Rare, Unseen and Unheard

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Rare, Unseen and Unheard (DVD/CD) - Front cover Rare, Unseen and Unheard (DVD/CD) - Rear Cover
Rare, Unseen and Unheard (DVD/CD) - Front Cover Rare, Unseen and Unheard (DVD/CD) - Rear Cover

Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 050
Release date September 2018
Total time The DVD - 67 minutes 37 seconds
The C.D. - 50 minutes 45 seconds
Comments :                            TMOQ Gazette - Volume 38

Contains Previously Unreleased Video Material
Virtually everything in this set is extremely rare, seriously upgraded, or totally unseen/unheard material.
Simply put - HMC believe this is the most incredible Beatles title ..... EVER !

The DVD in this set is divided into three sections:
      Chiswick Park Outtakes
      Colour films from the 60's
      Black and White Gems

The 24 page stiff card booklet for the TMOQ Gazette has a number of Chapters including:
Dear Sir or Madam ... An article about 20th May 1966 in Chiswick from some lucky residents view
Let Me Take You Down ... A feature on the making of the Strawberry Fields video
I'd Love To Turn You On ...10th February 1967 - A Day In The Life orchestral overdubs
See How They Run ... 23rd September 1967 at West Malling Aerodrome for I Am The Walrus
Without Going Out Of Your Door ... 10th January 1968 - George with the Indian musicians being filmed working on "Fantasy Sequins"
You Know How Hard It Can Be ... Article of John and Yoko's wedding and "Ballad of John and Yoko"
The Black And White Gems ... Scene at 6:30 article
Thank Your Lucky Stars ... An article about the recording or the show
This Week ... An article of the filming of an interview in a rather cramped back seat of a car
And then it includes full track-by-track details of the DVD and the C.D.

As we repeat below in the track list, if you want a VERY full analysis of this disc and some of the promos within,
an essential guide can be found at Doug Sulpy's "The 910" - Summer 2018 Edition.
This is Volume 16, numbers 5 & 6 combined into a bumper edition and includes:

  • In-depth examination of this set, plus recent boots: Holy Grails Vol.4 & Vol.5
  • Analysis of the Chiswick House promos - Paperback Writer and Rain
  • Slate by Slate guide to I Am The Walrus
  • .... and many other interesting articles

The D.V.D.

No. Title Track Detail Time
Chiswick Park Outtakes - London 20th May 1966
5 Chapters - total: 14:56
1 Rain #1 A different edit of lip-synched performances;
First a minute from Slate 11 - three performing Beatles with Ringo sitting on a plinth.
The next segment, almost a minute long is from Slate 1 - Performance in the garden.
Ending with footage from slate 12, actually taken from the beginning.
2 Rain #2 More intercut non-performance material - 13 shots !
See Doug Sulpy's "The 910" - Vol. 16, No. 5-6 for a very thorough analysis.
3 Rain #3 None of this version has been seen before.
A single unedited take shot from the right side of a complete performance.
Not seen before and not used within the two versions above.
4 Paperback Writer #1 The filmed performance outside by the statues,
then intercut with the other three camera angles
5 Paperback Writer #2 Starts with the garden performance again, but the different camera angle.
Then as above, cuts between the two angles of the two performances.
The audio used is from earlier take with a cold ending and less echo.
Colour Films From The 60's - Unseen, Outtakes & Rare !
7 Chapters - total: 27:18
6 Strawberry Fields Forever A lost alternate edit of the original promotional film ...
Although, there is no recorded evidence of it's creation.
Whether original or not, it contains much previously unseen footage.
Includes a couple of minutes worth of new raw footage from the original shoot.
7 A Day In The Life A new presentation composed of previously unseen outtakes
from the 10th February 1967 orchestral film shoot.
8 I Am The Walrus A new presentation that includes previously unseen outtakes,
in fact, it is comprised of mostly previously unseen footage.
It even includes outtakes not seen on the two recent Ultimate Mystery Trip releases.
Again, see Doug Sulpy's "The 910" - Vol. 16, No. 5-6 for a very thorough analysis.
9 The Inner Light A first-ever presentation of this song on video, but not a lost video of the song.
This features silent footage of George in HMV's Bombay studios in January 1968 during the Wonderwall sessions.
10 Revolution 9 A first-ever presentation of this song on video.
Composed of additional unseen outtakes from A Day In The Life -
Scraping of the barrel, these outtakes probably work better presented like this !
11 * nothing * There is no content of chapter 11 - it skips the empty chapter 0:01
12 The Ballad Of John And Yoko A lost alternate edit of the original promotional film ...
Although, there is no recorded evidence of it's creation.
Whether original or not, it contains much previously unseen footage.
Black And White Gems
8 Chapters - total: 25:22
13 I Should Have Known Better Lost performance recovered from in-studio footage.
14th October 1964 - Scene At 6:30
The broadcast of this Granada television appearance filmed in Manchester is lost forever ... but ...
Utilising footage filmed inside the studios, capturing the song from the control room TV monitors,
here is a reconstruction of the entire actual performance.
14 Bumper #1 14th November 1964 - Thank Your Lucky Stars
Filmed at Teddington Studios where the programme was renamed "Lucky Star's Special" in the Beatles honour.
Although this has been available in the past, this is a significant upgrade
Also it includes the Beatles featured earlier in the show never seen before in their entirety.
"Bumper 1" - Ringo opens the Lucky Stars broadcast
"Bumper 2" - Brian Matthews and The Beatles advert break skit and outro.
15 Bumper #2 0:31
16 I Feel Fine (Upgrade) 2:24
17 She's A Woman (Upgrade) 3:01
18 I'm A Loser (Upgrade) 2:36
19 Rock And Roll Music (Upgrade) 2:43
20 Interview 5th November 1963 - "This Week"
An Associated-Rediffusion television crew filmed The Beatles in the back of a car driving around London for a documentary called "The Beatles and Beatlemania", to be included in their current affairs programme This Week.
This is the complete Beatles interviews from the back of the limo in the best quality.
The first 7:20 is Ringo and George in the back of the limo, the final 3 minutes and 20 seconds is John and Paul.
Only a small portion of this was actually broadcast.
Note that the sound is poor, a little muffled as you'd expect.

The C.D.

No. Title Comments Time
2009 Rejected Remasters
1 If I Fell Different stereo mix with corrected vocal mistake
(where Paul's voice cracks)
2 Twist And Shout Different mono mix with corrected vocals 2:32
3 Dizzy Miss Lizzie Different stereo mix with dry (no reverb) lead vocal 2:52
4 With A Little Help From My Friends Different stereo mix with clean intro 2:41
5 Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite Different stereo mix 2:35
6 Good Morning Good Morning Different stereo mix with music still audible under animal noises 2:41
7 Savoy Truffle Different stereo mix 2:54
8 Long Long Long Radically different stereo mix 3.02
9 Mean Mr. Mustard Different stereo mix with complete ending 1.08
Doesn't sound like an "upgrade" - it's scratchy like from an acetate and has no digital processing.
10 12 Bar Original Full length without noise reduction 6:49
Original Acetates
Two songs from original acetates, scratchy, no declicking or other processing.
11 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band From acetate (unprocessed) with clean ending 2:16
12 Blue Jay Way From acetate (unprocesed) 4.03
Uncut Vocal Booth Take
13 Oh Darling Very long - Pitch corrected 9.30
Just For Fun !
Technically forgeries - remixes not officially created - presented here as bonus tracks.
14 Oh Darling Take 26 backing track with rough vocal 3.25
15 Sheik Of Araby Stereo mix 1:40

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