Lennon - The 1980 Video Collection

John Lennon
1980 Video Collection (DVD) - Front cover 1980 Video Collection (DVD) - Rear Cover
Lennon - The 1980 Video Collection (DVD) - Front Cover Lennon - The 1980 Video Collection (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 034
Release date December 2015
Total time Disc 1 - 82 minutes 38 seconds
Disc 2 - 77 minutes 02 seconds
Comments :                            TMOQ Gazette - Volume 22

Far and away the most incredible and comprehensive collection of all the watchable video that exists from the last months
of John Lennon's life as he records amd discusses the sessions that would become Double Fantasy and Milk And Honey.

Over 2 and a half hours spread across two DVDs, this set also includes all versions of all the videos that are no longer available.
Plus TV broadcasts, promotional specials, commercials and everything else -
all in the most complete and best available quality.

It also contains a great deal of footage, some of it believed lost forever, making it's appearance here for the first time.

This is by far the most essential and enjoyable Lennon video collection for this period ever to appear.

Question: So there were some sessions filmed ?

Jack Douglas: "Yeah"

Question: Who has the footage ?

Jack Douglas: "Now here's what ......
                         I asked John where it was, I've heard two things;
                         "I tore it up in the bathtub" - "I sunk it in the pool" ...
                         But I heard that it exists somewhere and that he
                         was so thin at the time that he didn't like it to be seen.
                         It was so weird because he was always John the Fat Beatle
                         and that he now felt great to be John the Skinny Guy.
                         But he felt that he looked too thin and he had his hair
                         tied back in a ponytail and his face looked like it was
                         this narrow.
                         It looked great actually, but he didn't like it.
                         But I'm telling you these scenes were fantastic, I saw the footage.
                         I wish I could remember the name of the guy that shot them."

The 24 page stiff card booklet for the TMOQ Gazette has a much more detailed write-up from which the above was extracted.
It also has a biography of Ed Sullivan, an account of an interview on their return to Heathrow, a BBC interview broadcast during Grandstand(!),
details of the first U.S. interview at Kennedy International, some excellent photographs and typical HMC asides.

D.V.D. One

No. Title Track Detail Time

1 Chapter - total: 6:01
1 Dear Yoko John performing two excellent solo acoustic takes for Yoko,
almost six months before the album is released.
Here uninterrupted and from a higher generation source a quality upgrade.
Although the first take is very poorly lit, from 3:02 it's an ok brighter take.
At 2:50 - "Let's check this out should we, ok"
New Videos

8 Chapters - total: 35:39
2 I'm Losing You
(Version 1)
Revolver TV internet version, but with no watermark.
John's Double Fantasy recording session dated on film as 19/08/1980
At start John says, "We'll find each other in the lick"
3 I'm Losing You
(Version 2)
Second (alternate audio) version with additional unseen footage.
"Count it Andy. Beautiful, beautiful"
Ends with "Long Lost John"
4 I'm Moving On A different mix which features footage of Yoko recording this song
Plus unreleased outtakes from promotional videos
5 Beautiful Boy
(Version 1)
Revolver TV internet version, but with no watermark.
All home videos and includes the 1980 birthday party at Tavern On The Green
6 Beautiful Boy
(Version 2)
Alternate version with all different home video footage
The audio is a higher quality outtake of a previously uncirculated mix
7 Starting Over/Kiss Kiss Kiss At start, "Here we are again, just two average people strolling through the park"
This re-assembles all of the available footage of
John & Yoko walking through Central Park as well as the "love-making" session
(Kiss Kiss Kiss is just 56 seconds at the end)
8 I'm Losing You Original 1998 video produced for Anthology from source tape
Cheap Trick version with full title card and credits; "22/11/1998 - Black Dog Films"
9 I'm Losing You Behind The Scenes
Rare promotional "Making of" special for the video
Original 1981 Videos

2 Chapters - total: 13:36
10 Woman Premiere on ABC 20/20
Complete broadcast, including slated promo (in stereo)
Intoduced by Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs (4:04)
Includes Barbara reading from a letter "In Gratitude" from Yoko
11 Walking On Thin Ice Original 1981 video with complete titles
The last song John worked on.
Bonus Footage

2 Chapters - total: 27:22
12 Hit Factory Interview 1980 Hit Factory Interview and Mixing Session
Yoko's "Beautiful Boys" can be seen and heard being mixed.
John's interview with Robert Hillburn (L.A. Times) - not clear, some can't be heard
John is chatting away, but stuff is going on in the studio making much unclear.
Near the end Yoko is shown asleep in the studio.
13 Japanese TV Clip John and family briefly seen in an electronics store in Japan 0:13

D.V.D. Two

No. Title Track Detail Time
Special Program

1 Chapters - total: 27:08
1 Milk And Honey TV Special 1984 - Yoko & Sean in the studio with Robert Christgau
Includes exclusive studio footage of Yoko recording vocals for those songs
Original 1983-1984 Videos

7 Chapters - total: 28:39
2 Nobody Told Me There are totally complete versions of all the original
Milk And Honey videos, most in stereo, all in the best available quality
All known versions of slates, title cards and credits have been included
No TV station logos
Also included are the videos from Yoko's tribute album,
"Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him"
The title song with a solo vocal by John as well as the song recorded by Sean
3 Grow Old With Me 3:33
4 Steppin' Out 4:22
5 Borrowed Time 4:46
6 Borrowed Time 4:48
7 Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him 3:53
8 It's Alright (Sean Song) 3:27
T.V. Advertisement

1 Chapters - total: 1:28
9 Milk And Honey Promo The rare, long TV ad for the re-issue CD with bonus tracks 1:28
1992 Re-Edit Videos

5 Chapters - total: 19:47
10 Starting Over These are ALL of the new re-edited Double Fantasy and Milk And Honey
videos from the long out-of-print 1992 -
John Lennon Video Collection (from Laserdisc - not tape)
Starting Over marked it's first appearance here
The others, similar to the originals, contain alternate clips that
have been inserted to make these unique.
11 Nobody Told Me 3:45
12 Grow Old With Me 3:12
13 Steppin' Out 4:08
14 Borrowed Time 4:41

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