roots of the rocking days. This was probably inspired by the emergence of The Band, straightforward, downhome and everyone's favourite name to drop at the time.
With a working title of "Get Back" rehearsals began at Twickenham studios on January the 2nd, 1969. The project quickly ran into trouble, George Harrison walked out after eight days complaining of continual criticism from Paul McCartney. However, he returned a week later. The TV show idea had to be dumped because they couldn't find a suitable location. They thought about hiring an ocean liner, but somewhere along the line that idea was also shelved, along with a number of other exotic suggestions. But it was John Lennon's suggestion to record a selection of songs in the controlled atmosphere of a studio.
At this time, plans were made to turn the roof at No 3 Saville Row, the Apple Corps HQ, into a tranquil roof garden, and so Ringo Starr and Michael Lindsay-Hogg decided to take a look. It seemed ideal for what they had in mind.
The Beatles last ever public concert took place around mid-day on Thursday January the 30th and lasted a full 42 minutes, and may well have gone on longer had it not been for the complaints of the neighbour, Stanley Davis. The wool merchant next door was not a Beatles fan so it seemed. He was quoted as saying "I want this bloody noise stopped. It's an absolute disgrace". But the banker, Alan Pulverness, at the end of the street was kinder, he said "Some people just can't appreciate good music".
The film won an Oscar for best musical score and it was presented to Paul McCartney by non-other than John Wayne, Big Leggy. But by the time it was premiered on May the 13th, 1970, The Beatles had split. The dream was over...
"I'd like to say 'Thankyou' on behalf of the group and ourselves and I hope we passed the audition".

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