Hey Jude & Revolution

The Beatles
Hey Jude & Revolution (DVD) - Front cover Hey Jude & Revolution (DVD) - Rear Cover
Hey Jude & Revolution (DVD) - Front Cover Hey Jude & Revolution (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 040
Release date February 2017
Total time Disc 1 - 73 minutes 20 seconds
Disc 2 - 73 minutes 20 seconds
Comments :                            TMOQ Gazette - Volume 28

Studio Rehearsals
The Beatles taped numerous rehearsal takes of Hey Jude at Abbey Road on 29th and 30th July 1968.
One of the 29th July takes was eventually released on Anthology 3.
About 40 minutes of fairly random film footage was shot on 30th July.
It was taken showing Paul, John and Ringo performing in the studio, with George Harrison, producer George Martin, engineer Ken Scott, and Mal Evans in the control room.
Less than 6 minutes of the filmed footage was chopped up and used in the television documentary known as "Experiment in TV". With the exception of a few brief snippets, the silent outtakes have remained unseen .... until now - 48 years later.

The Experiment in TV footage has not appeared in outstanding quality, except for a watermarked version that appeared online, which is not used here. On this release they have taken fragments of the best "clean" footage they could find and combined it with a large amount of outstanding quality outtakes and created four new videos of these rehearsals (three takes of Hey Jude, plus a brief jam of St. Louis Blues). A large amount of it amazingly synched and all in perfect stereo sound that brings you into Abbey Road studios to see and hear The Beatles creating one of their most popular songs - the day before the actual recording session !
Contains unreleased video material !

The Promotional Videos
During the White Album sessions, on 4th September 1968, The Fab Four returned to Twickenham Film Studios to tape promo videos for both sides of their just released single. The films were directed by Michael Lindsay Hogg, who previously directed the Paperback Writer and Rain videos, and were again recorded by Intertel VTR Services.
Three takes were done for Hey Jude, with three different intro's recorded by The Beatles and David Frost.
Two takes were made of Revolution (a third was planned, but scrapped - the third slate is included at the end of take 2).

The David Frost Show in the UK broadcast Take 2 of Hey Jude and Take 2 of Revolution.
In the U.S. the Smothers Brothers broadcast an edit of Takes 1 & 3 of Hey Jude and Take 2 of Revolution, but with their own intros for both.

Later promotional video releases, Anthology and 1+ put out more versions of these takes "in part" and in various edits, but all three intros for Hey Jude and an unadulterated Take 2 had never appeared until 2016. Well, here are all takes in full.

Bonus Videos
To round off this collection are The Smothers Brothers broadcasts of 6th and 13th October 1968, with complete introductions.
Plus, a cameo appearance by George a few weeks later from 17th November 1968.

Only 1 and a quarter hours of footage on the one DVD, with an accompanying CD repeating the soundtrack of the DVD.

The 24 page stiff card booklet for the TMOQ Gazette has a much more detailed write-up from which the above was extracted.
It also has a fans first-hand write-up of the Hey Jude filming, full songfacts of Hey Jude and Revolution, and a transcription of George's cameo, plus the usual excellent photographs and typical HMC asides.

The D.V.D.

No. Title Track Detail Time
Hey Jude Studio Rehearsals

4 Chapters - total: 18:29
1 St. Louis Blues A loose jam as they are settling down and warming up. 1:26
2 Hey Jude - Rehearsal 1 At the end has John's "Boogie woogie" ad-lib 5:23
3 Hey Jude - Rehearsal 2 Not so many "na na na's", more of Paul "Hey Jude'ing" in his rough rock voice
At the end Paul is performing glissandos on the piano.
Ringo: "Stop !"
4 Hey Jude - Rehearsal 3 At the end has John saying, "How we doing Hal ?" 4:59
Hey Jude Promotional Videos (Unedited)

3 Chapters - total: 24:37
5 Hey Jude - Take 1 With David Frost introduction 8:15
6 Hey Jude - Take 2 With David Frost introduction, "A perfect rendition"
And John heard to sing, "It's Now Or Never".
7 Hey Jude - Take 3 With David Frost introduction, "Paul would like the orchestra standing this time"
And John heard to sing, "You Are My Sunshine".
Revolution Promotional Videos (Unedited)

2 Chapters - total: 7:50
8 Revolution - Take 1 John again heard to sing, "It's Now Or Never". 3:30
9 Revolution - Take 2 The preferred take 3:25
Bonus Videos

4 Chapters - total: 22:07
10 Hey Jude Smothers Brothers  6th October 1968
An edit of Takes 1 & 3
11 Revolution Smothers Brothers 13th October 1968 4:01
12 George Harrison Cameo Smothers Brothers 17th November 1968 2:45
13 Experiment in TV An original segment with re-dubbed audio 6:08

The C.D.

Not listed separately as it simply is a direct audio copy of the above DVD.

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