Let 'Em Out Vol.7 - Pugin's Hall Rehearsal

Paul McCartney and Wings
Pugin's Hall - Artwork Pugin's Hall - Artwork 2
Pugin's Hall - Front Artwork Pugin's Hall - Back Artwork

Label Remasters Workshop
Catalogue No. RMW 686
Release Date 6th April 2011
Total Time 63:23
(from the release notes)
Pitch, phase and level corrected, converted to FLAC.

These are more than three hours of previously unheard and undocumented rehearsals held at Pugin's Hall in Tenterden, Kent on October 18th & November 1980,
from the tape collection of Trevor Jones. Pitch, REMASTERED, phase and level corrected.
An amazing SET containing more UNRELEASED songs with Paul McCartney & Wings

The second batch of recordings recently unearthed is a bit of a conundrum.
Much of this material was previously issued on "Let 'Em Out" volumes 3 and 5, but in edited or truncated form.
It was reported to have come from rehearsals in Montserrat. This time, it's reported as being Pugin's Hall on November 7, 1980.
The recordings were presented as a continuous piece from the same session.
Since we have no way to know, and this material is previously undocumented, we will leave it to the esteemed scholars in our midst to figure out where it's from and when.
In any case, here it is in complete form, with extra material, including eight more minutes of the riveting "Denny's Song" !

Pugin's Hall is in Tenterdon, Kent
On the western fringes of the village is this Gothic Grade II* listed building designed by the famous Victorian architect Augustus Pugin (1812-1852).
Formerly known as Glebe Farm, it was built for the Reverend F. J. Rooke and his family between 1845-46. He was rector at Rampisham from 1845 until his death in 1894.

                                              Pugin's Hall
                                                                                                                   Pugin's Hall

JPGR Comments :
This "CD" set was made available for free as a download.
The downloads arrived as lossless FLACs and include full artwork.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Information Time
1 No Values   From Give My Regards To Broad Street 3:32
2 Your Lucky Day   Unreleased 11:13
3 Oh Boy/Peggy Sue   Unreleased 5:11
4 I'm Gonna Love You Too   Recorded for Denny's 1977 album Holly Days 3:32
5 Ain't That A Shame/I'm In Love Again   Both recorded on Choba B 4:54
6 Rockin' In Your Seat   Unreleased 3:05
7 Fabulous/Teddy Bear   Fabulous appeared on CD single No Other Baby
Teddy Bear was unreleased by Paul
8 Your True Love/Lend Me Your Comb   Your True Love is unreleased by Paul
Comb was of course recorded by The Beatles
9 Goin' Back To Tennessee   Unreleased by Paul 7:27
10 Denny's Song (complete)   Unreleased by Paul 12:15
11 Improvisation   Improv 1:07

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