Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol. 1

John Lennon
Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol. 1 (DVD) - Front cover Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol. 1 (DVD) - Rear Cover
Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol. 1 (DVD/CD) - Front Cover Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol. 1 (DVD/CD) - Rear Cover

Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 042
Release date May 2017
Total time The DVD - 79 minutes 10 seconds
The C.D. - 64 minutes 42 seconds
Comments :                            TMOQ Gazette - Volume 30

Contains Previously Unreleased Video Material
This volume contains a DVD of rehearsals, public appearances, interviews and performances
culminating in two different versions of one of the most sought-after holy grails for Lennon fans -
the surprise Labor Day Telethon Appearance.
It also contains a C.D. featuring over an hour of studio takes of the song "New York City"
for the first time in true stereo. Plus a remaster of the Telethon audio.

The 24 page stiff card booklet for the TMOQ Gazette has a much more detailed write-up from which the above was extracted.
It also has a page about the background to John being in New York, a write-up about the DVD and the C.D.
John's love affair with New York City and appearances in town, plus a brief history of the Jerry Lewis Telethon.

The D.V.D.

No. Title Track Detail Time
"Several Times In New York City"

6 Chapters - total: 79:10
1 Luck Of The Irish 12th November 1971
A homemade black-and-white video made at 105, Bank Street
featuring John and Yoko working out and rehearsing Luck Of The Irish.
Portions of the tape have appeared in varying qualities over the years, but,
here half-a-dozen edits have been assembled, edited together to reconstruct a
full 22 minute version of varying quality, but the best currently available.
2 Bank Street "Home T-Shirt" Interview 18th May 1972
Raw colour footage of an outdoor interview for NBC News.
John and Yoko interviewed by Pat Collins on the balcony of 105, Bank Street
3 Bryant Park Peace Rally 22nd April 1972
Rare CBS colour footage of the Peace Rally in Midtown Manhattan where
after marching, John and Yoko spoke at the rally then led the crowd in a
rousing version of Give Peace A Chance.
4 Immigration Hearing 18th April 1972
Rare CBS colour footage taken outside the Immigration & Naturalization Services in NYC.
Also present is John's immigration attorney Leon Wildes.
5 The Labor Day Telethon 4th September 1972
John and Yoko's surprise appearance at the annual Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystophy Telethon.
Filmed at the Americana Hotel at 811, 7th Avenue (now the Sheraton Times Square Hotel).
John, Yoko and Elephant's Memory perform three numbers:
"Imagine", "Now Or Never" (a Yoko song) and "Give Peace A Chance".
This first version is the original black-and-white broadcast that actually went out.
It includes donation telephone numbers superimposed over the picture.
(The real exciting Holy Grail follows on track 6 ....)
6 The Labor Day Telethon A studio in-line recording of the Telethon appearance in colour !
As would have been seen on the studio monitors, without any superimposed graphics.
The audio and video quality are also superior.
(Both versions above are complete and uncut from intro to outro)

The C.D.

No. Title Comments Time
"Audio Clean Up Time Volume 1"
1 Getting Levels Lots of questions flying back and forth
"I like it to be woofy and bassy, not muffled"
2 Quick Sound Check 0:44
3 New York City - Take 1 John stops it after 30 odd seconds 1:08
4 New York City - Take 2 John breaks down after first line 0:16
5 New York City - Take 3 Passable live take 3:55
6 Getting More Levels "I know we are gonna end up with that clean clean sound that I hate" 1:06
7 New York City - Take 4 False start, never going to be a full take
Breaks down at "Staten Island Ferry"
8 Tex's Levels "Play some treble Tex, Play !" 1:04
9 New York City - Take 7 A longer take with just some words missed in 3rd verse 4:13
10 New York City - Take 8 Better take than previous + John's Levels
"Could you do one more John, and up the tempo just a bit"
11 New York City - Take 9-10 Minor false start, followed by a passable boogie rockin' take
John just gets lost at the very end
12 New York City - Take 11-12 False start of 10 seconds, no run-out at end 3:33
13 New York City - Take 12 "This is take number 2"
Another immediate false start, then a full rockin' version
14 New York City - Take 13-14 With count-in, this is a take of just the fade-out 2:36
15 New York City - Take 15 "John, let's go again from the same spot"
So, a count-in into the fade-out.
At end, "Let's see what we got"
16 New York City - Take 16 Break down as it's "too slow" 0:45
17 New York City - Take 17-18 Misses words in final verse and breaks down.
John, "Anyone got some grass ?"
18 New York City - Take 19 "Well, that's right, alright ...."
"Yoko, where is she ?" .... "She's on the phone"
19 New York City - Take 20 At start, "We'd like to do a number for Mayor Lindsay".
At end, "Ok, one more right away"
20 New York City - Take 21-22-23 Two false starts
At end, "I don't think it was as good as the other, but it was a lot of fun"
Engineer, "The one before this was out-of-sight John"
Bonus Track
21 The Telethon - REPAIRED Audio of the Telethon on the DVD 15:38

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