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Label Remasters Workshop
Catalogue No. RMW 654
Release Date 19th March 2011
Total Time 76:06
(from the release notes)
Pitch, phase and level corrected at Remasters Workshop 18th March 2011

This is allegedly a from a transcription of the original tape from the Lennon archives that once featured Paul's Christmas Album in it's entirety.
Sadly, Paul's gift of a Christmas record that John had taped was taped over and almost obliterated by inane ramblings and so called sketches.
We also get to hear some recordings that would later appear on Rubber Soul that December.
Why John felt the need to record only parts of these recordings is not known, but at least we hear some rarities between which there are other fragments of late 1965 recordings.

Note that Paul's Christmas album has been digitally reassembled and is presented here: McCartney Christmas Album

JPGR Comments :
This "CD" set was made available for free as a download.
The downloads arrived as lossless FLACs and include full artwork.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Information Time
1 Paul's Original Intro (Incomplete)   Paul's weird American accent introducing Unforgettable 0:44
2 John and Ringo messing around Sounds like the tape has been left running, but they have no plan of anything and all that can be heard is
three minutes of nonsense featuring John, Ringo and some female giggling.
3 John and Ringo Skit An old 78 plays and other sounds can be heard.
Donovan is mentioned by name and therefore could be present.
4 Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy   Sung by Ringo then degenerates into nonsense as Ringo and John put on strange voices 3:10
5 John and Ringo skit #2 Another old 78 is played as Ringo puts on a mock commentary to which John adds his two-penny worth 2:35
6 John and Ringo Nonsense #1 More general gobbledegook 1:52
7 John and Ringo Nonsense #2 A brief snatch of John reading a newspaper report followed by more nonsense and snippets from old 78's 3:47
8 John "Take 88" Nonsense John announces the next dramatic piece as,
"A small cafe in a dark interior down somewhere off the south coast"
following which more silly voices from the pair about the delivery of a parcel.
The skit restarts and veers off into more nonsense involving trains, clips from old 78's and tape extracts.
9 John and Ringo Skit #3 Ringo sketch about a microphone not working 0:35
10 Unforgettable Excerpts from the album which has been restored here The McCartney Christmas Album 2:47
11 We Can Work It Out Paul's home demo from 1965 tragically recorded over by Lennon .... 0:53
12 The Tales Of Mrs. Tiggywinkle   .... as John reads an extract from Beatrix Potter over another obscure 78 2:40
13 John Nonsense over Mellotron   John putting on silly voices, recording a clock ticking, a kettle boiling, some Indian music and "atmospheric" backing on Mellotron 2:35
14 John Mellotron Nonsense   More old 78's in a Revolution 9 style piece 1:25
15 Some Other Guy + more nonsense   John plays a favourite record then cuts it abruptly for more avant garde Lennonisms 0:51
16 Sped up tape nonsense #1  1:21
17 Sped up tape nonsense #2   Feedback, radio tuning and sped up tapes 2:33
18 Michelle   Home demo excerpt 2:20
19 Run For Your Life   Take 5 (incomplete) with rough Lennon guide vocal 1:24
20 In My Life   Last half with different organ solo to the one played by George Martin on the finished album 1:42
21 We Can Work It Out   Single-tracked vocal 2:14
22 If I Needed Someone   Alternate Mono Mix (truncated) 1:21
Bonus tracks: 23-34 All extractions from Help! 5.1 DVD
23 I Need You   Extraction from 5.1 Help! DVD 2:25
24 Another Girl   Extraction from 5.1 Help! DVD 2:02
25 You're Gonna Lose That Girl   Extraction from 5.1 Help! DVD 2:24
26 Ticket To Ride   Extraction from 5.1 Help! DVD 3:00
27 Help !   Extraction from 5.1 Help! DVD 2:18
28 The Night Before   Extraction from 5.1 Help! DVD 1:40
29 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away   Extraction from 5.1 Help! DVD 2:04
30 I Need You   Extraction from 5.1 Help! DVD 2:26
31 Another Girl   Extraction from 5.1 Help! DVD 2:02
32 You're Gonna Lose That Girl   Extraction from 5.1 Help! DVD 2:14
33 Ticket To Ride   Extraction from 5.1 Help! DVD 2:56
34 Help !   Extraction from 5.1 Help! DVD 2:18

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