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Label Helter Skelter
Catalogue No. HSR 21/22/23
Release Date 2012
(from the release notes)
All available studio sessions and rare mixes from the Rubber Soul album - pitch, phase, level and error corrected.
All tracks are taken from the best possible sources, with detailed info on remastering.

Rubber Soul from Hobnail (HSR21/22/23):
Here is the latest in the Back To Basics series - the glorious 'Rubber Soul.'
I have included a bonus disc with this set containing 9 instrumentals made from the Rockband .mogg files with vocals removed.
This is for users out there who do not have the .mogg files and would like to hear these tracks in this form.
It is such a treat to be able to offer such great extras with this album.

'We Can Work It Out' (Take 1) is offered in stereo-mono as this track goes one-legged after the studio chat.
There is literally nothing on the right channel. So I have made this section mono for a better listening experience.

Highlights for me include '12-Bar Original' (Take 2) which for the first time is offered without the discrete digital clicks.
These have plagued every-single release of this in the past.
I spent 5 hours removing each click one-by-one to keep the integrity of the recording, and to offer the best quality end-product.
I am really happy with how this recording came out after such a laborious process, and I hope you too enjoy this.

Also, I have done some pretty interesting work on the 'Lennon Tape' tracks, including 'In My Life' (Take 3) With Organ Solo.
As you will know, on the recent 'Unforgettable' disc these tracks were ruined by garbled tape loops, but yet offered the best quality above the 'Entomology' source.
These recordings I did an exact pitch match between 'Entomology' and 'Unforgettable' sources, I then combined the top end from the best source with the lower frequencies from the lesser source to offer what should be a garble free recording.
For each of these I have also added the unedited 'Entomology' source for comparison (and because it is so damn rare!). These will be marked V2 for each recording.
This is the first time that the 'Entomology' sources have been included anywhere (with thanks to Mr Anon) so I hope that you enjoy them!

I have omitted the 'Sessions Mix' of 'I'm Looking Through You' as it is essentially the same as that released on Anthology 2 (which is here).
Everything else should be on this set, and if not, I will add in an updated version.

This is an Official Helter Skelter release. Accept no imitations

Some parts of this release have been treated with minor hiss reduction.
This has been done at very low level and only on certain frequencies using 'Algorithmix' Industry Standard Software to ensure that the original audio was not compromised.
Nothing has been lost (the Helter Skelter policy) during this process - only minor hiss removed for better listenability on studio chat.
No noise reduction has been applied to any music elements.


JPGR Comments :
This three CD set was the fifth Back To Basics set from Helter Skelter made available for free as a download.
The downloads arrived as lossless FLACs and include full artwork and recording notes.

C.D. One

No Tracklisting Information
1 Drive My Car RS1 from Take 4
2 Drive My Car RS2 from Take 4 (Partial)
3 Drive My Car Rockband mix
4 Norwegian Wood Take 1
5 Norwegian Wood Take 2
6 Norwegian Wood Take 3
7 Norwegian Wood Take 4
8 Norwegian Wood RS1 from Take 1
9 Norwegian Wood RS2 from Take 1
10 Norwegian Wood RS1 from Take 4
11 Norwegian Wood RS3 from Take 1
12 Norwegian Wood Rockband mix
13 You Won't See Me Rockband mix
14 Nowhere Man RS1 from Take 3
15 Nowhere Man RS2 from Take 3
16 Nowhere Man RS3 from Take 3
17 Nowhere Man Rockband mix
18 Think For Yourself Studio chat (Mono)
19 Think For Yourself RS from Take 1
20 Think For Yourself Rockband mix
21 The Word Take Unknown
22 The Word RS from Take 3
23 The Word Rockband mix
24 Michelle Take 1 (Partial)
25 Michelle Rockband mix
26 What Goes On Rockband mix

C.D. Two

No Tracklisting Information
1 Girl Take 1 (Partial)
2 Girl Take 2 - Instrumental (Monitor mix)
3 Girl Take 2 - Instrumental (MOGG mix)
4 Girl RS from Take 2
5 Girl Rockband mix
6 I'm Looking Through You Take 1
7 I'm Looking Through You Take 4
8 I'm Looking Through You RS1 from Take 1
9 I'm Looking Through You RS2 from Take 1
10 I'm Looking Through You RS3 from Take 1
11 I'm Looking Through You Rockband mix
12 In My Life Take 3 with George Martin Hammond organ solo V1 (Mono)
13 In My Life Take 3 with George Martin Hammond organ solo V2 (Mono)
14 In My Life Take 3 with piano overdub V1 (Mono)
15 In My Life Take 3 with piano overdub V2 (Stereo)
16 In My Life Take unknown
17 In My Life RS1 from Take 3
18 In My Life RS2 from Take 3
19 In My Life Rockband mix
20 Wait Rockband mix
21 If I Needed Someone RM from Take 1 (Mono)
22 If I Needed Someone Rockband mix
23 If I Needed Someone RS from Take 1 (Partial)
24 Run For Your Life Take 1
25 Run For Your Life Studio chat
26 Run For Your Life Take 5 V1 (Partial) (Mono)
27 Run For Your Life Take 5 V2 (Partial) (Mono)
28 Run For Your Life Take unknown
29 Run For Your Life Rockband mix

C.D. Three

No Tracklisting Information
1 We Can Work It Out Take 1
2 We Can Work It Out RM1 from Take 2 (Mono)
3 We Can Work It Out Take 2 (with overdubs)
4 We Can Work It Out RM2 from Take 2 (Mono)
5 We Can Work It Out RS1 from Take 2
6 We Can Work It Out RS2 from Take 2
7 We Can Work It Out RS3 from Take 2
8 Day Tripper Take 1
9 Day Tripper Take 2
10 Day Tripper Take 3
11 Day Tripper Take 3 - Alternate monitor mix (Mono)
12 Day Tripper RM1 from Take 3
13 Day Tripper RS1 from Take 3
14 Day Tripper RS2 from Take 3
15 Day Tripper Rockband mix
16 12 Bar Original Pre-Take 1 Jam
17 12 Bar Original Take 1
18 12 Bar Original Take 2
19 12 Bar Original RM1 from Take 2 (Mono)
20 12 Bar Original Take 2 (Edit)

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