1967 The Sgt. Pepper Commemorative Issue

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Sgt. Pepper Commemorative Issue (DVD) - Front cover Sgt. Pepper Commemorative Issue (DVD) - Rear Cover
1967 The Sgt. Pepper Commemorative Issue (DVD) - Front Cover 1967 The Sgt. Pepper Commemorative Issue (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 043
Release date July 2017
Total time DVD 1 - 84 minutes 22 seconds
DVD 2 - 118 minutes 40 seconds
Comments :                            TMOQ Gazette - Volume 31

Contains Previously Unreleased Video Material
This 2-DVD issue is in honour of the 50th Anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
It is filled to the brim with unseen video, major upgrades and original nostalgia from 1967.
Along with rare footage from the 1987 celebrations of Pepper's 20th anniversary and debut release on C.D.
Hours of fun surrounding what has been called the greatest album of all time.

The 24 page stiff card booklet for the TMOQ Gazette has a much more detailed write-up from which the above was extracted.
It also has an article on 1967 and Sgt. Pepper with full details of each film below.
An interview with all four Beatles and Norrie Drummond of the NME (printed 27th May 1967).
And all the usual HMC layout, pictures and design.

D.V.D. 1 - 1967

No. Title Track Detail Time

9 Chapters - total: 84:22
1 Scene Special "Underground" 7th March 1967 Broadcast (b&w)
Subtitled "It's So far Out It's Straight Down"
Directed by John Sheppard as a special edition of Granada TV's "Scene At 6:30".
An examination of the emerging London underground psychedelic movement, that pre-dates San Francisco's "Summer Of Love" by six months.
This complete 30-minute show features Paul discussing London's underground counter-culture, an interview conducted by producer Jo Durden-Smith on 18th January 1967 in a ground-floor studio at 3, Upper James Street, London.

Also included in the programme are:
     The editorial board of it (International Times).
     The Indica Bookshop and Gallery founder, Barry Miles.
     Pink Floyd performing "Interstellar Overdrive" (their 1st time filmed) and
     a rough version of "Matilda Mother", both at the UFO Club, 27th January 1967.
     A swinging London "happening" at Picadilly Circus with John "Hoppy" Hopkins.
     Footage of a poetry gathering at the Royal Albert Hall featuring:
     Allen Ginsberg, Adrian Micthell, Gregory Corso and Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

2/3 The Hollywood Palace
(Season 4 Episode 22)
25th February 1967
Includes the promo films for Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever
Each promo enthusiastically introduced by host Van Johnson.
NOT the recently released films, these are the original promos (with upgraded audio)
Chapter 2 - Penny Lane (4:02)
Chapter 3 - Strawberry Fields (4:47)
4/5 American Bandstand 11th March 1967
This sequence contains some incredible surprises !
Instead of another copy of the promos, these are versions that incorporate unseen outtakes !
In fact, Strawberry Fields is constructed entirely of outtake footage !!
And Penny Lane audio is the oboe version
Chapter 4 - Strawberry Fields (5:03)
Chapter 5 - Penny Lane (4:29)
6 A Day In The Life Another major find and a rarity;
NOT the common version of the promo, but entirely outtake footage !
7 Come Together Original 1969 "Lost" promo using Day In The Life footage
Broadcast on Late Night Line-up on BBC2 on 19th September 1969
The Come Together audio is radically different from the released version !!
Dramatic differences from the start, but particularly noticeable is the instrumental break:
The guitar is brought up front, and the keyboard is almost mixed right out !
(the booklet has over 3 pages of the story behind this piece)
8 Watch Out For Your Ears A film that centred around footage shot 22nd December 1967
of a concert at Kensington Olympia featuring Hendrix, The Who, The Animals, Pink Floyd and others.
The film included Joe Cocker's With A Little help From My Friends, which is featured here, which also included
clips of other artists and the first public broadcast of the A Day In The Life promo and outtakes !
9 The Frost Programme 29th September 1967
Previously unavailable, this features John and George - complete and uncirculated.
Recorded before a studio audience in Studio One of Wembley Studios.
Quite a boring interview labouring the points of Maharishi and meditation.

D.V.D. 2 - 1987

No. Title Track Detail Time
Lady Madonna

5 Chapters - total: 118:40
1 Entertainment Tonight - Part 1 7th & 8th May 1987
A two-part U.S. TV retrospective over two nights.
David Frost interviews George Martin about the album and discusses the CD release
2 Entertainment Tonight - Part 2 3:46
3 C.D. Release News Local U.S. TV news
Features an interview with a New York D.J. - Allison Steele (1937-1995) and
includes Paul McCartney at a 20th anniversary press conference
4 It Was 20 Years ago Today Documentary
4 - Pre-Production Trailer
5 - Preliminary Work Print

Aired on the 20th anniversary itself, 1st June 1987 ... this is NOT the actual broadcast version
A two-hour documentary prepared by Granada TV in 1987 to examine the classic album.
It also explored the summer of '67 and love and music changing the world.
Featured in the film were: Paul, George, Derek Taylor, George Martin, Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary and many others.
First (4) is a very rare pre-production industry trailer put together while still work in progress.
Followed by (5) a preliminary work print prior to the final editing !

5 It Was 20 Years ago Today 104:40

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