Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol. 5

John Lennon
Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol. 5 (DVD) - Front cover Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol. 5 (DVD) - Rear Cover
Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol. 5 (DVD/CD) - Front Cover Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol. 5 (DVD/CD) - Rear Cover

Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 051
Release date November 2018
Total time The DVD - 79 minutes 10 seconds
The C.D. - 64 minutes 42 seconds
Comments :                            TMOQ Gazette - Volume 39

Contains Previously Unreleased Audio & Video Material
This is the fifth volume in a continuing series of exquisite Lennon audio and video releases
that contain extremely rare or previously unheard/unseen material.
This volume covers the period of May 1971 to September 1972 and includes
the events centred around the "Imagine" album.

It contains a DVD of studio sessions and a very unusual public appearance.
The CD features the studio session for the 1970 John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band song "Hold On John" appearing in
substantially upgraded quality and for the first time in true stereo (plus a bonus).
Recorded 26 September - 23rd October 1970
Produced by: John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Phil Spector.
John Lennon: Vocals, acoustic guitar
Phil Spector: Piano

The 24 page stiff card booklet for the TMOQ Gazette has a more detailed write-up from which the above was extracted.
It also has a more detailed page about the the DVD and one of the C.D.
The bulk of the booklet is taken up with an allegedly "long-lost" interview with John & Yoko from 5th September 1971 in the St. Regis Hotel, New York.
A very good lucid interview, it's very revealing about the split, John's relationship with Paul and Linda, and Allen Klein v Eastman.

The D.V.D.

No. Title Track Detail Time
"Imagine That"

3 Chapters - total: 87:44
1 Oh My Love Recorded 21st May 1971
Imagine recording session.
Time-coded and watermarked, this version has been enhanced to full screen.
2 How Do You Sleep Recorded 21st May 1971
Imagine recording session.
A clean picture said to have never been bootlegged, nor well circulated.
3 Ken Dewey Memorial Service 16th September 1971
John plays "air guitar", Yoko screeches.
They walk off. And that's as good as it gets.

The C.D.

No. Title Comments Time
"Audio Clean Up Time Volume 5"
1 Love Acoustic guitar & piano (Take 31)
John actually passes through the song twice
2 Love Acoustic guitar & piano (Take 32 - unannounced)
John and Phil agree not a very good run through.
3 Hold On Pre-Take 0:30
4 Hold On Take 1
Nothing more than a loose run through
5 Hold On Levels test (Ringo, Klaus and John)
Another loose run through with levels going up and down
6 Hold On Take 2 - with Ringo and John chatter at the start 2:49
7 Hold On Take 3
Breakdown, Bass levels and arrangement review
(no real take at all)
8 Hold On Take 4
John stops as he realises he hasn't worked out the ending.
9 Hold On Take 5 1:50
10 Hold On Take 6 (actually called)
John jokes about counting it in ....
"This is folk blues from the north of Liverpool, it's not Mantovani"
11 Hold On Take 7
"I've got better things to do than listen to it all night" ...
"Hold on Jock, take fart"
12 Hold On Take 8
"If I could do it without singing it, it'd be better ...."
Realises he's slightly out of tune and a backing track might be better laid down ...
13 Hold On Take 9 (Backing track - occasional guide vocal) 1:54
14 Hold On Take 10 (Backing track - occasional guide vocal) 1:52
15 Hold On Take 11 (false start) - Take 12 (another backing track) 2:03
16 Brief studio chatter John "Are we on ?" as Ringo gets a tea. 0:12
17 Look At Me/Hold On John stops "Ok, that's another day" 1:35
18 Hold On Take 13 - John mistake, and headphone issue 0:37
19 Hold On Take 14
Breakdown - John accidentally turned down guitar
20 Hold On Take 15 (Backing track - occasional guide vocal)
John not happy with guitar sound
21 Hold On Take 16 (Backing track - slower) 2:01
22 Hold On Take 17
(With "Don't Let Me Down" lick)
23 Hold On Take 18
Voice levels and consults Yoko for tempo, and a joint
24 Hold On Take 19
John, "piss on a cow"
Blues Jam #1 - "I didn't like that - stop the tape"
25 Hold On Take 20 0:36
26 Hold On Blues jam #2 (much longer than the 10 seconds of jam #1) 3:28
27 Hold On Take 21 2:37
28 Hold On Take 22 (Backing track - occasional guide vocal) 1:56
29 Hold On Blues Jam #3 2:55
30 Glad All Over The Carl Perkins song - with John barely remembering a word 1:26
31 Hold On Take 23 (Backing track - occasional guide vocal)
The Take number is heard on this one.
32 Hold On Take 24
Very similar to previous take with just a little more vocal.
"I'd like to try that again" .... "I'm getting crimp".
33 Hold On Take 25 - Take 26
Take 25 quickly breaks down as they continue into 26
34 Hold On Take 27 (False start) - Take 28 (Breaks down) 0:50
35 Hold On Take 29 (in style of "I Found Out") 1:12
36 Hold On Take 30 (Take is called)
John complains about cramp in his wrist
37/font> Hold On Take 31 (Backing track) 1:54
38 Hold On Take 32 0:21
39 Hold On Take 33
The final take upon which John will overdub a second vocal

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