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It's The Beatles - Front cover It's The Beatles - Rear Cover
It's The Beatles - Front Cover It's The Beatles - Rear Cover

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Release date June 2018
Total time The C.D. - 28 minutes 49 seconds
The DVD - 41 minutes 56 seconds
Comments : Itís The Beatles CD: Unprocessed Version
The best version discovered so far of this concert broadcast on the BBC.
It's a line recording and is complete from start to finish, even including the station announcement for the Beatles Boxing Day show on the Light Programme.
Originally uploaded to a digital forum, it was downloaded and enthusiasts have been able to clean it up.
This is a remastered version from "Lord Reith" with a noise clean up. Speed correction (using the surviving video as reference), mains hum removed, equalised and bursts of static interference replaced with inserts from a previous version of the same concert.

Itís The Beatles: Restored Edition DVD
Only about 11 minutes of the visuals remain.
In it's infinite wisdom the BBC did not save tape and in the case of this particular film, the tape was actually used by the Beeb to train video editors in the technique of cutting and splicing, resulting in only four songs having survived.
Some of it audience shots, and then most of the last four songs.
This version has been restored by Lord Reith using the best quality versions that do not include timecode.
I Want To Hold Your Hand and the ending part are different as they include newsreel footage.
It also includes a pre-editing master with traditional timecode.

Itís The Beatles: Raw Footage
The original of the shredded video that has circulated over many years, which,
makes one realize the work gone into the restored version.

The Royal Variety Performance
Taken from and full detail can be seen at: The Complete Cathode Ray Tube Collection

Late Scene Extra
First track is a Lord Reith restoration.
Final track is another taken from : The Complete Cathode Ray Tube Collection

This version is on a silver pressed disc and comes in a standard jewel C.D. case, no booklet or anything, just front and rear cover.
Original versions of this were on the "Harpaphone" label, but this one carries no identifying marks.

The C.D.

No. Title Time
It's The Beatles (Unprocessed version)
1 From Me To You 1:25
2 I Saw Her Standing There 2:41
3 MC 0:29
4 All My Loving 2:11
5 MC 0:19
6 Roll Over Beethoven 2:14
7 MC 0:24
8 Boys 2:06
9 MC 0:21
10 Till There Was You 2:14
11 She Loves You 2:27
12 MC 0:12
13 This Boy 2:16
14 I Want To Hold Your Hand 2:21
15 MC 1:15
16 Money (That's What I Want) 2:43
17 Twist And Shout 2:16
18 From Me To You (Reprise) 0:53

The D.V.D.

No. Title Time
It's The Beatles (Restored Edition)

4 Chapters - total: 9:46
1 I Want To Hold Your Hand 3:14
2 Money (That's What I Want) 2:47
3 Twist And Shout 2:18
4 From Me To You (Reprise)
Plus: The Third Man Theme
It's The Beatles (Raw Footage)

5 Chapters - total: 11:01
5 Fragments 2:19
6 I Want To Hold Your Hand 3:09
7 Money (That's What I Want) 2:32
8 Twist And Shout 1:34
9 From Me To You (Reprise) 1:25
Bonus Tracks
The Royal Variety Performance

7 Chapters - total: 16:36
10 Introduction 1:40
11 From Me To You 2:05
12 She Loves You 2:41
13 Til There Was You 3:02
14 Twist And Shout 3:27
15 Curtain Call 2:48
16 God Save The Queen 0:53
Late Scene Extra/Scene At 6:30

2 Chapters - total: 4:33
17 I Want To Hold Your Hand 2:23
18 This Boy 2:10

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